Brazen burglars ransack grandfather’s home ‘while he lay DYING on the sofa’: Police hunt two men who ‘stole £2,000 cash, laptop and Christmas gifts’ from man, 55, with heart condition who was found dead by daughter the next day

  • After a burglary, Mark Smith, 55, was found shot to death at his Grimsby home.
  • On Tuesday, thieves stole cash, tools and even orange juice.
  • Police are investigating whether the burglary caused his tragic death.

After burglars broke into her father’s home, the daughter was left devastated. He was lying on the sofa dying or dead.

Mark Smith, 55 years old, died tragically Tuesday in Grimsby. Two men entered the house and allegedly stole a number personal items, including Christmas presents, either before or after Smith’s death.

They also stole a large sum of money, his phone and work tools.

Humberside Police are currently investigating the death and the burglary to determine the cause.

Katie, daughter, said that he was sick Monday night and that he saw her Monday evening. However, she didn’t expect anything like this to happen.

“He had an occasional heart condition throughout his life, but nothing too serious. The coroner called his doctors to inform them that he had died.

“I returned to his house at 10 o’clock on Tuesday and found him lying on the couch. The worst part was that I had my children outside waiting in the car.

Mark Smith, 55, was found dead on Tuesday at his home in Grimsby just hours after burglars had ransacked his house, stealing cash, tools and even his frying pan

Mark Smith, 55 years old, was found dead in Grimsby on Tuesday. He had been robbed of cash, tools, and even his fry pan by burglars hours earlier.

Humberside Police are investigating whether Mr Smith's death at his home on Park Street, Grimsby was connected to the burglary

Humberside Police are investigating if Mr Smith’s death at Park Street in Grimsby was connected with the burglary 

“I wouldn’t have expected to walk into that, and I made sure to keep my kids away from it as it’s not a pleasant sight for them.

“It was a shock when I saw the scene for the first time, and as soon as I found him, I called the paramedics.

“But, things got worse when i started to look around and noticed that something wasn’t quite right.

His head had moved and his cell phone had gone. It wasn’t in my flat when I called it. The paramedics asked me to go around and see if there was anything else.

‘His laptop was no longer on the table, £2,000 had gone from an envelope, his new drill and circular saw had disappeared, my children’s Nintendo Switches weren’t there and some Christmas presents he’d bought for them had been taken too.

“As well these valuable items they also took some random stuff like a pan from the kitchen, my father’s cigarettes, and some fresh orange Juice out of the fridge.

Katie’s aunt lives across from Katie and says she saw two men leave the home in the early hours.

Katie explained that Katie saw two men leave the house on bikes and one with a toolbox in his hand.

Katie stated that the problem is not that her father’s stuff was taken, but that they didn’t think to call for help if she knew her father was dying or had passed away.

She said, “At the moment, we have so many questions going round our heads. Could I have stopped this if I had gone to his earlier than planned?

“We don’t care about retrieving the stuff. It’s more about the principle than anything else right now.

“My greatest fear is for other people.” What is their capability to do when someone is dead?

Humberside Police were contacted for comment.