Shh! No one except anti-agers needs to know: What can I do about the small red spots on my cheeks and chin?

  • An anonymous reader asked for advice to reduce appearance of red capillaries
  • Inge van Lotringen recommends light or laser treatments to cauterise the veins
  • UK-based columnist says right option depends on your skin colour and condition

Q I’m 67 with fairly good skin but I have tiny red capillaries on both of my cheeks. Please, any ideas?

To cauterise veins, you will need to use light or laser treatment. The light energy penetrates into the vein and causes it collapse.

The sensation is similar to a rubber band pressing against your skin. There may be some swelling for a couple of days and then you might experience crusting. Most veins disappear within a week.

An anonymous reader asked Inge Van Lotringen for advice to reduce the appearance of tiny red capillaries on both of their cheeks (file image)

Inge Van Lotringen was asked by an anonymous reader for help in reducing the appearance of small red capillaries between their cheeks. (file image).

The best treatment option for you depends on the color of your skin, the condition of your veins, and what they look like. A specialist can use multiple vascular lasers to treat the problem.

Says Dr Selena Langdon ( ‘Diffused redness responds best to the scattered and more superficial light of IPL [intense pulsed light]Treatment.

‘Well-defined capillaries are better off with a precision-targeting laser such as the Cutera Excel V+.’

Additionally, for dark skin types she suggests that you use the Nd:Yag IPL laser. This will prevent post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. For more sensitive skin the Lumenis MV22 vascular IPL mode works well.

Three to six sessions will be needed, with the cost for three for the cheek area ranging between £400 and £700.

Inge Van Lotringen (pictured) recommended light or laser treatments to cauterise the veins

Inge Van Lotringen (pictured) recommended light or laser treatments to cauterise the veins

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