New Mexico authorities say they’re ‘not exactly sure’ of Alec Baldwin’s present ‘whereabouts’ though they added that the actor has been cooperating in the investigation of last week’s fatal shooting of a cinematographer on the set of his film Rust.

Baldwin, who has not been asked to leave New Mexico by law enforcement officers, retweeted a New York Times article about the apparent accident on Wednesday.

The Times reports that Dave Halls, assistant director, told investigators he should have inspected every round in each chamber before Baldwin fired his fatal shot that killed Halyna Utchins and injured director Joel Souza.

According to an affidavit, Dave Halls, an assistant to the director, said that Alec Baldwin had handed him a revolver he had declared “cold” on the set of “Rust.” He didn’t,’ reads the tweet.

New Mexico authorities say they’re ‘not exactly sure’ of Alec Baldwin’s present ‘whereabouts’ though they added that the actor has been cooperating in the investigation of last week’s fatal shooting of a cinematographer on the set of his film Rust. Baldwin is seen above last Thursday after he was questioned by Santa Fe County Sheriff's Office in Santa Fe, New Mexico

New Mexico authorities say they’re ‘not exactly sure’ of Alec Baldwin’s present ‘whereabouts’ though they added that the actor has been cooperating in the investigation of last week’s fatal shooting of a cinematographer on the set of his film Rust. Baldwin was photographed above last Thursday, after being questioned in Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office.

Dave Halls

Baldwin, who has not been asked by law enforcement officials to remain in New Mexico, retweeted a New York Times article on Wednesday about the apparent accident

Baldwin, who has not been requested by law enforcement officers to remain in New Mexico for the incident, retweeted a New York Times article about it on Wednesday. The Times reports that David Halls, the assistant director of security, told investigators that he should’ve inspected each round in each chamber prior to firing the fatal shot that killed Halyna Houtchins and injured director Joel Souza.

A projectile from a gun fired by Baldwin during rehearsals for the film Rust struck and killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins (above)

Baldwin shot a projectile at Halyna HUTCHINS (above) with a gun during rehearsals of the film Rust.

According to legal documents, Halls apparently did not know that there were live ammunition in the gun’s chamber. 

Halls admitted to investigators he didn’t inspect every barrel of his gun but “should have” before he handed it over to him on last week’s set of Rust. He also said that he only examined three of the five chambers in his weapon. 

Halls’ shocking admission can be found in a search warrant that was not sealed by the Sante Fe County Sheriff’s Department and was issued Wednesday afternoon. 

It includes details about Halls’ interview with police officers and what Hannah Gutierrez Reed told them.  

After being shot in the shoulder, Souza was released from the hospital and was seen in public Tuesday near his San Francisco home. 

Baldwin was last seen Saturday morning leaving a New Mexico Hotel with Matthew Hutchins (Hutchins’ widower) and Andros (his son). 

Halls admitted to investigators that he didn't check every barrel of his gun but 'should have' before he handed it to him on the set of Rust last week, and that he only looked at three of the five chambers in the weapon. Halls' bombshell admission is in a search warrant that was unsealed by the Sante Fe County Sheriff's department and issued on Wednesday afternoon

Halls confessed to investigators that he did not check every barrel of his gun, but that he’should’ have before he gave it to him on the set Rust last week. He also admitted that he only looked in three of the five chambers of the weapon. Halls’ bombshell confession is contained in a search warrant, which was not sealed by the Sante Fe County Sheriff’s Department and issued Wednesday afternoon 

Fox News reports that Baldwin has had work done on his Hamptons home. It is likely that he is not there with his family. 

A police affidavit states that Baldwin was one among four people who handled the gun he fired during rehearsals.

Baldwin was the last person who took the gun. According to investigators he was handed the weapon from Halls. 

Sarah Zachry was the film’s prop master and took the gun from a safe in a truck. Gutierrez was then presented with the gun.

According to The New York Times, Gutierrez, an armorer, said that only a few people knew the combination to the safe. 

She stated to detectives that she had checked dummy round (or those that do not contain gun powder or primer caps) and made sure they were not ‘hot’ according the Times.

Hannah Gutierrez-Reed told police that the guns were kept in a safe that few people had access to

Hannah Gutierrez – Reed told police that the guns were kept safely in a safe that only a few people had access.

The crew stopped for lunch and left ammunition on the set. Legal documents state that the ammunition was ‘not secured’. 

Gutierrez placed a gray two-tiered cart outside of the set. According to legal documents cited to the Times, Halls took Baldwin’s gun from the cart and gave him the gun. 

According to Gutierrez’s statement, Zachry took the guns from the safe after lunch and gave them to Gutierrez. 

Baldwin’s retweet on Wednesday was his first social media activity since Saturday, when he posted a link to a Variety story with the headline: ‘Alec Baldwin Was Told Prop Gun Was Safe Before Fatal Shooting, Affidavit Says.’

The previous day, Baldwin tweeted a statement expressing sadness over Hutchins’ death.

Baldwin posted Friday morning on Twitter, “There are no words to express my shock and sadness regarding Halyna Hutchins’ tragic accident that claimed her life, a wife and mother, and deeply admired colleague.”

“I fully cooperate with the police investigation to determine how this tragedy occurred. I am in touch and offering my support to her husband and his family. My heart is broken for her husband and their son, as well as all who knew and loved Halyna. 

Baldwin used a.45-caliber Colt revolver on Rust’s film set, but it was not checked thoroughly before being given to him. He fired a lead bullet according to officials and a new court filing. 

Investigators claimed Wednesday that there was some complacency in how weapons were handled at the movie set. But it’s too soon for us to know if we will file charges.

Santa Fe County Sheriff Adan Mendoza reported that 500 rounds of ammunition, which included blanks, dummy and suspected live rounds, were found during a search of the Western Rust.

“Obviously, I believe the industry has had a track record of being safe in recent years,” Mendoza stated. Mendoza said that there was some complacency regarding this set and that safety issues need to be addressed by both the industry and the state of New Mexico. Mendoza spoke at a news conference almost a week following the shooting.

Authorities confirmed that there was no footage of this shooting, which took place during a rehearsal.

Investigators believe Baldwin’s gun shot one live round, killing Hutchins and injuring Souza.

Santa Fe County Sheriff Adan Mendoza speaks during a press conference at the Santa Fe County Public Safety Building on Wednesday

Adan Mendoza, Santa Fe County Sheriff speaks during a conference at the Santa Fe County Public Safety Building. 

First Judicial District Attorney Mary Carmack-Altwies for the state of New Mexico speaks during a press conference at the Santa Fe County Public Safety Building to update members of the media on the shooting accident on the set of the movie 'Rust' at the on October 27, 2021 in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Mary Carmack-Altwies, First Judicial District Attorney for New Mexico, speaks during a press conference at Santa Fe County Public Safety Building. She updates members of the media about the shooting accident at the Santa Fe Film Festival ‘Rust’ on October 27, 2021 in Santa Fe.

Detectives recovered a lead projectile that they believe the actor used last week. 

To confirm whether the projectile fired from Souza’s shoulder was actually fired from the same long Colt revolver that Baldwin used, testing is currently underway. 

The FBI will assist with ballistics analysis.

Hannah Gutierrez was the crew member responsible for weapons. She told investigators that she checked guns but didn’t find any ‘hot rounds’, which could have been live ammunition, before the shooting.

According to the affidavit Halls stated to investigators that he “should have checked all” the rounds in his gun before giving it to Baldwin. 

Authorities previously stated that Baldwin was given what he believed to be a ‘cold’ or safe gun by Halls. He took it from Gutierrez’s cart.

Mendoza and Mary Carmack-Altwies, the District Attorney, said that although no criminal charges have been filed they do not rule out the possibility.

“All options are on offer.” … No one has been ruled-out at this point,” Carmack-Altwies stated about potential charges.

Alec Baldwin’s Rust’s head electrician has shared the last photo of Halyna Houtchins (pictured holding onto the camera) on the set in the church just before she was shot to death.

Gutierrez’s job is officially called the film crew’s armorer. He claimed that ammunition was not secured at the set during a lunch break, as the affidavit shows. 

She said that firearms were kept inside a safe that was kept on a white truck during a break and that no live ammo is ever kept on a movie sets.

According to Gutierrez’s affidavit, “only a few people” had access to the safe and knew how to open it.

A judge granted investigators permission to search the truck Wednesday.

Mendoza stated that 600 pieces have been collected by authorities. These include three firearms, 500 rounds ammunition, some of which are believed to contain live bullets, and several pieces clothing and accessories.

Mendoza stated that some evidence is being sent for analysis to an FBI crime laboratory.

Mendoza stated that authorities have the gun used in the shooting and the bullet were recovered from Souza’s shoulder. Souza was later released from hospital.

Mendoza said that the same bullet appeared to have hit Souza and Hutchins.

Mendoza stated that Baldwin used an Italian-made Pietta Long Colt revolver.

Mendoza stated that ‘we would consider it a living round – a bullet live – because it fired from the weapon and obviously caused Ms. Hutchins’ death and injured Mr. Souza’.

Baldwin, 63 years old, is a co-producer for Rust, a Western movie set in 1880s Kansas. Production at Santa Fe’s Bonanza Creek Ranch has been stopped.

Mendoza stated that Baldwin, Halls, and Gutierrez are all cooperating in the investigation.

When asked about the use real weapons on movie sets, the sheriff stated that the industry had a track record of being safe. There was complacency at this set. I believe there are safety issues that need to addressed by the industry, and possibly the state. obtained a call sheet indicating that the crew was practicing a mock gunfight in the church building at the time Hutchins was killed. 

Joel Souza, 48, was seen on Tuesday near his San Francisco home with his head in his hands. The California-born director of Rust was shot in the shoulder on Thursday in a shooting that killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, 42

Joel Souza (48), was seen Tuesday with his head in the hands near his San Francisco home. The California-born director Rust was shot in his shoulder on Thursday in a shooting which also claimed the life of Halyna HUTCHINS, 42.

Souza was in the passenger seat of the car in Palo Alto, with an unnamed woman, on Tuesday

Souza was seated in the passenger seat in Palo Alto’s car with an unnamed woman on Tuesday

Co-stars Jensen Ackles, Swen Temmers and Travis Hammer were also in the scene – numbered 121 – alongside Baldwin’s stunt double Blake Teixeira and stunt coordinator Allan Graf.

Ackles spoke about his weapons training for the film a week before the tragic on-set shooting accident. 

The actor, who was Dean Winchester’s gunman for 15 seasons of Supernatural, regaled the crowd with an anecdote from his brief gun training for Rust one week before Baldwin died in a tragic gun accident.

Ackles was heard saying, “I’ve got an early call tomorrow morning to have a big shootout,” in a video taken by a fan. “They made me pick my gun and they said, “Alright, which gun would you like?” I was like, I don’t know?’ The armorer said, “Do you have gun experience?” 

“I was like, a little. And she was like, “Okay, here’s how you load it. This is how we verify it and make sure it’s safe.”

Jensen’s Supernatural star Jared Padalecki and the crowd both burst into laughter at his on-camera experience.

He continued the story and told the group that the armorer had instructed him to fire some blank rounds in a field.

“So she’s like: “I’ll just put some blanks there and just fire off a few rounds towards it.

“I walk out and she’s like: “Just make certain you pull the Hammer all the way back, and aim at your target.”

Demonstrating how he did it in training, Jensen said he whipped the gun out of his holster and expertly fired the weapon, leading the armorer to jokingly call him ‘an a**hole’ for pretending like he was inexperienced.  

Production notes indicate that the Colt pistol was among several weapons on the set at the time, but it was the only one used in 121 as well as the preceding 118.

Filming was supposed to continue with the scene of Baldwin being thrown in a stagecoach but was halted due to accidents.

Additional scenes featuring Baldwin or Ackles were originally scheduled for the weekend, but they have been postponed indefinitely.

Rust was Gutierrez Reed’s second film. Sources said that Rust was her first movie. 

Baldwin and Hutchins (circled) are pictured together on the set of Rust, in an image that she uploaded to Instagram two days ago saying the crew of the film were supporting a strike by the IATSE union

Baldwin and Hutchins (circled), are seen together on the set for Rust in an Instagram photo that she uploaded two days ago. It shows the crew supporting a strike by IATSE union.

Friends remember Halyna as a kind and loving soul. She lived in Venice Beach, California with Matthew, her husband, and their son Andros.

According to her LinkedIn page she most recently worked as a videographer for Synth Fire, a California-based media company, as well as as a documentary maker for the City of Flagstaff. 

She was an armorer at the Yellowstone film ranch from March to June 2021. However, according to the page, she stopped working there three months prior to Rust began filming in October.

Gutierrez Rice had just left Northern Arizona University, where her studies in creative media and film were between 2017-2020. 

The daughter of legendary Hollywood armorer Thell Reed, 78, Gutierrez-Reed previously worked on Nicholas Cage movie The Old Way – admitting beforehand that she ‘wasn’t sure’ if she was ready in a podcast interview.

She stated that she almost turned down the job because she wasn’t sure if it was right for her. However, once she did it, it was a great experience.

In the podcast interview, she also said that loading blanks into guns was her scariest task because she didn’t know how to do it. She had sought help from her father. 

Gutierrez-Reed believed the job was done smoothly, but sources told The Daily Beast that the rookie armorer was unsafe’ and had given a gun to Ryan Kiera Armstrong, an 11-year-old actress.

According to the source, she was careless with guns, waving it around occasionally. We thought it was dangerous that she loaded blanks at times. 

The insider added that they had seen her loading a gun on pebble strewn ground – which has the potential to be dangerous – before handing off the gun to Armstrong.

According to the source, “She was reloading on the ground, where there was pebbles, and stuff.”

“We didn’t see her inspect it, so we didn’t know whether anything got in the barrel.”

Sources close to the Rust family have indicated that the fatal incident was caused by production failures from the top.   

Zak Knight, a pyrotechnics and special effects engineer, told that Hutchins’s death was due to a “cascade of failures” by many people. Number two: Every person on a movie set is entitled to inspect any weapon before it’s fired. 

“And number three, there’s no reason to ever put anyone in front of a weapon that is firing.” 

Sources said that Baldwin was handed the gun and told by Halls that it was safe.

According to one source, ‘He was supposed to be our last defense and he failed me.’ “He’s the last person who’s supposed to look at this firearm.”

According to a Rust production source, there have been at least two other instances of gunshots accidentally being fired by crew members on set prior to Thursday’s tragic incident.

Rust crew members claim that several complaints were made against the armorer and that at least six fed-up’ people walked off the set before Gutierrez–Reed handed Baldwin his gun that killed Hutchins.

Crew members complained directly to Dave Hall, assistant director – who is identified in the search warrant. Hall is the one who gave Baldwin the gun that killed Hutchins. He also told him it was safe. Hall demanded documentation of all discharges.

The 68 year-old actor was also snapped doubled-over in a parking lot, with his hands on his knees and his face seemingly crumpled with distress hours after the shooting on Thursday

After Thursday’s shooting, the actor, 68 years old, was photographed with his hands on the ground and his face seemingly in distress.

Sun streaming from above, cinematographer Halyna Hutchins smiles into the camera as she films herself riding off into the New Mexico desert on horseback. This was the last Instagram post shared by the married mother-of-one before she was accidentally killed by actor Alec Baldwin when he fired a prop gun while filming a scene for upcoming Western, Rust, yesterday

Sun streaming from above, Halyna Houtchins smiles at the camera while she films herself riding into the New Mexico desert on horseback. This was the last Instagram photo that the mother-of-one, a married mother-of-1, shared before Alec Baldwin accidentally shot a prop gun during a scene for Rust yesterday.

“All of us shouted at him, “That better be on production report, these guys irresponsible and shouldn’t be here,” a production source stated. “That should be grounds for termination on a union set of film crew, you should be fired. The entire department should have had its guns fired the first time without anyone knowing. Production decided to pay the ultimate price and instead of thinking better of it.

Deadline also cites an unnamed source who said a gun had gone off ‘in a cabin’ while someone was holding it, days prior to the shooting that killed Hutchins.

“A gun had misfired twice in a closed room. They just fired loud pops – a person was just holding it in their hands and it went off,’ they said, apparently referring to unintentional discharges.  

A Santa Fe County Sheriff Department spokesperson said that the investigation is still open. Witnesses are being interviewed and evidence is being collected.

Hutchins’s death is under investigation by the New Mexico Occupational Health and Safety Bureau. They could impose civil penalties even if there are no criminal charges.

Deadline reported that ‘Our state OSHA program’ is investigating this. Rebecca Roose was deputy cabinet secretary for the New Mexico Environment Department.

“The state takes safety at work very seriously and will diligently pursue this tragic fatality.” 

Hollywood has been shocked by the shooting, which sparked a debate about safety protocols for film and television. This included whether certain types of guns should be banned or whether conditions on low-budget productions should be improved.

Camera operators had protested the working conditions of the set before the incident.

According to court records, Baldwin was holding a revolver across the body and pointed it at a camera as he was practicing. Mendoza claimed that there was no video footage.

The film’s producers have hired the law firm Jenner & Block to investigate the shooting. The film’s producers sent a letter to cast and crew stating that Jenner would have complete discretion over who they interview and what conclusions they draw.

Serge Svetnoy has described the harrowing moment he held Halyna Hutchins in his arms after she was accidentally shot by Alec Baldwin (pictured: Serge and Halyna)

Serge Svetnoy has described the harrowing moment he held Halyna Hutchins in his arms after she was accidentally shot by Alec Baldwin (pictured: Serge and Halyna)

Halyna Hutchins' October 19, 2021 Instagram post shows cast members and staffers Alec Baldwin, Halyna Hutchins and armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed (Circled left to right) on the set of Rust in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Halyna’s October 19, 2021 Instagram picture shows cast members Alec Baldwin, Halyna and Hannah Hutchins (Circled left-to-right) on the Rust set in Santa Fe, New Mexico

An aerial view of the Bonanza Creek Ranch in Santa Fe, where Rust was being filmed. Workers had been protesting over the fact production wouldn't pay for them to stay in hotels and motels in Santa Fe, instead forcing them to drive an hour to Albuquerque

Aerial view of Bonanza Creek Ranch, Santa Fe, where Rust was being film. Workers were protesting the fact that production wouldn’t pay them to stay in Santa Fe hotels and motels, forcing them to drive an entire hour to Albuquerque.