Whitty and Sajid Javid are in Tory war. Ministers and Sajid javid face the wrath from lockdown sceptics. After MPs accused him of undermining Omicron’s message, they praise Sajid Javid as medical chief.

Today, cabinet ministers praised chief medical officer Chris Whitty following allegations by Tory MPs that he had undermined the government’s messages on Covid curbs.

Sajid Javid sent a very subtle message to his critics, tweeting that he was receiving ‘first-class advise’ from ‘extraordinary clinicians and scientists’.

Oliver Dowden, Conservative Chairman, insisted that Boris Johnson was in agreement with Prof Whitty.

However, Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor, struck a different tone. He stressed in an interview that the government was not telling people to cancel anything.

The row erupted yesterday when a Tory MP lashed out at Prof Whitty for advising people to prioritise what social events they attend in the run up to Christmas.  

Joy Morrissey said on Twitter that England’s Chief Medical Officer should ‘defer’ to what MPs and the government decide when it comes to slowing the spread of Omicron. 

Cabinet ministers today heaped praise on chief medic Chris Whitty after Tory MPs accused him of undermining the government's message on Covid curbs

After Tory MPs had accused Chris Whitty of violating the government’s Covid curbs messaging, Cabinet Ministers today heaped praise upon Whitty.

Conservative chairman Oliver Dowden insisted Boris Johnson and Prof Whitty are 'in agreement'

Oliver Dowden, Conservative Chairman insists that Prof Whitty and Boris Johnson are “in agreement”.

Sajid Javid delivered a barely-veiled rebuke to critics with a tweet hailing the 'first-class advice' he is getting from 'extraordinary scientists and clinicians'

Sajid Javid made a subtle rebuke of critics by tweeting praise for the “first-class advice” he’s getting from “extraordinary scientists, clinicians”.

Ms Morrissey, who is a parliamentary private secretary (PPS), the lowest rung on the ministerial ladder, suggested Prof Whitty was behaving like the UK is a ‘public health socialist state’. 

After Labour demanded an apology and her own Tory colleagues said it was ‘completely unacceptable’ to attack civil servants, Ms Morrissey deleted the tweet.

But she was later accused of ‘doubling down’ as she tweeted she is ‘increasingly concerned at public health pronouncements made in the media that already seem to exceed or contradict decisions made by our elected representatives’.

Number 10 said that Prof Whitty is a “hugely trusted and respected public servant” who gives independent, evidence-based advise. 

Others Conservative MPs voiced dissatisfaction at the interventions of advisers and also slammed the ‘extraordinary predictions’ about Covid made by modelers.      

On Twitter, today’s post by Mr Javid read: “I wish to thank the amazing scientists and clinicians who provide government and me with first-class advice every single day. Your country is a great credit to you.

According to Mr Dowden, Prof Whitty advises the government rather than talks for it.

He said that Professor Whitty advised the Government.

The Prime Minister is the representative of the government. The Government is advised by Chris Whitty. Chris Whitty and the Prime Minister are actually in agreement about the vaccine rollout. They also agree that caution must be taken.

“So, for instance, if your plan is to attend events with a lot of people, you might consider taking a negative flow test first.

He added: ‘Chris Whitty – and I know this because I’ve spoken to Chris Whitty about it – agrees with the Government that the right approach is to get the vaccine in people’s arms. This is one way to prevent even more restrictive restrictions.

CNN interview: Mr Sunak, who is long known to be on the Lockdown-sceptic side in the Cabinet’s view, defended his decision not to present a package that would allow bars and restaurants to hammer y customers choosing to remain away.

‘The situation is very different to what we’ve encountered before — the government is not telling people to cancel things,’ he said. 

At a Downing Street Press Conference earlier this week, Prof Whitty suggested that individuals should prioritize social contact and limit their use of it in light of growing coronavirus infection. 

He said more than Johnson, and the Prime Minister advised the nation to remain cautious during the holiday season.  

Joy Morrissey said on Twitter that England's Chief Medical Officer should 'defer' to what MPs and Boris Johnson decide when it comes to slowing the spread of Omicron

Joy Morrissey tweeted that England’s Chief Medicine Officer should “defer” to the decisions of MPs and Boris Johnson when it comes down to slowing Omicron’s spread

Ms Morrissey, who is a Government parliamentary private secretary (PPS), the lowest rung on the ministerial ladder, suggested Prof Whitty was behaving like the UK is a 'public health socialist state'

Ms Morrissey is a Government Parliament Private Secretary (PPS), which is the lowest rank on the ministerial ladder. She suggested that Prof Whitty behaved like the UK was a “public health socialist country”.