Someone has had a good year. The most popular emojis in 2021 were tears of joy and heart.

  • Tops in 2021 is the laughing, crying face emoticon  
  • This is closely followed up by the crying on the ground laughing and red heart emojis 
  • The data released by the Unicode Consortium found flags were the least popular

A new report has revealed that the most popular emoticon in 2021 is the crying laughing face. This brings tears of joy to the end of the year.

This account accounted for over 5% of all the emojis. 

Unicode Consortium released data that showed the Red Heart and Tears of Joy were followed by the Red Heart, as well as the Emoticon depicting rolling with the eyes while laughing. 

The thumbs up and heart-eyes emojis also made the top ten but flags, despite being the group with the most emojis, were the least used category

Top ten also included the heart-eyes and thumbs up emojis. However, flags were not the most used group despite having the most emojis.

The laughing crying face accounted for more than 5% of all emojis used, the report showed

A report revealed that laughing tears accounted more than 5% for all the emojis.

Although the heart-eyes and thumbs up emojis made it to the top 10, flags were not the most used. 

According to the report by the international non-profit that digitizes languages, the preference for Emojis in the world has not changed much since its last publication of this data back in 2019. 

Red heart and tears of joy were the most popular emoticons at that time, as well as being in the same top 10. 

Red double-heart emoji was the only top-ten 2019 omoji that didn’t make it this year.

Some Emojis also have gained in popularity. While the thumbs-up icon was at tenth position in 2019, it was actually the fourth most popular emoticon in 2021.

The report added that the world's preferences for emojis haven't changed dramatically since the last time it published this data in 2019

According to the report, the preferences of the global population for emojis hasn’t significantly changed since it last published the data in 2019.

Also, the report examined emojis by subcategories. The rocket ship emoji was found to be the top-rated Transport-air subset. Additionally, the Body-parts were most frequently used under the flexed biicep.

Results showed that most emojis used were those from plants and flowers. 

According to data, 82% of the 2021 emojis shared by users were made up of top 100 emojis.

According to the report, Covid is a topic that many of us talk about daily. However, there are only two health-related emoticons in the Top 100 used by people. 

The report also noted that emoticons with a health theme were being used more frequently in general.