After claiming that the vaccine had killed people, an anti-vaxxer Oklahoma nurse wrote poetry about the plandemic’ of the vaccine and the healthcare genocide’. 

Steve Shurden (58), a Tulsa resident, battled the virus three weeks before succumbing to it on October 19.

Steve and Teresa, a registered nurse, were very vocal about their anti-vaccine stances on Facebook, sharing constant misinformation about COVID.  

Steve also shared his right wing, pro-Trump and politically charged poetry daily until his hospitalization in September 28. 

His wife didn’t seem to regret that Steve died. The vaccine could have saved his life and helped him fight the disease.

Teresa shared with Teresa that Steve had’made It’ to Heaven and that she wished that they had gone together.  

Steven Shurden, 58, from Tulsa, battled the virus for three weeks and eventually passed away on October 19. Steve and his wife, Teresa, a vocational Nurse, were very vocal on Facebook about their anti-vaccine stances, constantly sharing misinformation about COVID

Steven Shurden, 58 from Tulsa, was afflicted by the virus for three weeks. He died on October 19. Steve and Teresa Shurden, a Tulsa-based vocational nurse, were vocal about their anti-vaccine stances on Facebook, sharing misinformation about COVID all the time.

On Facebook, Steve shared his right-wing, pro-Trump, politically charged poetry on a daily basis until his hospitalization on September 28

Steve shared his right-wing, pro Trump, politically charged poetry every day on Facebook until his hospitalization on Sept 28

The US has reported more than 745,000 COVID-related deaths since the pandemic started

Since the pandemic began in 2011, the US has reported more COVID-related death tolls than 745,000.

One of Steve’s poems read: ‘They want to shutdown, & paste a mask on your face…those fools in DC, it is not their place. Their jabbing all over the place, now we may have to get a booster…they arrived too late, in order to fool this savy mooster. Stick those masks up their nose, & their jab in their bu**…if you take the jab now, you are a nut..’ 

Teresa shared updates about her husband’s health and asked for prayers while she was in the hospital. However, she continued to post antivaccine content.

Steve’s condition improved in October, but then quickly deteriorated.

Teresa posted October 9: “Steve seems stable, ventilated, comfortable. He had a good day yesterday. and last night.”

He was briefly taken off of the ventilator but continued to suffer from respiratory distress and eventually succumbed to COVID-19 complications.

Before Steve was diagnosed with COVID, the couple had just bought a new RV to help local clinics and protest the ‘healthcare genocide’.

Steve’s poetry dealt with political issues like the Afghanistan crisis, the treatment of veterans in America, and his opposition towards the way the Biden administration was leading the country. 

On Facebook, he stated that he would publish poetry collection books and that the last book in the series would appear at ‘our real president’s inauguration later in the year. This supports the debunked claim that the 2020 Presidential election was rigged.

“Well…many people have suggested to me that I should publish my Poems in a book…I’ve published my very first book…MAHGA Warriors ‘… it is a collection daily events with the poem that was inspired by the dates Nov 6th through Jan 31…it’s for sale !!!’ Steve wrote.

Sixty-six percent of the population in the US has received at least one dose of the vaccine

Sixty-six per cent of the US population has received at minimum one dose of the vaccine.

Steve shared that even after losing his friend, Hector, to COVID, he refused to get the jab

 Steve shared that even after losing his friend, Hector, to COVID, he refused to get the jab 

In his poetry, Steve featured political issues such as the Afghanistan debacle, the treatment of veterans in the US, and his opposition to the way the Biden administration was governing the country

Steve’s poetry dealt with political issues like the Afghanistan debacle, treatment of veterans in the US and his opposition to how the Biden administration was running the country.

After Steve's death, his wife did not seem regretful that his husband had taken the choice not to vaccinate, which could have improved his chances at survival while battling the illness

His wife didn’t seem to regret that her husband chose not to vaccinate after Steve’s passing. This could have helped him survive the illness.

Steve also claimed that he had lost the mother he loved after his mother had received the vaccine.

‘This morning I weep, I just lost my mom…they jabbed her arm, & that was her bomb. We are in a war, of that there’s no doubt…that’s what this plandemic & jabs are about,’ he posted.

He also shared the sad news about Hector, a friend, who died from COVID. Hector had refused to get vaccinated after Steven.

He blamed Hector’s death on the “healthcare genocide.”

‘I’ve lost a dear friend, his name is Hector…he was a great man, & was Betty’s protector.

Steve wrote in August: “It makes my heart hurt, deep down inside…his murder was caused, Healthcare genocide.”   

Before Shredden caught covid, the couple had just purchased a new touring RV, which they seemingly wanted to travel around with, helping local clinics and in protest of the 'healthcare genocide.'

Shredden was a victim of covid. Before Shredden was caught, the couple had just bought a brand new touring RV. They wanted to use it to help local clinics and protest the ‘healthcare genocide’.

His obituary said Steve shared three children with Teresa, his wife of 41 years

His obituary stated that Steve and Teresa had three children together. Teresa was his wife of 41 year.

Steve opposed vaccine and mask mandates, despite being a trained nurse

Steve opposed mandates for vaccine and mask use, despite being a nurse. 

“First, I want you to thank all the prayer warriors for praying for us. Steve made it! I am jealous that we didn’t go along. We wanted it that way from the beginning. This journey, after 46 years of marriage, is going to be different. It is not impossible, because my God specializes at the impossible.

Teresa also shared dangerous misinformation, headlines such “Antibodies Are Probably Better Than the” and others. [Pfizer]Vaccination, ‘We’re like Taught and Bred to be Like Vaccine Is Safer Than Actually Getting Covid.’

She posted a photo in which she claimed that the Pfizer vaccine had killed 40 times as many people than the disease.

Steve compared vaccinations to Nazis tattooing serial numbers onto the bodies of Jews held in concentration camps.

Steve captioned the photo, “Those who don’t know their history will repeat it,” 

There are currently more than 46million active COVID-19 infections in the country

There are currently more 46million COVID-19 infected people in the country. 

Another poem, which tackled anti-abortion and false election claims read: ‘There are two things, that this poem needs to focus…one is the Delta, & this jab Hocus Pocus.

“It’s all just a distraction, to confuse the waters…they want conceal, all their mass-baby slaughters…

‘On top, they lost this electoral election…they don’t want to us looking in that fraud-filled direction…

Many people flooded Steve’s comments section after his death with pleas for others to stop listening and misinformation about vaccines.

Please let Steve’s passing be a reminder of the dangers of medical misinformation. Let’s not spread the same misinformation he did. Get vaccinated. It not only protects yourself, but it also protects your family and your country.

His obituary stated that Steve and Teresa had three children together.

Since the outbreak, the US has seen more than 745,000 COVID related deaths. Sixty-six% of the population have received at least one dose. 

Currently, there are more than 46 million COVID-19-related infections in the country.