How to get rid of stubborn rust stains in your laundry, kitchen, and bathroom in SECONDS

  • Kacie, from The Big Clean Co in Melbourne, reveals rust stain elimination tip
  • The cleaner said even the most stubborn rust stains can be banished in seconds
  • Bar Keepers Friend is what she uses to remove rust. However, she cautions against overuse. 

A professional cleaner revealed how she can remove stubborn rust stains in a matter of seconds using a product available at supermarkets. 

Kacie from The Big Clean Co, Melbourne shared the tip on Instagram – impressing thousands.

She said that the rust stains in her shower had remained for years and refused budge despite being bleached or erased with magic cleaners.

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A professional cleaner has revealed how she gets rid of stubborn rust stains in seconds using a product you can pick up at any supermarket

A professional cleaner shared the secrets of how she can remove stubborn rust stains in just seconds with a product you can find at any supermarket

The cleaner was able remove the rust within seconds of applying Bar Keepers Friend ($8 US product).

Kacie shared a video that showed the thick lines of rust that were on the floor of her shower. They disappeared quickly after a quick scrub using the product.

First, she wiped the shower floor with water before applying the cleaning product to the top.

Then she scrubbed it lightly using a small brush, before washing it off.

The cleaner does recommend the product for stubborn stains, but she cautions against using it without warning.

‘It also works really well on old pots, but it’s a product you don’t want to use all the time or get on your skin,’ she said.

And her followers were quick and grateful for the tip.

Kacie simply sprinkled some of the Bar Keepers Friend over the stain

She then gave it a light scrub and rinsed shower floor  revealing a perfectly clean surface

Kacie simply sprayed some Bar Keepers Friend on the stain, before giving it a light scrubber and washing it away

“I have some minor stains near my laundry sink. I was wondering how to get rid them, thanks,’ one woman stated.

“My life has changed since I was introduced to BKF. I’ve been able to restore so many rusted appliances, hardware, and wire furniture with it! Bless ye,” said another.

According to the cleaner, rust stains are common in laundries that have the washing machine directly on tiles.

The video was easy to follow and quickly became viral. It has been viewed by more than 67.400 people.