A pub bouncer is accused of murdering her girlfriend’s baby. She allegedly threatened to bury him in the woods because he was talking to her, a court heard.

  • Savannah Brockhill (28), allegedly threatened Frankie Smith (20), with a slap. 
  • The murder of Smith’s daughter is being tried in 2020 by both of these women 
  • Star Hobson, 16 months old, died after ‘catastrophic’ injuries last September

According to court records, the woman charged with beating to death her partner’s baby threatened to bury her in the woods because she was’speaking to another man in a pub.

Savannah Brockhill (28) was allegedly a pub bouncer who threatened Frankie Smith (20), when Smith spoke to another man at the bar.

The murder trial of Smith’s 16 month-old daughter Star Hobson is underway. Star died from ‘catastrophic abdominal injuries’ in September.

Today, Smith testified at Bradford Crown Court that Brockhill visited her mother and bombarded her with texts and calls after she had seen him.

Smith said to the jury, “I received more than 200 messages from her and over 100 missed calls.”

Frankie Smith (left) and Savannah Brockhill (right) are both on trial for murder in Bradford

Frankie Smith (left), and Savannah Brockhill, (right) both face murder charges in Bradford

She sent me this video showing her sucking blood off the wall at night.

Smith claimed another time that Brockhill, after an unremarkable conversation with Smith in a pub had grabbed his arm, called Smith a ‘whore’, and locked her in a toilet cubicle.

Smith claimed: “She took my arm, led me into the bathrooms and put me inside a cubicle. Then she locked it.”

She called me a “whore” and shouted at my face. She claimed it was not right to talk with a man.

Smith later claimed that Brockhill punched her at the bar, and that she had told her mother on the way home that she would drive them both “off the cliff”.

Smith claimed that Smith had told him to shut down and stop crying. She was also backhanding his words.

She said that I was crying because she wanted to make me feel better.

“She did not take me directly to her home. She took us to a forest area at the street’s end.

Star Hobson died at 16 months old after suggering 'catastrophic' abdominal injuries

Star Hobson was 16 months old when she suffered ‘catastrophic” abdominal injuries.

She said that she was going drive us over a cliff.

“She grabbed me by the neck, and she said she was going to burrow me in the forest.

She claimed Brockhill assaulted her after they finally arrived at their house, leaving visible bruises.

Smith said, “She gave me some kicks on my legs as well as slaps in my arms.”

“I had visible bruises all over my body, including on my legs and arms,”

Before the court heard that Brockhill had called herself “number 1 psycho” and threatened Smith with a ‘kneecap”.

According to the prosecution, Star died from blunt force trauma caused by a blunt force injury.

Zafar Ali, her lawyer, stated that Smith was not present in the room at the time the injuries occurred.

“This was Brockhill’s sudden solo attack while she wasn’t in the room.” She was unaware of the attack until later.