Clean queen mum reveals her favorite cleaning product, vinegar, and the top four uses it has in her home

  • A busy mother of two has shared her top four tips for cleaning vinegar with her children.
  • Carolina McCauley explains how she uses it to clean drains and clean glass and bottles
  • It is also used to remove ‘impossible limescale stain’ from her faucet

A mother-of-2 is known online for her impeccable cleaning skills. Here are her top tips for using vinegar around your home.

Carolina McCauley, a mother-of-two from Perth, shared an Instagram reel showing the four tips.

The video opens with a young woman holding a vinegar bottle, before she gives four tips.

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Mum-of-two Carolina McCauley , from Perth, shared a reel on Instagram showing the four tips

Carolina McCauley, a mother-of-two from Perth, shared an Instagram reel showing the four tips.

First, clean your shower screens with the cleaning staple and dishwasher soap.

The mother mixes the two together and sprays it onto the shower screen, before rinsing off with clearwater. 

Next, you will see her pouring vinegar and baking soda down the sink.

She explained, “It deep cleans drains.”

She explained that vinegar can be used for cleaning ‘impossible limestone scale stains’ around your sink.

She simply soaks a microfibre fabric in vinegar, wraps it around the faucet and then leaves it for a few more minutes.

She said when used with water vinegar is great for refreshing water bottles

She stated that vinegar can be used in combination with water to refresh water bottles.

She also uses it for cleaning taps

She says it removes limescale well

She also claims that she uses vinegar to remove limescale from her taps

When she returns, the grime is easily wiped away.

To clean stainless steel water bottles, you can also use vinegar and water (50/50).

It makes them feel like new again. She said this while pouring the mixture into a bottle.

Carolina’s post went viral quickly and one woman commented, “I love your passion for vinegar.”

Because it is safer for her children, the busy mom uses it often.

She also sprays on her shower screen

She says it makes them sparkle

She explained that when mixed with dishwashing detergent, shower screens emerge’sparkling’

Most of the comments simply thanked her to get tips.

One woman stated, “I really needed the flask tips, thanks for that,”

One person said, “I love all of your cleaning ideas.”

 Others revealed ‘thanks to Carolina’ vinegar is their new favourite cleaning tool.

In the 16 hours since posting, the post was viewed 171,000 time.