It has emerged that two of Britain’s most hated mothers live within six minutes of each other.

Mairead Philpott has moved in to a home less that a mile away from Karen Matthews in a south east England town.

Philpott’s neighbors may not recognize her because she dyed her hair blonde and wears a mask on her face.

For her part in a 2012 house-fire that claimed the lives of six of her children, the 40-year old woman was sentenced to eight years in prison.

Mairead Philpott

Karen Mathews

Two of Britain’s ‘most hated mothers’, Mairead Philpott (left) and Karen Mathews (right) now live just six minutes away from each other, it has emerged

People in the suburban area may be more surprised to discover they also live near Matthews, 46, who in 2008 was jailed for faking the kidnap of her daughter for money.

A source told The Mirror that it was strange that Philpott and Matthews had settled so close to one another.

They also noted ‘Mairead is desperately trying to change her look’, but added ‘she’ll need to do more than that to conceal her past.’

Philpott was convicted in connection to a 2012 fire that erupted in Allenton (Delaware), which resulted the death of Duwayne Philpott (12 years old), Jade Philpott (10 years), and his brothers Jack, Jack, John, Jesse, Jesse, 6 and Jayden (5).

Mick, her husband, was the one who led her and Mosely in a plan to get a bigger house on the council. The plan involved razing the home and framing Lisa Willis, an ex-lover. 

Mairead was jailed over a 2012 fire in Allenton, Derby, that killed their children. Her husband Mick (pictured together) led her and their friend Mosely in a scheme to get a bigger council house by burning down the home and framing ex-lover Lisa Willis

Mairead was jailed in 2012 for setting fires in Allenton (Derek) that resulted in the deaths of their children. Mick, her husband, was pictured with her. Together they devised a scheme to get a bigger house in the council by burning down the house and framing Lisa Willis, an ex-lover.

The couple's six children - Duwayne, 13, Jade, 10, John, nine, Jack, seven, Jesse, six, and Jayden, five - died from smoke inhalation as a result of the blaze

The blaze caused smoke inhalation to kill six of the couple’s children – Jayden, Jayden and Duwayne, aged 13 and Jade, 10 years old, Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack, Jesse and Jesse, respectively.

Mick's intention was to rescue the sleeping children through an upstairs window (the house, pictured) but it went disastrously wrong and the youngsters all died from smoke inhalation

Mick intended to rescue the children sleeping in their bed through an upstairs window (the picture shows the house), but the plan went horribly wrong. The children all died from smoke inhalation. 

He had intended to rescue the children from their beds through an upstairs window in the three-bed council house, but it went horribly wrong and all the children died from smoke inhalation.

After they both wept at a press conferences, they were overwhelmed with sympathy and understanding.

But a court heard Philpott helped start the fire – and she was jailed for 17 years for manslaughter. Her husband was sentenced to life. 

Philpott, however, was reported to be ‘delighted” at being released as soon as possible by HMP Send in Surrey in November 2013. 

She stayed in a halfway house for three more months before being released under a new name.

It’s a bizarre coincidence, though, that she has started a new existence just minutes from another despised woman.

Mother-of-7 Matthews spent four decades in prison for kidnapping and unlawful imprisonment of Shannon, nine years old, during her time in prison.

Mother-of-seven Matthews spent four years in prison for the kidnap and unlawful imprisonment of her nine-year-old daughter Shannon

Mother-of-7 Matthews spent four years in prison because of Shannon, her nine-year old daughter, was kidnapped and unlawfully imprisoned. 

Matthews spent four years in prison for the kidnap and unlawful imprisonment of her nine-year-old daughter Shannon. The warped conspiracy had been dreamt up to try to claim any reward money offered over the little girl's disappearance

Matthews was sentenced to four years imprisonment for the kidnap, unlawful imprisonment and kidnapping of Shannon, her nine-year old daughter. To claim any reward money for the disappearance of Shannon, Matthews had created a warped conspiracy.

Along with her ex-boyfriend’s uncle Michael Donovan, she plotted to stage Shannon’s kidnapping and claim the £50,000 reward for ‘finding’ her.

The warped conspiracy was created to claim any reward money that was offered for the disappearance. It is believed to have been inspired in part by Shameless, a Channel 4 episode. 

She made a series of tearful TV appeals for help in finding her daughter as West Yorkshire Police launched a £3.2million search for Shannon – who was found by detectives in 24 days after her disappearance, Donovan was found living in Donovan’s flat about a mile away from her home at Dewsbury. 

Prosecutors claimed that the schoolgirl was drugged, and likely kept on a leash while she was incarcerated.

After Matthews was found guilty of perverting justice, kidnapping, false imprisonment, and perverting the course or justice, police described Matthews as “pure evil”. 

Matthews was held for eight years before being released in April 2012.

Sources say that Matthews and Philpott tried to con the public into believing that they were victims. They’re right around the corner from one another. It’s quite strange.