Russia claims to have taken a US spy aircraft out of its airspace, amid new US warnings that Vladimir Putin plans to invade Ukraine with 175,000 soldiers.

Footage apparently taken in the cockpit of a Russian military aircraft appears to show them tailing an American RC-135 reconnaissance plane over the Black Sea.

The Su-27/Su-30 fighters reported continued following the plane’s movements until it flew out of the vicinity close to Russian airspace.

Because of intelligence claims President Putin has planned an invasion of Ukraine, tensions have been growing in the region that borders Russia’s southern border with Ukraine.

Images also capture Russian military drills in Ukraine.

Footage said to have been taken in the cockpit of a Russian military aircraft appears to show them tailing an American RC-135 reconnaissance plane over the Black Sea

A Russian military aircraft is said to have captured footage in its cockpit. It appears that they were following an American RC-135 reconnaissance flight over the Black Sea.

The region where southern Russia borders Ukraine and the disputed Crimean peninsula has become increasingly tense because of intelligence claims that President Putin is planning an invasion of Ukraine early next year

Because of intelligence claims President Putin has planned an invasion of Ukraine in early next year, the tension in the area where Russia’s southern border borders Ukraine and disputed Crimea peninsula is growing.

Russian military have been conducting training exercises in the south as well as the arctic in an escalation of tensions which has left the US and European allies concerned

In an attempt to escalate tensions, the Russian military has been holding training exercises both in the south and the arctic. This has concerned the US as well as its European allies.

President Joe Biden said on Friday that he intends 'to make it very, very difficult for Mr Putin to go ahead and do what people are worried he may do'. Pictured: Putin addresses the delegates of the Congress of The United Russia Party

On Friday, President Joe Biden stated that he will make it difficult for Vladimir Putin to do the things people fear he might do. Pictured: Putin addresses the delegates of the Congress of The United Russia Party

The report stated that the “Vistula” division’s servicemen (tank and motorized rifle unit) as well logistics specialists were among the first to start the field exercises.

Drills will soon be joined by military engineers, liaison, air defense, radiation and chemical defence units.

Four regions within striking distance from Ukraine are currently undergoing sniper drills that involve 700+ military shooters. Separately, Moscow has warned Western navies not to go into Arctic waters near Russia. NATO was accused of provocative activity in an area where Kremlin wargames are ongoing.

According to the Washington Post, intelligence claims that the US thinks the Kremlin plans a multi-front assault against Ukraine early next year.

According to a Biden administration official, the Russian plans for an offensive on Ukraine in early 2022 call for forces of twice as many as we saw during Russia’s spring snap exercise close to Ukraine’s borders.

According to an unnamed official, the plans “include extensive movement of 100 tactical battalions with approximately 175,000 personnel, armour and artillery, as well as equipment.”

A classified U.S intelligence document, allegedly obtained by The Post, includes satellite photos that show Russian forces massing at four places.

Fears are growing of an imminent conflict in eastern Europe as Russia and Belarus carry out snap military drills close to where a migrant crisis is playing out on Poland's border, while Washington warns Putin is preparing to invade eastern Ukraine

As Russia and Belarus conduct snap military drills near the border of Poland, where there is an impending migrant crisis, fears are rising about an imminent conflict in Eastern Europe. Meanwhile Washington is warning Putin that he is planning to invade eastern Ukraine. 

Amid the tensions between Russia and Ukraine, Belarus is pressuring Europe over migrants and has threatened to cut off gas supplies to the continent by shutting the Yamal-Europe pipeline which runs through its territory (pictured)

Despite tensions with Russia and Ukraine Belarus has been pressuring Europe to support migrants. It threatened to shut off gas supply to Europe by closing the Yamal Europe pipeline that runs through Belarus (pictured). 

Poland has deployed some 15,000 troops to its eastern border where they have spent much of this week trying to hold back thousands of migrants that Lukashenko's regime is accused of forcing into the region

Poland sent 15,000 soldiers to its eastern frontier, where they spent most of the week trying to stop thousands of migrants Lukasenko’s regime has been accused of forcing to this region.

The document claimed that 50 combat tactical groups were deployed alongside ‘newly arriving’ tanks and weaponry.

According to President Joe Biden, he stated Friday that he is going to make it extremely difficult for Putin’s actions.

Antony Blinken Secretary of State said last week that he didn’t know if President Putin had made the decision for invading.

“We know that he has the ability to make this happen quickly if he decides.”

Sukhoi Su-27PU/Su-30 jets


Inducted into service 1996


Wingspan: 14.7m

Length: 21.94m

Height: 6.36m

Maximum speed: 1,320mph

Maximum altitude 56,800ft

Lose weight 39,000lb

Max Weight: 76,000lb

Engine: Two Saturn AL-31F3 turbofans

Thrust: 16,700lb

Russia accuses the West of inciting tension over Ukraine.

Maria Zakharova (spokesperson for foreign ministry) stated that this tactic is used by the government. This has been their strategy over the past decades.

They create tension, chaos and sometimes lose control of what they are trying to lobby for.

Russia’s’redlines’ have been made explicit, including the deployment Western strike weapons into Ukraine. The ex-Soviet country has also been made a NATO Member.

Konstantin Kosachev (Deputy Speaker) of the Russian Senate stated that Moscow was entitled to make preparations for the possible outbreak of conflict within the Ukrainian separatist zones.

He said, “We do not plan to attack Ukraine.”

“We don’t have any increased military activity near the Ukrainian borders.” No preparation is made for an offensive.

He said that Kyiv might launch a “provocation” or military escalation, with the help of the West and ‘full intelligence and possibly military support.

He stated that “This scenario was quite likely and very predictable and we are prepared for it.”

Yuri Ushakov, a close Putin aide, also denied suggestions of an escalating Kremlin tension but maintained that Moscow has the right to send troops onto its territory.

“There is no escalation.” He claimed that while we have the authority to send troops onto our territory, there’s no discussion of any escalation.

Nikolai Patrushev (secretary of the Russian Security Council) said that the West should be able to stop Ukrainian bombings of Donetsk by the pro-Russian population.

“We think that it is not bad for Washington in the initial instance to convince Kyiv to acknowledge the importance to taking into consideration the opinions and stopping shelling the Donbass population,” he stated.

Admiral Alexander Moiseyev, Northern Fleet Commander was quoted by TASS as saying that ‘the navies USA and NATO bloc countries continue the practice of carrying out single and group voyages via surface warships within the Barents Sea’.

He stated that there has been an increase in periods during which US Navy vessels and submarines were present in the Barents Seas, and in Norwegian Seas.

He said that there were increased exercises in the area and an increase in the number of strategic bomber training flights.

According to him, such actions are provocative and have a negative impact on regional security as a system.