Horrific moment: A man attacks an 11-year-old girl at Manhattan park and hits her friend, 15-year-old, as he tried his best to help her

  • A male New York dog walker was arrested for assaulting an 11 year-old girl in Stuyvesant Square Park on Wednesday afternoon
  • The suspect and two other dog walker had confronted the girl, her classmates, and thrown dirt and poppers on to the ground.
  • After she approached him, the man attacked and attacked the girl. 
  • He punched her, sprayed the water in her face and grabbed her hair.
  • A 15-year old boy was also struck after he tried helping her.
  • Both the boy and girl were both treated for their injuries and are now in stable condition
  • Police are currently investigating and working to identify the suspect. 

On Wednesday afternoon, a New York dog walker was caught on camera attacking an 11-year old girl and hitting her 15 year-old friend in a Manhattan park.

The man, who was not identified, and two other dog-walkers were seen shouting at the children at Stuyvesant Square at the intersection of East 16th Street & Perlman Place.

Before the three dog walkers arrived, the school children were throwing dirt and poppers all over the park.

The male suspect began attacking the 11 year old girl violently and then hit her 15-yearold male friend who tried intervene. 

The NYPD is currently investigating this incident and searching the suspect. 

A New York dog walker was captured assaulting an 11-year-old at a Stuyvesant Square park on Wednesday afternoon

On Wednesday afternoon, a New York dog walker was caught assaulting an 11 year-old boy at Stuyvesant Square Park.

The 11-year-old girl had approached the man after he yelled and swore at her and her classmates for throwing dirt and poppers on the ground

After he had yelled at her and her classmates about throwing dirt and poppers onto the ground, the 11-year-old girl approached the man. 

The man is currently being investigated for hitting the 11-year-old girl and her 15-year-old male friend who attempted to intervene

The man is being investigated for hitting the 11 year-old girl and her male friend, 15 years old, who tried to intervene

The two children were attacked by the male assailant at a park in Stuyvesant Square between the intersection of East 16th Street and Perlman Place

The male assailant attacked the children in Stuyvesant Square at the intersection East 16th Street/Perlman Place

The incident began when the three dog walkers shouted at the children, continuing to throw dirt at them. 

The male dog walker, sporting sunglasses and a beard, approached the gate not long after.

‘All your kids are throwing f**king dirt and f**king poppers!’ The man shouted at the chaperone.

‘We’ve already had to call 911 on them. Grip her the f**k up before I put my hands on her.’

The male suspect was with two other dog walkers who also were seen yelling at the children

The male suspect was seen with two other dog-walkers, who were also seen shouting at children 

While their chaperone tried her best to control them, the children continued to throw dirt at each other.

The chaperone tried to get the children to stop the argument and return to school before the situation got worse.

“What school do they go?” They’re psychos,’ the other male dog walker had asked. 

The male suspect added that the chaperone was an embarrassment for his inability to control the rowdy students.

The 11-year old girl marched towards the suspect, before he brutally attacked her in front her classmates. 

‘You fat little bi**h you’re not going to amount to anything in life,’ he had yelled at her before the attack. 

He then started to punch her in her face, spraying her water, and even grabbing at her hair in anger.

The girl’s 15-year old male friend was also hurt when he tried to stop the fight. 

Other dog walkers and other onlookers were also stunned by the shocking incident.   

Peter Ghiorse, a dog walker, stated to ABC that he didn’t know what was going down so he and another man got in the middle and ended it. “I believe he heard the sirens and booked it.”

Police are continuing to search for the male assailant who has still not been identified

Police continue to search for the male attacker, who has not yet been identified by police

Rachel, a witness to the incident, stated that he hoped that they would find the man. ‘This man grabbed her by her neck, her chest, then punched her in head. Eleven-year-old black young girl. This is not normal. He’s dangerous.’

The female witness said that she hopes that the male suspect is charged and prosecuted for his actions, and even confronted him afterwards.

The young girl was treated at Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital for her injuries. She was later found to be stable.

Her friend was also attacked and was treated at the scene for minor injuries.

Police continue to look for the suspect. He is described as a light-skinned man, aged between 25 and 35, with facial hair, shoulder-length blonde hair, and light skin.

He was last seen wearing a grey long-sleeved t-shirt, black pants, and sneakers.