When in Rome, eh Joe How the President appears content to lose the mask in Europe and yet insists on wearing the mask even when surrounded with vaccinated staff members at the White House

  • Biden’s images from Rome show him in close contact without a mask with Pope Francis, French President Emmanuel Macron, and other dignitaries.
  • Biden is 78 and the pope is at 84. Both are fully vaccinated.
  • The Vatican requires tourists to wear masks while visiting the Vatican.
  • Biden was seen wearing a mask during the G20 summit. 
  • He did however pull it down around his neck to speak to Modi of India.
  • Unless he’s speaking, the president usually wears masks on domestic trips 

After an action-packed few days spent in Italy, President Joe Biden will now be heading to Glasgow. He has been adamant about avoiding face masks and is wrapping up the first leg on his European trip. 

Biden’s photos of Pope Francis, French President Emmanuel Macron, and other G-20 leaders one-on-one shows Biden looking unaffected even though they are in close proximity. 

It is apparent that world leaders are most often covered up when they are gathered together in large groups.

However, Biden’s unmasked appearance during his more intimate moments in Rome is a stark contrast to his appearance at the White House wearing a mask even though he’s fully-vaccinated.

The president’s visit began last week in Vatican City where he was granted a rare 90-minute audience with the pope. 

Biden removed his mast upon arrival at the Vatican gates, and did not appear to replace it

Biden removed his mast at the Vatican gates upon his arrival, but did not appear to try to replace it

He seemingly didn't wear a mask for the duration of his meeting with the 84-year-old head of the Catholic Church

He didn’t seem to wear a mask during his meeting with the 84 year-old head of Catholic Church

Biden was seen pulling down his mask in a crowded room to speak with Indian Prime Minister Modi

Biden was seen removing his mask in a crowded area to meet with Modi, the Indian Prime Minister.

He didn't wear one when meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron in a bilateral summit

He didn’t wear one to a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron during a bilateral summit

In most other group settings Biden and other world leaders adhered to mask recommendations

In other settings, Biden followed the mask recommendations of world leaders and other world leaders.

He was accompanied by First Lady Jill Biden, and they greeted the Vatican greeters before he entered for his meeting with Pope Francis. Biden’s Secret Service Detail was the only one who was present, and he took off his mask when he stepped out of one 85-car motorcade.

Later, when images of Biden and the 84 year-old head Catholic Church of the Catholic Church emerged, there was no sign of face coverings. 

To enter the Vatican City, one must show proof that they have been vaccinated, passed a negative test or recovered from COVID. 

Tourists who wish to visit the Vatican are required to cover their faces throughout the trip.

Biden and Macron met later at the G20 summit. Both were wearing masks. 

While leaders and other officials at the summit tended to wear masks for group events, Biden was spotted speaking with Narendra Modi, Indian Prime Minister, while wearing his mask around his neck.

Biden is often seen wearing a mask when departing for Marine One on the White House South Lawn

Biden is often seen wearing masks when he departs for Marine One on South Lawn at the White House.

He also wears masks to events outside of the White House unless delivering remarks

He does not wear masks when delivering remarks or attending events outside of the White House.

The president is seen with his face covered even when visiting places like classrooms and factories

Even when visiting factories and classrooms, the president keeps his face covered.

Modi didn’t wear a mask at all. Others who were spotted at the indoor event had their face covered. 

Macron is seen at one point embracing Modi during the same event. Modi was wearing his mask while Macron was not.

Biden’s visit to Cornwall in June to attend the G7 summit saw world leaders make more of an effort to observe indoor mask recommendations.

Except when speaking to media, Biden & UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson were seen indoors during their meeting prior to the summit masked.

The president seems more conscious to observe COVID precautions when he is at home at the White House.  

When leaving the White House to visit Marine 1, he’s often seen wearing masks. He often covers his face while visiting factories, classrooms, and other domestic engagements.