As police appeal for help, a man is hung dead RABBIT from the front gate of his family’s home in a strange moment

  • Man was found tying the carcass of a rabbit to the front gate.
  • Police have released the Ring Doorbell of the Staffordshire homeowner.
  • Stafforfshire Police are currently trying to locate the yob that tied the note to the rabbit

It was the moment a man hanged his dead rabbit at a front door.

Unter dem Deck der Dunkelheit, the man approaches the gate.

Then, he ties the corpse of an animal to the other gate using what appears to be a note.

The man swings the rabbit corpse over the gate before making his getaway in Staffordshire

Before making his escape in Staffordshire, the man swings the corpse of the rabbit over the gate.

He makes his escape, not realizing that his sinister actions had been caught on video. 

Around 10.25 pm, the dead pet was placed on Stonnall’s gate in Staffordshire.

This thugsy act was captured on video by the homeowner’s Ring camera.

The rabbit appeared to have a note attached to it by the yob who police are now searching for

A note was apparently attached by the yob to the rabbit, which police are looking for.

The action was similar to the scene from The Godfather, in which a horse’s head is placed into the bed of an enemy.

It is not known what the motivations were for the act.