The moment a massive ferris wheel collides in a Chinese city. But miraculously, no one is hurt.

  • The wheel was being built in Fuzhou City, East China’s Fujian Province. 
  • The collapse took place at 2.40pm Monday, with no casualties reported
  • Longfor Properties allegedly constructed the amusement ride

On Monday afternoon, a Ferris wheel was being built in China and it fell on Monday.

The amusement park was being constructed in Fuzhou City near Jin’an Lake, East China’s Fujian Province. It collapsed around 2.40pm.

The shocking moment was captured from several angles. One person was trapped on a Ferris wheel hub. 

The staff with a crane saved the worker, but it is still being investigated as to the cause.  

A Ferris wheel collapsed while being built in a Chinese city on Monday afternoon

A Ferris wheel that was being constructed in a Chinese city collapsed on Monday afternoon

The amusement ride was under construction in Fuzhou City, East China's Fujian Province and the collapse occurred at around 2.40pm

The amusement park was being constructed in Fuzhou City in East China’s Fujian Province. The collapse took place at 2.40pm

According to an onsite employee, the cause of the crash was steel parts that fell off during the wheel’s assembly. 

The area has been cordoned off with boom lines and closed to local residents, the Global Times reported.

Local residents claimed that they heard the sound from the Ferris wheel falling during a live TV broadcast at two different times: one at 2.40pm and one after 3pm.

Construction began in April this year and its height was set to be 120 meters, making it the highest Ferris Wheel in the Fujian Province

Construction began in April and the Ferris Wheel was to reach 120 meters in height. This makes it the tallest Ferris Wheel in Fujian Province.

Longfor Properties, which is based in Beijing, was said to have constructed the Ferris wheel.   

Construction began in April of this year. It was to rise 120 meters. It is the highest Ferris Wheel located in Fujian Province.

Longfor Properties declined to comment on Monday afternoon’s incident. 

One local resident surnamed Huang said the Ferris wheel was almost completed and another surnamed Zhao said the ride was part of a wider government project and the nearby shopping centre.