Anti-vaxxer sneaks by security and boards Ryanair flight, shouting at passengers about Covid’s ‘plan-demic.’ Security then bundles him off at Stansted airport.

  • Ryanair’s security forces had to protect a conspiracy theorist from the aircraft.
  • Video footage captured the moment that the man broke out into an eruption Wednesday
  • Stansted Airport security let him pass and he was film by a passenger.

Here’s the moment when an anti-vaxxer sneaked past security and boarded a Ryanair flight to yell at passengers regarding the Covid “plan-demic”.

The security team was forced to bundle the conspiracy theorists off the flight to Dublin, as it was being held at Stansted Airport on Wednesday.

Footage captured the moment that the many (with a Dublin accent) exploded into an outburst regarding coronavirus, poisonous vaccines, and the “one world order”. 

A passenger captured video of the man at Ryanair’s front while it was still open.

You can see him shouting to the plane travelers and waving his arms.

Footage showed the moment the many, who had a Dublin accent, erupted into his bizarre outburst about coronavirus

He called on passengers to pray

The footage showed how the many with a Dublin accent exploded into a bizarre outburst over coronavirus and ‘poisonous vaccines’.

He was so upset that he said, “I have the right to refuse to do a test. Every single person on board has the right.” They are who they claim to be. This amendment grants me constitutional rights.

You are not being forced to do something that I don’t want. The only thing you can do is to take the mandatory vaccines.

Before declaring that vaccines are killing people, he stated that ‘it is all control’ as well as ‘the only agenda’. 

He said, “It’s all over, it’s all under control. They’re controlling all of the world with the one world order and the same agenda.”

He said 'it's all control' and 'the one agenda' before claiming the vaccine is killing people

After he claimed that the vaccine is killing people, he stated “it’s all over” and “the one agenda”.

“You believe I lie?” Research, do the research. The vaccine is a planned-demic. What number of professional and amateur footballers have it already killed?

“How many children has this maimed?” Do you want poison in your children’s bodies? It’s not a conspiracy, you are being deceived.

The man’s ranting and ravings can be heard by the other passengers laughing at him at various times.

A passenger who wishes to remain anonymous shared the video to TikTok with the caption: ‘It’s a plan-demic’.

Although it has been viewed over 485,000 times, the video received no comment due to the passenger turning off the function.

They said that the man was able to pass Ryanair’s passport controls and get on board the plane.

“An air hostess approached him and asked him to exit the plane, as he didn’t have a Covid passport.

“The entire situation escalated, and he refused then to get away. Security was summoned.”

Ryanair spokesmen told MailOnline, “An individual aboard this flight (15 December) from London Stansted was removed after violating airport security measures and being disruptive onboard.” 

Ryanair’s safety and security is our first priority. Passengers who are not in compliance with security regulations will be denied entry to Ryanair flight. 

MailOnline reached out to Stansted Aiport and Essex Police for more information.