Today, President Biden’s huge entourage arrived in Glasgow Airport ahead COP26. However, they were met by torrential rain and brutally wet conditions that saw two bridges being ‘washed away.

A C17 military aircraft emitted clouds of smoke as it touched down on the runway. It then disgorged the president’s Marine One helicopter, scores of security personnel and gave them a break from the downpours.

The fact that this was only a small fraction of the US team made today’s scenes even more impressive. Jill Biden and her husband are in Rome today for a discussion on a range of topics, including climate change.

The President, a Roman Catholic devout, was photographed in the San Damaso courtyard at the Apostolic Palace, shaking hands with the ‘Pope’s gentlemen, before being taken to the papal library, where the talks will take place.

A C17 military jet kicked up clouds of vapour as it touched down on the runway before disgorging the president's Marine One helicopter

Before it touched down, the C17 military plane emitted clouds before disgorging the President’s Marine One helicopter. 

Scores of security personnel were also seen leaving the military plane. They were thankfully treated to a break in the downpours

The military plane was also seen with scores of security personnel. They were treated to a brief respite from the torrential downpours.

Today's scenes were all the more impressive given that it was just a fraction of the overall US team. Mr Biden and his wife Jill are in Rome today to meet the Pope to discuss a range of issues including climate change

Today’s scenes were even more impressive considering that it was only a fraction the US team. Jill Biden, the husband of Senator Joe Biden, is in Rome today to meet Pope Francis to discuss a range issues including climate change.

Schedules of leaders: G20 summit, COP26


Sat 30 

10am Arrival/meet-and-greet

11.30am Family photo

11.45 a.m.Roundtable discussions, Session 1 – ‘Global Economy und Global Health’

3:00pm Side-event on ‘Supporting small and medium enterprises, and women-owned businesses to build forward better’. Queen Maxima, the Netherlands

7pm: Cultural event

Sun 31

10.30am Side-event about the role of the private sectors in combating climate change. Guest speaker: HRH Prince Charles, Prince of Wales

11.05am Roundtable Session 2 – ‘Climate Change and Environment’

1.50pm Roundtable Session 3: ‘Sustainable Development’

3.40pm Closing session

4.15pm Concluding press conferences 


Mon 1

Opening ceremonyBoris Johnson to host world leaders with a ceremony featuring creative and cultural moments and a speech of Prince Charles. The Queen was forced to leave for health reasons.

NationalDuring the summit’s two-day duration, heads of government and state will share their plans to reduce climate change and cut emissions.

2.30pm-4.30pmEvent – Action and Solidarity – The Critical Decade. Leaders will hear the most recent scientific reporting, receive an update on progress and hear what actions must be taken.

Nov 2

9.15am-12.45pmEvent – Action on Forests and Land-Use. Leaders will learn how policies to better protect forests and land can combat climate change

2.15pm-4.30pm Event – Accelerating Clearn Technology And Deployment. At which leaders will be shown a “positive vision” of how technology can help combat climate change and create new jobs. 

It is unclear if abortion rights, which have been championed in the US by Biden and has seen senior Bishops call for him not to receive Communion, will be included in their talks.

Biden fled his declining approval ratings at home, partisan infighting about his $1.75trillion travel bill to Rome, where he is due to meet leaders from the G20 group wealthy nations for a summit of two days.

It will be the first G20 summit to take place face-to-face since Covid’s death. Biden will hope to use it to rebuild his international reputation after his chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, which frustrated his allies and drew unfavourable comparisons to his predecessor Donald Trump.

It also happens just two days before the start of COP26 climate summit, which will be held in Glasgow and hosted by Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister.

Flooding caused major delays today for world leaders, with one train company urging passengers to ‘not to cross the border’ due to disruption after two bridges were swept away in torrential rain.

Avanti West Coast, which runs services between London Euston in London and Glasgow, where there is the climate conference starting on Sunday, said Network Rail had imposed speed restrictions to ensure safety at various locations.

National Rail stated that disruptions were expected to continue until at least 1pm today. Services will then be ‘gradually reinstated’. It advised passengers not to travel north of Preston today.

Network Rail, two days before Cop26, stated that it had been ‘working very hard throughout the night’ to deal with flooding on the West Coast mainline. Avanti Express and TransPennine Express were also subject to speed restrictions.

In the Dumfries and Galloway town of Annan, two footbridges – the Cuthbertson Bridge and Diamond Jubilee Bridge – were swept away as the River Annan rose. Network Rail Scotland stated that the bridges were destroyed north of the railway, with trains unable pass over a viaduct. This closed the Glasgow Central – Carlisle via Dumfries line.

It also stated that the line will remain closed while workers inspect the Annan Viaduct. Network Rail spokesmen said that divers must enter the water to do this. We can’t do this until the river flow slows down.

Travellers traveling from London to Cop26 would normally use the West Coast train to reach Glasgow. Many are instead forced to travel by LNER from King’s Cross to Edinburgh.

But other trains were disrupted by the weather, including the Edinburgh to Glasgow Central via Shotts, Edinburgh to Glasgow Queen Street via Falkirk High and Glasgow Queen Street to Alloa/Aberdeen/Inverness services.

Major roads to Glasgow were submerged by heavy rainfall this week. Glasgow’s Great Western Road, located in the West End, was also submerged. Drivers were forced from their cars when the flooding struck.

After declaring that 500 properties were at risk of flooding, emergency services evacuated Hawick residents overnight. 

Joe Biden has arrived at the Vatican for a closed-door meeting with Pope Francis during which the pair are expected to discuss climate change and social injustice ahead of G20 summit tomorrow

Joe Biden arrived at the Vatican to meet with Pope Francis. The pair will discuss climate change and social injustice in preparation for tomorrow’s G20 summit.

Joe and Jill Biden were pictured meeting with the 'Pope's gentlemen' at the Apostolic Palace before being led to the papal library where his talks with Francis will take place

Joe and Jill Biden were pictured meeting with the ‘Pope’s gentlemen’ at the Apostolic Palace before being led to the papal library where his talks with Francis will take place

Biden has been facing criticism in the US over his support for abortion rights which has seen bishops call for him to be refused Communion. It is not known whether the issue will form part of his talks with Francis

Biden has been under fire from the US for his support for abortion rights. This has seen bishops ask for Biden to be denied Communion. It is not yet known if the issue will feature in his talks with Francis.

Delegates travelling to the Cop26 climate change summit wait on the concourse at London Euston station this morning

Cop26 delegates who are travelling to the summit on climate change will wait at the London Euston station concourse this morning.

Officers in Hawick were 15 miles north of England’s border and called in the Borders Water Rescue Team and mountain rescue and fire teams to evacuate properties. Schools and health centres were also closed.

Forecasters pointed out that temperatures were unusually mild for this time of year. Suffolk saw highs of 17.3C (63.1F). They said that the weather would remain unsettled through the weekend with another wet front from the West today and further weather warnings for as much as 80mm (3.1in).

The highest rainfall today was to be expected in Cumbria (3.1in) and South West England. Dartmoor was experiencing 80mm (3.1in), more than a week’s supply, compared to 215mm (8.4in) that was the October average for the region. Other areas were also expected to receive 40mm (1.57in), according to the Met Office, in South West Scotland, or 60mm (2.4in), in Wales.

The 14 flood warnings and seven alerts issued by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency today were followed by 47 alerts and 23 warnings from the Environment Agency in England. Natural Resources Wales had 33 alerts.

Peebles saw the River Tweed burst into its banks. There were fears in Hawick that it would follow the Teviot. The town’s Teviotdale Leisure Centre was designated as a rest center to provide shelter for residents from at-risk communities. The Bourtree, a local pub, offered tea and coffee for free and promised to stay open overnight for accommodation.

Police and security personnel outside the Scottish Event Campus in Glasgow today, where the Cop26 summit will be held

Today, police and security personnel gathered outside the Scottish Event Campus in Glasgow. This is where the Cop26 summit takes place.

Pedestrians shelter under umbrellas in Glasgow today as they walk past a digital display near the SEC venue in the city

As they walk past the SEC venue in Glasgow, a number of pedestrians take cover under umbrellas.

Grey skies over the SEC in Glasgow this morning ahead of the Cop26 climate change conference beginning this Sunday

Grey skies over Glasgow’s SEC this morning ahead the Cop26 climate change conference.