Single women admit that they judge men on the basis of what they do for a living. Here are three jobs they would be turned away from.

  • One of the most important things men are judged by is his job. Single women say
  • A group Australian women were asked what the importance of a man’s career was to them.
  • Surprisingly, there were many answers, with some saying they always judge. 
  • Others argued that a man with a work ethic was more important than a man with a good work ethic.

Single women say that one of the main things that men judged on is the work they do.

An Australian group of women was asked if they ever consider what their date does. for a living – and if their career is truly important to them.

Interestingly, many women confessed that they would not date a police officer, prison guard, or member of the defence force.

“It’s funny, because I thought that I didn’t care, but I would really struggle for a guy (or a woman) who’s a soldier or a cop… Not my values,’ one woman wrote in a thread shared in Louanne Ward’s Facebook group, She Said He Said.

Many agreed with her, one saying, “I’ve dated several army guys and they’re a different breed.” I don’t believe it’s their fault. It’s how the army trains them to become emotionless and detached.

“A psychologist said to me that he wouldn’t date a prison guard or cop. I think there is something to be done about that.

One said, “I have dated 2 former prison guards.” Never again.

One of the things men are judged on is based on the job he has, singles say (stock image)

One of the main things men judged on is his job, singles say (stock photo).


Do you judge someone based upon what they do for a living?

  • Yes 236 votes
  • No 179 votes

The answers were divided, with some saying they always judge a date based on his job while others insisted a man with work ethics was much more important to them than the type of career he has.

One woman wrote, “It’s no assets test.”

“I can see how men would be triggered if a woman gave thought to their job when considering a relationship with them. The guys believe it’s about judging their financial status or financial situation.

“It is not about this for most women. It is more about values, availability and compatibility.

One woman stated that the only thing that matters to her was a man who has a steady job. 

“He must be employed. It tells you a lot about the person, as well as their career path, regarding the career option. One woman laughed and wrote that a jewel thief was not suitable as a father.

Another woman commented: “Is ambition and drive more important than being lazy and unmotivated? It won’t only be their job, but it will also be their personality. 

Interestingly, the answers were divided, with many saying they always judge a date based on his job while others insisted a man with work ethics was much more important to them than the type of career he has (stock image)

The results were interestingly divided. Many said they judge a person based on their job, while others claimed that a man with work ethics is more important than his career (stock photo).

Signs someone isn’t interested in you 

1. Spending a lot time on their phone

2. Never make plans to meet.

3. Never asking questions about you or your life

4. Avoid inviting friends to you

5. They are always busy, they say.

6. Failure to maintain eye contact

7. Uncertainty or a feeling of unease that something is not quite right

Many agreed that they desire a career driven man who is smart and motivated, and shares the same values.

One woman said, “If they don’t do what they love or are successful at, it creates an effect,”

Another stated, “I believe the traits one would be looking at is ambition and drive.” The ability to drive and ambition will determine a potential provider’s actual job.

One person said, “It’s about finding someone like you and having a similar life path.”

Another added that they do take their jobs into consideration because they are interested in meeting like-minded people. I am a business owner, and I find that I have a lot to offer other business owners… We think differently.

Another woman, who was married to a high-flying executive, said she feels happier with a man with a regular job.

“I was married for 21 year to a man with a high-paying executive job. He had ambition. But now I’m with a man with a middle-class job. It’s perfect. She said that she was ambitious for both of them and it works.

One woman was brutally honest with her answer, saying: ‘Yes I judge, I’m shallow as f***’, while some revealed they are attracted to a man’s personality rather than what he does for work.

“I don’t judge a guy by what he does,” one said. One person said, “It’s what you do on the inside that really counts.”