How to make perfect scrambled eggs. Celebrity chef lists the top three mistakes you are making

  • Celebrity chef Dan Churchill reveals his biggest mistakes when scrambled eggs are made
  • He states that the most common mistakes are over-stirring and heating the pan too much.
  • Epic Table’s host says eggs should not be cooked to perfection.
  • After you take them from the stove, they will continue cooking from residual heat

A celebrity chef has revealed some of the most common mistakes in making scrambled egg perfection – and they might surprise you.

Dan Churchill stated that the most common things ups are heating the pan too quickly and cooking eggs to perfection on a stovetop. This leaves the eggs dry and chewy as they will continue to cook in residual heat.

The host of Epic Table podcast, John McMahon, says that you shouldn’t over-stir eggs if you want to make ‘beautifully smooth layers’.

Instead, he suggests moving the spatula toward you and tilting your pan back to allow the eggs to fall onto the prepared surface.

Celebrity chef Dan Churchill (pictured) has revealed the biggest mistakes when it comes to making the perfect scrambled eggs - and one might surprise you

Celebrity chef Dan Churchill (pictured), reveals the biggest mistakes when it is time to make the perfect scrambled egg – and it may surprise you

The host of the Epic Table podcast (pictured) says the most common stuff ups are having the pan too hot

And over-stirring the eggs

The host of Epic Table podcast (pictured), says the two most common things that can go wrong are over-stirring the eggs and having the pan too heated.

This tip is contrary the advice of Robbie Bell, top chef and author of The Perfect Scramble. Mix the mixture well.

Heston Blumenthal was a culinary genius who taught Mr. Bell the secrets of cooking. He said that the trick is to keep your eyes open and stir the eggs until you get soft, silky curds.

The optimum temperature is something that both chefs can agree on.

Rather than pouring eggs onto a sizzling hot pan, Mr Churchill recommends keeping it on a medium heat so you can control cooking them evenly.

He wrote on Instagram, “Remember that eggs still cook with residual heat once you turn it off the heat,”

How to make scrambled eggs perfect

1. Do not heat the pan too much. Instead, heat it to medium heat.

2. Avoid over-stirring. Instead, slide spatula toward you and tilt pan inwards so that wet eggs can fall onto the cooked.

3. Avoid overcooking eggs on a pan. They will continue to cook with residual heat.

Dan Churchill's 'perfect' scrambled eggs

Dan Churchill’s “perfect” scrambled eggs

Source: Dan Churchill via Instagram

‘Lightly undercook them, so that they are soft and layered when you serve them.

Amateur cooks were delighted to see the video of his tips. It has been viewed almost 2,000 times since it was uploaded online Sunday. 

“Great tricks, I learned something new today!” One man responded.

A second person said that ‘literally picture perfect eggs’, while another added that ‘Love how you make it look so much fun to cook eggs!