Supermom-of-two, Megan, shares her three simple secrets to keeping your clothes and linens sparkling white

  • Mama Mila, a Melbourne blogger, shared her three-step secret to sparkling laundry
  • She soaks clothes in denture tablet to remove sweat and stains 
  • To brighten whites, the mother-of-two adds baking soda to each wash
  • She also adds eucalyptus oil to detergent for an ‘extra stain-removal power’ 

A mother-of-2 who runs a popular cleaning blog shared her three-step formula for sparkling white laundry.

Chantel Mila, an Australian blogger, said in a TikTok video she soaks clothes into dissolvable dental tablets to remove sweat and stains.

The Melbourne mum, who posts online as ‘Mama Mila’, also adds half a cup of baking powder to her washing to naturally brighten clothes and mixes two drops of eucalyptus oil with laundry detergent for ‘extra stain removal power’.

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Melbourne mum Chantel Mila (pictured) runs a popular cleaning account called Mama Mila

Chantel Mila (pictured in Melbourne) is the owner of Mama Mila, a popular cleaning company.

The tips have been viewed 18,900 time since Wednesday’s upload online. There were many responses from viewers suggesting their own tips.

One woman claimed that she washes whites in ice cold water for one hour and then adds a drop or two of softener towards its end.

She added, “Super clean and fresh.”

Chantel was thanked for sharing her tricks with others and they were eager to try the denture tablet for themselves. 

In a recent TikTok video, Chantel revealed she soaks clothes in dissolvable denture tablets to remove sweat and grubby stains

The blogger also washes clothes with half a cup of baking powder

Chantel shared in a TikTok video that she soaks clothes with dissolvable denture tablets (left), and then washes them using baking powder (right), to get rid of sweat and other stains

This is not the first time that the domestic goddess has shared her laundry secrets with fans.

Chantel shared earlier this year that she keeps her clothes in mint condition. She fastens buttons and zips before washing, and turns items inside out to prevent fraying and stretching around the hems.

Instead of using fabric softener, she says she sprays half a cup with white vinegar on her laundry. This stops detergent from accumulating and makes the fabric soft and smelling great. 

Chantel mixes two drops of eucalyptus oil (pictured) with laundry detergent for 'extra stain removal power'

Chantel uses two drops of eucalyptus oils (pictured) in her laundry detergent to ‘extra-power’ stain removal

Domestic goddess: Chantel (pictured) has built a loyal following by sharing her tips for a spotless home

Chantel (pictured) is a domestic goddess. She shares her tips for a clean home with her loyal followers.

‘[White vinegar]She said that it is especially great for towels, gym clothes, and bed linens.

Chantel suggested that she uses a few drops eucalyptus oil or baking soda to remove stains from clothing.

She also adds half of a cup of bicarbonate to white washes to preserve whiteness, and reduce yellowing.

Chantel’s last tip concerns the washing machine itself. She says it must be kept spotless if you want clothes to stay in good condition.