Are you cleaning your microwave filter? Many were stunned to learn that the compartment should be cleaned every SIX months.

  • TikTok user shows how to clean the microwave’s hidden filter 
  • The now viral video shows the woman saying that it should be cleaned every six month  
  • Many were unaware that microwaves have filters built in that require cleaning 

TikToker, which reveals how to clean the microwave’s hidden filter – a section many did not know existed, has captured the attention thousands. 

The US woman who runs the account ‘@mamasknowsbest’ shared the now-viral video demonstrating where the filter can be found on her microwave and how to clean it. 

Although the filter was at the top of her appliance’s top, the exact location is dependent on the model. This information can be found in the instruction guide.  

She recommended that the kitchen appliance be cleaned every six-months. However, many people didn’t know that microwaves have builtin filters that need to be cleaned.   

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The US woman who runs the account '@mamasknowsbest' shared the now-viral video demonstrating where the filter can be found and how to clean it

The microwave was built into the cabinet above the oven and the filter was found at the top of the appliance

The now-viral video by @mamasknowsbest, a US woman, shows how to clean the filter and where it can be found.

The woman stated in the video that “This is your reminder for changing your microwave charcoal filter.”

“You are supposed to change the filter once every six months. So while I wait for my replacement, I’m going just to clean this one.

The microwave was placed in the cabinet above and the filter was on the top of each appliance.  

The woman opened the microwave door, removed the filter and then submerged the filter in soapy water. 

She scrubbed the microwave’s top with a damp sponge and soap.

The filter was then rinsed under warm water, followed by the plastic cover. Finally, both were put back in the microwave. 

The video has been viewed over 2.8 million time, shocking many.  

One commented, “Raise your hands if you didn’t know microwaves had filter,” 

“I’m certain my apartment management has not changed these and I’m afraid of looking,” another commentator added. 

Another person asked: ‘Ummmm… quick question, do all microwaves include this?’  

But another user said: ‘Only the microwaves that are in the wall have them, countertop microwaves do not have filters.’  

Some microwave designs don't have the exposed filter but others have a 'deodorisation' button used to self-clean the appliance (pictured)

Some microwave designs don’t have the exposed filter. Others have a ‘deodorization’ button to clean the appliance (pictured).

Some microwave models don’t have any exposed filters that can easily be removed, while others have a deodorization’ button that can be used to self-clean the appliance. 

There are many devices on the market that can clean microwaves, including the Angry Mama microwave cleaner.

Others prefer to clean the appliance by pouring half of a cup water into a bowl and adding sliced lemons. The timer will then be set for two minutes.