The Miss Universe hopefuls took a break at the Dead Sea following their arrival in Israel to prepare for the Pageant. It will take place amid tightening Covid-19 regulations. 

Preliminary rounds will be held this week in preparation for the final live in Eilat, December 12th. 

Israel said Saturday it would prohibit foreigners from entering, increase the quarantines of citizens and residents returning home from abroad, and reinstate controversial cellphone surveillance that was used to detect infections.

Miss Universe contestants, however, were allowed to leave the country with waivers. 

Plenty to celebrate! Miss Universe finalists pose for a group shot on the banks of the Dead Sea on a day out on Saturday. They have arrived in the country ahead of the final next week, which is taking place despite tightening Covid-19 restrictions

Lots to celebrate The Miss Universe finalist pose in a group photo on the Dead Sea banks on Saturday. The finalists arrived ahead of next week’s final despite stricter Covid-19 restrictions.

Fun in the sun! Three beauty queens pose for photos on the day trip, which was followed by lunch at an upmarket restaurant

It’s fun in the sun The day ended with a photo shoot by three beauty queens. Lunch was served at an exclusive restaurant.

DIY beauty: The pageant hopefuls smeared their bodies with mud from the Dead Sea as they let loose together on the beach

DIY Beauty: Pageant hopefuls covered their bodies in mud from The Dead Sea while they frolicked on the beaches.

Here we are! The Miss Universe contestants, pictured, were granted permission to enter Israel despite a ban on foreigners

Here we are! Pictured: The Miss Universe contestants were allowed to enter Israel despite the ban on foreigners

Finding their light: Some of the beauty queens made the most of the opportunity and held impromptu photo shoots, pictured

A Miss Universe contestant strikes a pose

Find your light: A few beauty queens took advantage of this opportunity to hold impromptu photo shoots.

Skincare saviour: Several queens made the most of being at the Dead Sea, where the sand has coveted beauty properties

The skincare hero: Many queens took advantage of the Dead Sea’s beauty secrets.

Kicking back! The Miss Universe hopefuls float in the Dead Sea as they share a light-hearted moment on their day out

Enjoy a moment of relaxation! Enjoy a relaxing moment with your friends as the Miss Universe contestants float on the Dead Sea.

Here they come! One beaming queen led the way as the group arrived on the beach for a few hours of relaxation

They are here! The group arrived at the beaches for a couple of hours of relaxation and one queen led the way.

Yoel Razvozov (Tourism Minister) suggested beauty queens may be subjected to PCR testing every 48-hours, but it isn’t clear if that scheme was implemented. 

Miss France, Clémence Botino, has been forced to quarantine for 10 days in a government hotel after testing positive for Covid-19 on arrival. She is expected to be freed in time for the live performance. 

The beauty queens were dressed in swimsuits and bikinis today for a shoot at the Dead Sea. After the photo shoot, they enjoyed lunch at a top-end restaurant. They had previously taken part in an advertising visit to El Al’s headquarters. 

They had face masks on their heads, but they didn’t wear them while enjoying DIY mud baths and frolicking at the beach. The women also showed no masks on the trip to the coast as shown by footage from social media. 

Plenty of practice! Showcasing their pageant skills, the beauty queens pointed and posed on the outing to the Dead Sea

You need to practice your skills! The beauty queens displayed their talent by posing for photos on the trip to the Dead Sea.

Sensational in swimwear: One of the Miss Universe contestants flicked her hair from her face

Another one jumps for joy

Amazing swimwear: A Miss Universe contestant flicked her head (left), and another leaps with joy

Here come the girls! One-shoulder swimsuits, cut-out one-pieces and skimpy bikinis were all on show at the Dead Sea

The girls are here! The Dead Sea had it all: One-shoulder swimsuits with cut-out bikinis, one-pieces that were asymmetrical and skimpy bikinis.

Working the camera: The queens posed on the sand

One pageant queen flicked water to create Instagram-worthy shots at the Dead Sea

Photography: Queens pose on the sand and flick water for Instagram-worthy photos at the Dead Sea

Best foot forward: A Miss Universe contestant runs through the shallows on the day out to promote the Dead Sea region

One Miss Universe participant runs in the shallows for the Dead Sea area.

But first, let me take a selfie: A Miss Universe contestant couldn't miss the photo opportunity, while others chatted together

Let me first take a photo: Miss Universe Contestant, who couldn’t resist the opportunity to snap a picture while other chatted with her

Razvozov, who announced that Miss Universe contestants would be granted waivers of eligibility, said, “This event will be broadcast across 174 countries. It is a very important and urgent event. Eilat is also in great need of it.” He spoke to reporters prior to the weekly cabinet meeting.

“We’ll know how to manage that event. Therefore, the waivers committee will allow us to organize events similar to this that the country cannot cancel.

Sharon Alroy Preis, a top official at the Israeli health ministry told a committee that Israel is preparing a safety plan to protect Miss Universe. This could prevent Miss Universe from being admitted to pageant venues in countries considered high-risk.  

Breathtaking backdrop: The Miss Universe hopefuls will promote a number of areas of Israel on their visit to the country

Beautiful backdrop: On their trip to Israel, the Miss Universe contestants will be promoting a variety of Israel’s areas.  

Helping hand: Two Miss Universe contestants rubbed mud on each other's bodies on the group outing to the Dead Sea

On the outing to Dead Sea, two Miss Universe contestants helped each other by rubbing mud on their bodies.

Give me five! Some of the group got playful on their visit, smearing each other's body with sand from the Dead Sea

Five! One group was playful and covered each other in sand from Dead Sea.

Beaming queens: Two Miss Universe contestants in daring black bikinis flashed a smile for the camera on the day out in Israel

The two Miss Universe contestants wearing daring black bikinis showed a beaming smile as they gave a photo of themselves on the Israeli day.

Alroy Preis tried to downplay the plan for cellphone tracking using Shin Bet technology. Privacy watchdogs had opposed the practice and it was largely scrapped in May 2020.

She stated that tracking will be done on seven individuals for each confirmed Omicron case in an attempt to find new carriers and prevent outbreaks.

She said, “We are talking about surgical usage.” “We are not talking about thousands.”

All out glamour! Some of the Miss Universe contestants who have arrived ahead of the final next Sunday night

It’s all glamour! Miss Universe Contestants arriving ahead of Sunday’s final