British teenage died when the jeep driven by a murderer, who was part of Britain’s first lesbian prison marriage, crashed into a car.

Luke Hall (18) was an 18-year-old passenger on the open-top 4×4 rented by Zara Crane Davis, 40. It hit a kerb and then a motorbike, before hitting a wall in Greece.

The car flew off the road and crashed into a empty field on Crete. This instantly killed Mr Hall, Crane-Davies and caused an inquiry at Bradford Coroners’ Court.

Louise Waddington (199), another passenger was also injured. A Crane-Davies 18-year old man managed to escape unharmed.

Luke Hall, 18, was a passenger in the rented open-top 4x4 driven by Zara Crane-Davies (pictured), 40, when it hit a kerb, a motorbike and then a wall in Greece

Luke Hall was 18, a passenger in the 4×4 open-top rented from Zara Crane Davies (pictured), 40. It hit a kerb and then a motorbike before hitting a wall.

The vehicle careered off the road and landed in an empty field on Crete, instantly killing Mr Hall (pictured) and Crane-Davies, an inquest at Bradford Coroners' Court heard

The vehicle careered off the road and landed in an empty field on Crete, instantly killing Mr Hall (pictured) and Crane-Davies, an inquest at Bradford Coroners' Court heard

It veered off the main road, landing in an unpopulated field in Crete. Mr Hall was instantly killed (pictured), and Crane-Davies was also injured. An inquest in Bradford Coroners Court took place

Anne Hall, Anne’s ‘devastated mother’ spoke at today’s inquest and said that she couldn’t forgive herself for allowing him to go on his trip.

Before he left for the holiday, she had hauntingly advised Mr Hall that he should’stay safe’ and ‘come home in one piece.

According to her, it was ‘absolutely devastating’ for the family. This was his first holiday out on his own. I can’t forgive myself.

It happened at 6.05am, the last day of an island escape for apprentice joiners.

Dewsbury-based apprentice builder had traveled to the island along with three of his friends. He was believed to remain in close contact with his family.

Another passenger, Louise Waddington, 39, who was living with Crane-Davies (pictured), suffered severe injuries, while an unidentified 18-year-old man escaped unhurt

Louise Waddington (199), another passenger was also injured. A Crane-Davies (18) man managed to escape unharmed.


He told the court how he first met these two women while in Malia between July 7th and early July 8th 2019.

The crash happened as he was returning to Stalida in his rear-seat car. He was declared dead on the spot.

After his death, a Greek pathologist performed a post-mortem exam and listed the cause as fatal injuries to the “cross-section” of his stem neck.

Martin Fleming, senior coroner, said Luke could have sustained a fatal spinal injury or trauma to the brain.

He said he’d have died’so quickly that he wouldn’t have known at the time’

Inquests into Crane Davis’s death were held in January. It was revealed that she had amphetamines in her system when the crash occurred.

Nigel Meadows, the Senior Coroner said that then there was no conclusive evidence suggesting Crane Davis’s use of amphetamines contributed to Meadows’s death.

While he agrees with the conclusions, Fleming stated today that the drug may have still contributed to the incident.

He stated that he was aware of the fact she had drugs in her, and that they could have been involved in the accident.

Fleming claimed that two years after the tragedy, the teens’ parents are still dealing with it.

He broke down especially when his mother described him, including his past accomplishments and future hopes.

When she was in jail, she made history by being in the first-ever lesbian prison wedding, marrying convicted drug dealer Joanne Crane-Davies (pictured together), 46, in 2010

In 2010, she became history when she got married to Joanne Crane Davies, 46.

She stated that he was affectionate, trustworthy, humorous, loving, and liked by everyone. At 15 years of age, he started working. He excelled in school. He was very intelligent.

“He quit school, went to one interview, and was offered the job. He loved to work hard and make his own money.

He was offered an apprenticeship. He wanted to become a joiner. He wanted his own company.

He even stated how many children he planned to have. He planned to marry. He’d have made an incredible father. That’s the type of man he was.

“He was a great fan of football and was the captain of his team. He was always fit and never got in trouble with police.

She continued: He never did drugs. “I couldn’t ask for a better boy.”

Instead of going on a Dewsbury Rangers Amateur Football Club tour to Germany, Mr Hall chose to travel with his three closest friends.

When news broke about his death, it was reported that his teammates were ‘heartbroken.

Fleming recorded Mr Hall’s passing as the result of injuries sustained during a road traffic collision. It was evident that he had touched many people’s lives.

His words were: “Luke is a beloved son, brother, and grandchild. Many people were touched by his presence.

“He was incredible, he had a great sense of humor, and he comes from a very close family. His young ambitions and dreams were unfulfilled. He was living the life that he wanted.

The inquest into Crane Davis’s death recorded the fact that Crane Davis also died from the accident.

After a row, she had been convicted in 2003 of killing David Thompson, her neighbor, who was 37.

While in jail she became a history-maker by marrying Joanne Crane Davies, 46, a convicted drug dealer, while in prison.

Later, she became an entrepreneur and was director at Social investor CIC. She was also named Mentor of The Year in the 2018 Northern Power Women Awards.

2019 saw her become the Chief Operating Officer for Resume Foundation. This foundation helps people who are marginalized to find work.