TikTok users have shared the tip she received from a flight attendant to get a free upgrade while traveling. However, other flight attendants warn that this is bad advice.

Ceara Kirkpatrick, from St. Louis, Missouri, revealed in a recent TikTok video that an airline worker she recently befriended spilled some secrets he learned on the job.

According to the flight attendant, passengers can upgrade their seats by simply dressing well. However, wearing sweatpants won’t guarantee they will ever see business class without having to pay full price.

Ceara’s video went viral among travelers looking for surprise class bumps. However, other flight attendants also weighed in and many believe that the only way to get an upgrade on US airlines is through earning status. 

Spill the tea: Ceara Kirkpatrick, from Missouri, revealed on TikTok that she recently befriended an airline worker, so she asked him to share some secrets about the job

Spill the tea. Ceara Kirkpatrick (Missouri) revealed that she has recently made friends with an airline worker and asked him some questions about the job.

He told her: 'You need to look nice on every single flight. When you check in they will literally mark you as suitable for upgrade if you look nice and only if you look nice'

'So if you're dressed in sweats and look like a piece of garbage, like how I usually fly, you'll never get upgraded,' she said

He said to her, “You must be nice for every flight.” They will mark you suitable for an upgrade when you check-in if your appearance is nice.

Ceara said that she became close friends with an airline flight attendant several weeks back. We had a long car ride and I caught him. He was so excited, I asked Ceara to tell me all I needed about flying.

“What tips do you have?” Are there any tricks? “What’s the secret to success?” 

He was saying, “You have to be nice every time you fly.” If you’re nice, they’ll upgrade you.

She said, “So, if your clothes are sweaty and you look like a garbage piece, just like I fly,”

“They will sometimes upgrade you regardless your status even though you have never flown before with the airline, simply because you are nice.”

“Now, I will look more professional on my flights so that I get an upgrade.”

TikTok became a viral sensation quickly and many commenters debated whether this was true.   



The TikTok quickly went viral, and many people began to argue in the comment section about whether or not this was true - and other flight attendants even joined in on the conversation

TikTok became a viral sensation quickly and people started to debate in the comment section whether it was true. Some even joined the conversation with other flight attendants.

Although some backed up Ceara's claims, many said that upgrades are purely based off of airline loyalty - and not appearance

Ceara’s assertions were supported by many, however most believed that the upgrades are solely based on airline loyalty, and not appearance.

Ceara was supported by some, but many others said upgrades were purely determined by airline loyalty and not on appearance.

A person stated that he was a flight attendant and this statement is incorrect.

One added, “Uh, false.” 99% of upgrade decisions are made based on loyalty to and status with the airline. Only a few “random” upgrades are based on paid fares.

Another person said, “It depends on the airline.” “It all depends on the status 100 percent for Delta,” said another.

“We didn’t do that at American Airlines, so we stay lazy AA flyers,” was a fourth comment.

“As an airline employee your friend was a dirty rat on advice. [that’s]Absolutely not true for U.S. Airlines,” another commentator said, and one other wrote, “As a flight attendant, I have never heard it in my entire life.”

Ceara explained in a follow up video that Ceara’s friend worked at an international airline. However, the U.S. rule may not apply.

She said that U.S. Airlines don’t follow this rule. It really all depends on who you are to upgrade with U.S. Airways. 

If you are looking for upgrades to the U.S. Fly one airline and be loyal. Upgrades will be granted priority by them. 

According to Ceara, another way to improve your chances of getting upgraded is by bringing a small gift for your flight attendant, like candy or a gift card

Ceara suggests that you can also bring a small gift to your flight attendant to increase your chances of getting an upgrade.

She said her friend always brings goodies for his flight attendants when he's flying and not working, and in return, he's received things like extra snacks, free drinks, and more

Her friend, she said, always brought goodies to his flight attendants, even when he wasn’t working. In return for this, he received snacks, drinks and other goodies.

'Obviously, no one owes you anything so if you do this you should do it out of the kindness of your heart but nine times out of ten, they will treat you special,' she added

She said, “Obviously, nobody owes anyone anything, so if this is something you want to do, it should be done out of kindness of your heart, but nine out of ten they will treat you very special.”

Many commenters agreed with this theory, and some flight attendants confirmed that they have upgraded people just for being nice

This was supported by several commenters. Some flight attendants even confirmed this claim.

Ceara says that bringing small gifts for flight attendants can increase your chance of being upgraded.

Her friend brings snacks and drinks for crew when he’s not working. He’s also given treats to first-class passengers. 

She added that although no one is obligated to you, you can do it because you love them. But nine times out ten, you will be treated special.

Many people agreed with this statement, while some flight attendants also confirmed that they had upgraded passengers simply for being kind.

One said, “I have upgraded people because they greet me and say hello when I get on.” 

One person said, “If you gift flight attendants (candy and Starbucks gift cards as well as lotion, soap, etc.), they will be very grateful.” They will be there for you. This is best when you are on long flights.     

Ceara added: “Being an airline attendant is so thankless, people are so rude every day.

“So, when they receive gifts, it is literally so shocking that it sometimes makes them cry. It’s actually really nice. Let’s spread positivity.