Moment drivers tackle man to the ground at a petrol station ‘after he got into a mother’s car with her terrified nine-year-old boy alone inside it’

  • At the BP Whitfield service station, a man tried to steal a car.
  • The man was dragged from his vehicle by several members of the general public and tied up. 
  • He was in his 50s and had been arrested on suspicion of trying rob a car. 

Members of the public arrested a suspect thief, who attempted to steal an autistic child’s car yesterday morning. 

It happened around 7.30am yesterday at the BP station on the A2 Dover Road, Whitfield. 

Numerous men held the suspect down and tied cable ties to him until police arrived to arrest the suspect. 

A group of scaffolders held down and detained a suspected thief who attempted to steal a car at a BP service station in Kent yesterday morning

The suspected thief tried to steal a car yesterday at a Kent BP Service Station. A team of scaffolders stopped him and took him into custody

The man screamed out as he was pinned to the ground by a couple of scaffolders

As a pair of scaffolders pinned him to the ground, the man shouted. 

The men used cable ties to restrain the suspected car thief, pictured yesterday morning

Yesterday morning, the men used cables to hold the car-theft suspect.

The victim ran out of the station begging for help from the public. 

Unidentified woman was distressed that her autistic 9-year old son, was riding in the rear seat. 

The incident was captured on video. 

The suspect struggled, screamed, and the observers pinned his arms behind him and wrapped the cable ties around both of his wrists. 

A man tells one of them: “You move, and I’m going hurt you. Do you understand?’ 

Kent Live heard from the woman that she felt yesterday was the most terrifying thing she’d ever seen. 

“I was at the shop, and I ran to get my son from the car. He was sitting in my driver’s chair.

“I managed to get my son out of his room and called for help. My autistic son, nine years old, is watching me. While I was shouting for help, he sat still and watched me drag my son out of the car. It is unclear what he was trying to tell me. He did not speak to my son or me.

“It’s terrifying. I’ve never been so afraid.” 

She said that she is incredibly thankful to all the men who saw the theft attempt and offered their assistance. 

Two men jumped off a truck that was carrying scaffolding to arrest the suspect.  

Kent Police confirmed that they had been on the scene, and took an arrest. 

According to a spokesperson, the Kent Police were called on Tuesday 7th December 2021 at 7.42am for a report about a disturbance on Dover Road in Whitfield.

“During the incident, it is believed that a man entered a stationary car before being restrained by members of the public.

“Officers arrived on the scene to arrest a man in his fifties for attempting theft of a motor vehicle.

“He is still in custody while the investigations continue.”

MailOnline reached out to Kent Police and BP for comments.