Six-year-old boy, who was an inspiration to many people, died from cancer. His parents have now revealed that they are expecting a girl. 

Gemma Lowery, from Durham, gave birth to baby Gracie-Mae at 12.19am yesterday via Caesarean section at at Sunderland Royal hospital.

Gracie-Mae’s brother Bradley Lowery touched the lives of millions before his death in 2017.

The little boy was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called neuroblastoma when he was just 18 months old. The condition is mainly found babies and young children.

Gemma Lowery, from Durham, gave birth to baby Gracie-Mae at 12.19am yesterday via Caesarean section at at Sunderland Royal hospital.

Gemma Lowery from Durham gave birth yesterday to baby Gracie–Mae via Caesarean section at Sunderland Royal hospital.

They posted the picture on Facebook of Dad Carl Lowery with the baby and said they wanted to spend some time together.   

“Hi everybody, just a quick update to say hello to our precious little princess,” they wrote on the Bradley Lowrey foundation.

Gracie Mae was 8lb when she was born on November 6th, 12:19am.

Although I didn’t have the most pleasant labor experience, it was not the worst. They needed to perform an emergency C-section because her heart rate had dropped, and she was unable to breathe.

Gracie-Mae's brother Bradley Lowery (pictured) touched the lives of millions before his death in 2017

Bradley Lowery, Gracie Mae’s brother (pictured), had a profound impact on the lives of many millions just before his passing in 2017.

“She’s doing incredible and she is on her way to home.

“I wanted to give a shout-out to the entire staff of the Sunderland Royal hospital’s Maternity Unit. From the moment I was born to my departure tonight, every single staff member has been amazing.

“Me and Carl will now spend some time together with our lovely princess.

“I’m sure everyone will be excited to see her and I’ll share some photos soon but we want every family member to get to know her first.

“I want to thank you all for your support.”

Carl and Gemma Lowery have welcomed their third child. Pictured: The parents and their son, Bradley, who battled stage four neuroblastoma until 2017

Gemma and Carl Lowery welcomed their third child. Pictured are the parents with Bradley Lowery, their son who was diagnosed as stage 4 neuroblastoma in 2017.

In a social media post for The Bradley Lowery Foundation, Gemma wrote: 'Baby Lowery number 3 on its way... Bradley is going to be the best guardian angel to his little brother or sister'

In a social media post for The Bradley Lowery Foundation, Gemma wrote: ‘Baby Lowery number 3 on its way… Bradley is going to be the best guardian angel to his little brother or sister’

Parents announced their pregnancy by sharing photos of baby clothes and text with words “handpicked for Earth” along with an ultrasound scan. 

Bradley, who was the Sunderland FC mascot, was also a former Black Cats striker Jermain Foe’s mascot. 

Bradley’s journey with childhood cancer touched the nation as the public managed to raise more than £1.3million to send him to America for antibody treatment.

Doctors discovered that Carl’s tumour had grown. They informed Gemma, Carl, that they had only a matter of months before their son died. 

Bradley was told by his parents that his cancer was terminal. His story spread quickly and Bradley received thousands upon thousands of cards and well wishes over Christmas. 

Jermaine Defoe, then of Sunderland F.C, and England mascot Bradley Lowery line up prior to the FIFA 2018 World Cup Qualifier between England and Lithuania

Jermaine Defoe (then of Sunderland F.C.) and England mascot Bradley Lowery lined up before the FIFA 2018 World Cup Qualification between England and Lithuania.

Former England international Jermain Defoe penned an emotional message to 'best friend' Bradley Lowery on what would have been his ninth birthday

Jermain de Foe, an ex-england player and international writer sent an emotion message to Bradley Lowery in celebration of his ninth birthday.

In 2016, the youngster was in and out hospital with numerous surgeries, radiotherapy and intensive care treatment sessions. 

On 7 July 2017, the “little superhero” passed away in the arms of his parents. Football clubs all over the country paid a moment’s respects before each match, in an act of decency.

Bradley’s passing led to a floodgate of messages and support from politicians as well as former England captains.

What is Neuroblastoma?

Neuroblastoma, a rare form of cancer that can affect children, usually begins in the abdomen. 

Each year around 100 children are diagnosed with the disease in the UK, most of whom are under five years old.

In the US, approximately 800 infants are diagnosed with this disease every year.  

About half of neuroblastoma cases spread to the skin and liver.

Neuroblastoma causes are unknown. It is possible that there may be an ancestral link.

The most common symptom is usually an abdominal lump that can lead to discomfort and pain.

The disease can cause weakness, numbness and a loss of movement at the lower extremities of the body if it affects the spine.

It all depends on the stage of cancer, and how likely it is to return.

Commonly, surgery, chemo, and radiotherapy are used.

Source: Cancer Research UK 

Sunderland FC, his beloved club, wrote an emotional tribute and shared it with their fans on social media. 

Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader at the time, tweeted condolences. Alan Shearer of Match of the Day described Alan’s life as inspiring. 

Bradley is Bradley’s greatest fan, and his self-confessed best friend was Jermaine De Foe. Jermaine played for Sunderland between 2015 and 2017 and met Bradley many times. 

Sunderland mad Bradley and Sunderland became friends when he was the mascot at their Premier League match against Everton.

Bradley was applauded during that match at Stadium of Light, while fans from both sides sang “There’s Only One Bradley Lowery”

Gemma Lowery (his mother) established The Bradley Lowery Foundation for him in August 2017, to leave a lasting legacy and support parents with childhood cancer.

She also announced her pregnancy on the Facebook page, writing: : ‘Now this decision didn’t come lightly, Carl and I have so much love to give, so after lots of conversations, I have some news to tell you…….

Baby Lowery #3 is now on its Way! We started trying for a baby in January, and soon we saw them both on the stick.

“Bradley will be the most protective angel for his sister or brother. Kieran and Carl are both absolutely thrilled to see their prince(s) in November.

Neuroblastoma is a form of neuroblastoma that develops in the brain from nerve cells left over from the baby’s birth in the womb. It affects approximately 100 children each year in the UK.

The Bradley Lowery Foundation aids research into this rare disease and childhood cancers and is currently developing plans to support a £600,000 holiday home in Scarborough.

Following Bradley’s 2017 passing, Dr Guy Blanchard of Neuroblastoma UK said that ‘all members of the neuroblastoma group will be shocked to learn of Bradley’s death.

Bradley’s tragic story has raised significant awareness for a condition that accounts for one sixth of all cancer deaths in children.

“Through Neuroblastoma UK’s world-leading research into diagnosing and treating the disease, we can find a cure.”