Priti Patel has made a vow to the Border Force, but they are refusing to return migrant boats. This is amid concerns that more people will be killed after 853 migrants crossed the English Channel in one day.

  • Border Force fears that more people will be killed if they return migrant boats
  • In separate incidents, 3 migrants drowned trying to cross Channel this week
  • Officials claim it’s unlikely that the plan will be implemented because of risk of death 

For fear of causing more death, the border force won’t implement the plan by Home Secretary to return migrant boats. 

Yesterday the home office announced that a record number of migrants entered the channel via the channel.

The total for this year is now 21,050. This number is almost double that of the previous year.

Three migrants were killed trying to cross the Channel in separate incidents. 

Priti Patel, who received legal counsel from the Times, announced that she would turn back migrants at a Tory conference last week.

Border Force rejected Ms Patel’s strategy and cited objections like weather conditions or the size of any boats that were being intercepted.

OAccording to officials, they are not confident that the policy will become a reality due to conditions and agency support.

Priti Patel announced her plan to turn back migrants in a Tory conference last month after she took legal advice

Priti Patel, who received legal advice and announced that she would turn back migrants during a Tory conference last October

According to the Border Force officer, “There’s pretty universal agreement that it is unlikely this will ever happen.”

The captains of cutters are in control and if they don’t want to, the process will not happen.

According to an official, the Home Secretary won’t be able “to push about” the force but that it will remain in the hands of the captains.

According to an ally of Ms Patel, a Conservative MP stated that Priti was determined to prevent boat crossings, regardless what the unionised officials might say.  

The Border Force officer said: 'There is fairly universal agreement that this is not likely to ever happen. 'The captains of the cutters have control of the process and in practice, if they're not willing to use it, it will never happen. Pictured: Border Force officers bring migrants to shore

A Border Force officer stated that there was a consensus among the officers about this not happening. The Border Force officer stated that the captains of cutters control the entire process. In practice, however, they are not likely to make use of it. Pictured: Border Force officers transport migrants to shore 

Lucy Moreton of the Immigration Services Union represents border force staff on the frontlines. She said that the risks of people being killed made it unlikely these tactics would ever be employed.   

Ms. Moreton stated that safety at sea was paramount, and she said pushback can’t be used to help a boat in danger.  It is more common for small boats to become vulnerable. 

According to her, the French cannot receive a vessel that is in distress from the French force and will not cooperate because they don’t believe it’s legal.

The prime minister has given the go-ahead at the September end.

Border Force officers were seen at Dover using the tactic of three jet skis to surround a migrant vessel and direct it towards France.  

The tactic cannot be used on Channel sections greater than 1.8 miles in width. A commander may only accept the procedure when it’s confirmed that the rescue boat or navy of France can take the boat back.

Additional safety requirements must be adhered to, such as weather conditions and the number of migrants.  

Pictured: Migrants arrive into Dover after crossing the channel in the dangerous journey

Pictured: After crossing the Channel in the hazardous journey, migrants arrive at Dover

When similar tactics were being used in Australia and Greece, migrants attempted to leap overboard to get authorities to rescue them.   

Matthew Rycroft, Ms Patel’s permanent secretary, was frustrating to her.

In September, he stated to MPs that Border Force would return a few migrant boats but that the plan would not be widely used due to rules. 

Dan O’Mahoney is a former commander who dealt with small boats. He said that migrants crossing the border are putting their lives at risk. 

According to him, the team is using all possible tactics to end the journeys and people should apply for asylum in any country that they find safe.

According to Mr O’Mahoney, the government’s immigration plan will correct the system and be firm for those who abuse it as well as fair for those truly in need.