Mark Meadows: While serving as White House Chief of Staff, Meadows reportedly communicated with officials at the state level and in the Department of Justice as part of an effort to overturn the results of the 2020 election or prevent the election’s certification. 

Daniel Scavino: White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications Scavino was with the former President on January 5th during a discussion of how to convince Members of Congress not to certify the election for Joe Biden. Before the Jan 6th Trump March, Scavino had promoted it on Twitter and encouraged people to “be a part history.” According to records, Mr. Scavino tweeting from the White House in January 2021

Kashyap Pattel Patel served as the chief of staff for Christopher Miller, Acting Secretary to Defense. This position was created by former President on the 10th of November, when Mark Esper (then-Secretary for Defense) was removed.

Stephen Bannon On December 30th 2020, Bannon was reported to have spoken with Trump, asking him to put his focus on January 6th. In an effort to stop the approval of the election being certified the following day, Bannon reportedly went to a Willard Hotel event on January 5th 2021. He was also quoted as saying, on January 5, that all Hell would break loose tomorrow.

Nicholas Luna: Luna, who served as the former President’s personal assistant, was reportedly in the Oval Office the morning of January 6th, 2021, when the former President was on a phone call to Vice President Pence pressuring him not to certify the results of the 2020 presidential election

Molly Michael Michael served as Special Assistant to the President and Oval Office Operations Coordinator, was involved in sending information about alleged election fraud to various individuals at the direction of President Trump, according to information obtained by the Select Committee.

Benjamin Williamson: Willliamson, who was serving as Senior Advisor to Chief Of Staff Mark Meadows and Deputy Assistant to President Mark Meadows during the attack at the U.S. Capitol, was apparently contacted by an ex-White House official. He urged Mr. Meadows and Willliamson, but without success to get a statement from the former President condemning the attack.

Christopher Liddell An ex-White House Deputy Chief Of Staff was present at the White House from January 6th. He reportedly contemplated resigning but decided to remain ‘after great persuasion.

John McEntee Former White House Personnel Director was seen in Oval Office as Rudolph Giuliani, Justin Clark and the ex-Vice President Pence talked about the Georgia audit. They listened to Mr. Giuliani suggest seizing Dominion voting machine because of fraud. McEntee was also reported to have communicated with various federal agency officials about Trump loyalties. McEntee discouraged some people from looking for work after the election because it could be considered a concession to Trump’s loss. According to some reports, McEntee also visited the White House January 6th. He was there with President Trump as he spoke at the Stop the Steal rally.

Keith Kellogg Vice President Pence’s National Security Advisor who reportedly participated in at least one January 2021 meeting with the former President and Pat Cipollone during which the former President insisted that former Vice President Pence not certify the election. The former President was seen at the White House watching the Jan 6th attacks unfold. He also has information on the reaction of the former President to this insurrection. It is believed that Kellogg, Lt. Gen., met with former President before the Ellipse rally and that he then urged President Obama to use Twitter to urge his supporters to keep the crowd under control.

Kayleigh McEnany:The former White House Press Secretary allegedly spoke out multiple times from the White House about fraud allegations in November 2020 elections. In the White House’s first press conference following the election Ms. McEnany stated that there were “very real claims” of fraud being pursued by the ex-President and that mail-in voting was something that was “particularly prone to fraud.” Another press conference saw Ms. McEnany accuse Democrats of “welcoming fraud” and “welcoming illegal voter.” McEnany was also reported to have been present with President Obama at various times as he watched January 6th attacks.

Stephen Miller: The former President’s Senior Advisor participated, according to his own accounts, in attempts to spread false information regarding alleged voter fraud during the November 2020 elections, and also efforts to encourage states legislatures to change the outcome by appointing alternate electorate slates.

Cassidy Hutchinson The President’s Special Assistant for Legislative Affairs was reportedly present at the White House from January 6th to speak at the “Stop the Steal” rally. In relation to Mark Meadows’ visit to Georgia, White House Chief Staff Mark Meadows made to conduct an election audit, Jordan Fuchs was contacted via telephone and email.

Kenneth Klukowski:According to the Senate Committee on the Judiciary’s recently released report, Clark served as Senior Counsel to the Attorney General. According to the report, Clark had contacted Klukowski in preparation for an Oval Office meeting that was scheduled for January 3, 2021.

William ‘Bill’ Stephanieen He served as manager of the Trump 2020 reelection campaign. According to reports, the campaign asked state and party leaders to influence the outcome of November 2020’s election. They requested that states delay or deny the certification of electoral ballots and sent multiple electoral votes to Congress.

Jason Miller:According to the committee the senior advisor to Trump’s 2020 election campaign spread lies claiming that November 2020 was tainted with widespread fraud. Before the election, Miller claimed publicly that Democrats would “steal” the election. This message was repeated by individuals who attacked and ranted against the U.S. Capitol on January 6. Following the election, Miller coordinated with Rudolph Giuliani (Mr. Trump) and stated in press conferences that the election had been rigged. According to reports, Miller also attended a meeting at Washington’s Willard Hotel on January 5, 2021 where Stephen Bannon, Mr. Giuliani, and other participants discussed ways to reverse the election results in November 2020.

Angela McCallum:Trump’s 2020 campaign executive assistant, who is allegedly involved in attempts to spread false information concerning alleged voter corruption in November 2020 and encourage state legislatures in order to change the result of the November 2020 elections. The recording contains a public audio of an allegedly recorded voicemail Ms. McCallum left for an unknown Michigan state representative. The recording shows Ms. McCallum asking whether Trump’s campaign can ‘count on’ him. She said that he had the power to name an alternative slate of voters based upon purported evidence of election fraud.

John Eastman An attorney who advised Trump that Vice President Pence might reject certain electors in some states to prevent Joe Biden from obtaining a majority of the Electoral College votes. According to reports, Mr. Eastman was present at a briefing of nearly 300 state legislators on purported election fraud. He said that it was the ‘duty of the legislature.[]Legislatives should fix this, to correct this shameful conduct and ensure that no one is putting into the White House any guy who didn’t win. According to reports, Mr. Eastman was present at the meeting held January 5, 2021 at Washington’s Willard Hotel. He spoke about the topic.

Michael Flynn: A former national security adviser who attended an Oval Office meeting on December 18, 2020 during which people discussed seizing voting machines and declaring a national crisis. He also invoked certain national security emergencies powers. Flynn had given a Newsmax TV interview the previous day in which he discussed seizing voting machine, foreign influence and the precedent that allowed for the deployment of military troops to declare martial law so the election could be rerun.

Bernard Kerik A former NYPD Commissioner, who was reportedly present at the meeting held at the Willard Hotel in Washington, D.C. on January 5, 2021. He reportedly also paid for hotel rooms and suites that were used as command centers in relation to election matters.

Jeffrey Clark Ex-DoJ lawyer, who was involved in attempts to stop the peaceful transfer and overturn 2020’s presidential election. In the course of an investigation by the Select Committee into the January 6th events and their causes, Mr. Clark is being subpoenaed to provide deposition testimony and records.

Ali Alexander:Permits submitted for the ‘Stop the Steal’ rally

Nathan Martin Permits for the Stop the Steal rally

Stop the Steal, LLC

Amy KremerYou can find this link: Chair, Founder of Women for America First.

Kylie KremerYou can find this link: WFAF Executive Director and Founder

Cynthia Chafian: I submitted the initial permit application for WFAF’s January 6th rally.

Caroline Wren Permit paperwork for January 6th rally identifies the applicant as “VIP Advisor”.

Maggie Mulvaney:Mulvaney’s wife was named on the permit paperwork as “VIP Lead” for the rally of January 6.

Justin CaporaleEvent Strategies, Inc. is listed on permit paperwork as the ‘Project Manager’ for the rally’s January 6th.

Tim Unes,Event Strategies, Inc. was listed as Stage Manager on the permit paperwork for January 6th rally.

Megan Powers,MPowers Consulting LLC was listed as the ‘Operations manager for Scheduling and Guidance’ on permit paperwork.

Hannah Salem,Salem Strategies LLC listed in permit paperwork as “Operations Manager Logistics and Communications” for the rally on January 6, 2005

Lyndon Brentnall RMS Protective Services was listed as an ‘On-Site Supervisor’ on the permit paperwork.

Katrina Pierson,Former Trump campaign official. He was reportedly involved with organizing the Jan 5th and 6th rallies, and had direct contact with President Trump about these rallies.

(Source: January 6th, Committee)