Cleo Smith was held in a house owned by the Tradie. He told investigators that the kidnapper had decorated a bedroom for her and claimed to be a father. 

In the days that followed his arrest, police interviewed him and asked him about the room where he’d seen doll-lined shelves. 

Detectives are also interested in a door leading to a room within the house that can be locked from outside. The Australian reports that the WA housing department has a policy of not installing locks inside doors.

Cleo vanished from Quobba Bolewoods campground, mid-October. This triggered a huge police search that ended in 18 days. Cleo was discovered alive in an operation just minutes from her home. 

Terence Darrell Kelly (pictured on November 5) boards a plane after being taken into custody by members of the Special Operations Group at Carnarvon airport

Terence Darrell Kelly (photo taken November 5) boards an airplane after being detained by Carnarvon Special Operations Group members.

Four-year-old Cleo Smith (pictured) is now recovering with her family after being missing for 18 days

After being gone for 18 days, Cleo Smith, four-year-old (pictured), is currently recovering with her family.

Following his arrest, it was revealed that the 36-year-old abductor had a fixation on dolls. Over a dozen evidence bags were taken by forensic police from the abandoned house. 

One theory that investigators are recommending is that the abduction wasn’t premeditated. However, Kelly allegedly visited the Quobba Blowholes campsite and came across Cleo.  

Although he was a known suspect in petty criminal acts, he wasn’t on the sex offenders list so he wasn’t immediately targeted as a suspect. 

Terence Kelly's duplex in Carnarvon, Western Australia, was swarming with forensic police on Saturday

Terence Kelly was seen in Carnarvon with his duplex. The scene was filled with forensic officers on Saturday 

Bizarre details have emerged about the accused's strange obsession with toys as numerous social media accounts linked to Kelly show a room full of children's dolls (pictured)

As many social media accounts associated with Kelly reveal a room filled with dolls belonging to children, bizarre details about Kelly’s obsession have been revealed. 

Information provided by telecom operators to police allegedly indicated that the phone he was using to call Point Quobba at 3am pinged to the campsite’s phone tower. This occurred three hours before Cleo and her parents were able to wake up to discover her not in her tent.

Kelly was given this crucial piece of information, which led police to further investigate Kelly. They believe that detectives discovered more connections between Kelly and his alleged abduction. However they haven’t revealed the details. 

After removing significant amounts of evidence from several rooms, the forensic investigators expect to keep their job at this derelict home until at most Wednesday. 

Bags of evidence were removed, believed to contain contain some of Kelly's beloved Bratz dolls

The evidence, which was believed to include Kelly’s Bratz dolls, were taken out of bags.

Remarkable bodycam footage captured the moment Cleo was rescued by detectives, with the brave little girl clinging to her savior as she is gently spoken to and told she would soon see her 'mummy'

Amazing bodycam footage shows Cleo being rescued by detectives. Cleo is seen holding onto her rescuer as they gently speak to her and tell her she will soon be seeing her “mummy”.

Cleo’s dilapidated home was located in Carnarvon. Locals say that it has become more chaotic in recent years. 

Police records and Carnarvon council both show that a large riot took place in and around Tonkin Crescent on Friday, October 16, 2020.

Cleo Smith was taken from her Quobba Blowholes tent exactly one year before this date.

Residents told Daily Mail Australia that the street, nicknamed “Toxic Crescent” in the coastal city, was at the heart of violent riots that left many officers hurt. 

The riots from last year resurfaced as Kelly’s house was searched by forensic officers on Saturday afternoon. Dozens of dolls were found among piles of evidence that had been removed from derelict properties.

Forensic teams are seen leaving the Carnarvon house on Saturday as they continue to scour the scene (pictured)

As they continue their investigation of the scene, the Carnarvon House is seen being evacuated by forensic teams (pictured).

Kelly, 36, allegedly held four-year-old Cleo Smith inside the derelict home for 18 days after she was taken from her family's tent

Cleo Smith, four years old, was allegedly kept in the derelict residence by Kelly, 36. 

Police officers bundle evidence wrapped in white plastic into a trailer after combing the property on Saturday

After inspecting the property, Saturday’s police officers have put together evidence wrapped in plastic and placed it into a truck.

Cleo Smith, four, was found alive and well, 18 days after she vanished from her family's tent at the remote Blowholes campsite in north-west Western Australia

Cleo Smith (four years old) was discovered alive and well 18 days after her disappearance from the tent of her family at Blowholes in northern-west Western Australia. 

According to The Sunday Times, it could take up to two months for forensic officers to search the entire home. They were also seen holding a container with colored pens and inspecting a bedframe.   

Local residents claimed that the last year’s riots resulted in’many arresteds’, and police eventually had to leave the scene for their safety.

A Carnarvon resident spoke out, asking not to be identified, saying that the riot occurred amid fears the neighborhood was turning into a center for drug, alcohol, and violence.

Jayd Morawski (senior sergeant) addressed Carnarvon’s council in the wake of the riots. He described chaotic scenes where large, drunken groups attacked officers.

He stated that the hardest hit areas were Shallcross Street, Crossland Street/Hubble Street, Mills, and Tonkin Crescent. The latter is where Cleo miraculously was found alive after her 18-day long ordeal.

Local police officers and councilors held crisis talks about how to fix the city’s alcohol and drug problems ‘immediately.

Notes from council meetings show that Vince Catania, a member of the Nationals local party, said he would bring up this issue during a forthcoming parliament sitting. 

A year on and Catania said this week that Kelly’s neighbourhood – a housing commission precinct – had been left to fall into ‘rack and ruin’ and that little had improved since the violent incident a year ago.

It is littered in broken glass and trash. The road and neighboring David Brand Drive are also known as “ground zero” by Carnarvon people and were nicknamed “scorched earth” by media who covered Cleo’s disappearance.

Residents say that small children are often seen alone in the neighborhood, and dog attacks or break-ins are common.

Cleo was abducted by a businessman, who lived in the same area for seven-years. This happened at a moment when Cleo was being victim to rampant criminality and social disruption.

Residents claim the area has become a hub for drugs, alcohol and violence. Police officers are pictured at Kelly's home on Saturday

The area is remarked upon by residents as a place where they can get drugs and alcohol, as well violence. Kelly’s residence was visited Saturday by officers of the police

Forensic officers were seen in the backyard of Kelly's property on Saturday as they searched through piles of evidence

Kelly had his backyard inspected by forensic officers on Saturday. They were looking through evidence piles. 

Neighbours claim riots on his street led to 'many arrests' and ultimately saw police withdrawing from the site for their own safety

Neighbors claim that riots in his neighborhood led to “many arrests” and eventually saw the police leave the area for their safety. 

According to police records, the location was the scene of one the most violent riots in Carnarvon just a year prior to her disappearance.

Terence Kelly is now on remand in Casuarina, which is widely regarded as the toughest prison in Western Australia

Terence Kelly, currently in Casuarina on remand is being held. Casuarina is known as Western Australia’s most notorious prison.

“We fled Carnarvon to get stuck in Thailand because of Covid, but we were stunned when we got back,” said Denam French, shop owner. He described the neighborhood around Kelly’s Tonkin Crescent as an “well-known no go area”.

He stated, “It’s an entire area where taxis quit driving in some time ago.”

“You can’t even drive there.”

You could have your car bombarded with bottles and rocks.

“It’s just one area of town that’s generally avoided.” 

Kelly’s home will continue to be visited by forensic specialists who search for evidence against Kelly before their next court appearance in December.

A police officer in full protective gear is seen at the Carnarvon home where Cleo was found

Cleo is found by a Carnarvon police officer, who was wearing full protection gear.

It is believed that the large group of experts was brought in earlier in week from Perth and Carnarvon.

Tonkin Crescent’s darker past was exposed as detectives used it Mobile data used to locate Cleo’s abductor 

According to sources close to Kelly’s investigation, the data from the cell phone was critical in allowing police to locate Kelly as the prime suspect. 

A source said that his phone had been found in the region as part of data collection. “That information led to the taskforce finding him.

At least three mobile base stations have been added to the area where Cleo disappeared from Quobba Point (73km north-east of Carnarvon on October 16).

The police were provided with a list from telecommunications providers of telephone numbers that were used in the region during this time of interest. 

A forensic team is pictured standing in front of a Mazda vehicle outside the rundown home

The forensic team can be seen standing outside the home in front of a Mazda.

Rod Wilde, the detective superintendent said that Kelly was originally identified as a suspect in the data layers.

‘So we put the phone data over numberplate-recognition data, CCTV, witness accounts, forensics… And when you layer them on top of each other you solve crimes and that is merely what we have done here.’

Kelly was tailed by police in an unmarked car on Tuesday at 11.24pm. This just hours after they raided the Carnarvon housing commission house at Carnarvon at 11:24 on Wednesday. 

Cameron Blaine, Detective Senior Sergeant, stated that officers had been waiting for Kelly’s ‘go mobile’ to leave the premises.

“It was crystal clear to me what needed to happen so I said: “OK, let us do this.” 

Kelly was stopped by an unmarked police car as he drove down Robinson Street. Dashcam video from the taxi caught the event.

Police tailed Kelly in an unmarked car at 11.24pm on Tuesday - just hours before they raided his housing commission home at Carnarvon at 1am on Wednesday

Kelly was tailed by police in an unmarked vehicle at 11.24pm Tuesday, just hours after they raided Carnarvon’s housing commission house at Carnarvon at 11:24 on Wednesday.

Unmarked, another police vehicle stops in front the car. This prevents any escape attempt.

One witness recalled seeing Kelly being pinched to the ground by police before they arrested him.

They said that they had seen one of the detectives standing on top the man and pinning it down to the curb.

Detectives placed their suspect in handcuffs and decided to search the housing commission house at 12.46 a.m. on Wednesday.  

Cleo was allegedly playing with toys in the locked rooms.

Kurt Ford, Detective Senior Constable stated that Kurt Ford saw a small girl sitting on the ground and had no other thoughts than to pick her up. 

As Chris Dawson, WA Police Commissioner, recalled details about the rescue of 7,200 state officers in From The Line’s internal weekly publication From The Line, it will be an unforgettable day.

Cleo Smith was pictured in her mum Ellie's arms outside her Carnarvon home on Thursday, 24 hours after her incredible rescue

Cleo Smith, 24, hours after her amazing rescue at Carnarvon, was photographed in Ellie’s arms by her Carnarvon house.

Stepfather Jake Gliddon (pictured on Thursday), Cleo and Ellie spent their first night together sleeping in the same room as the four-year-old who they didn't want to let out of their sights

Cleo, Ellie, and Jake Gliddon (pictured Thursday) shared their first night of sleep together in the same bed as Ellie.

It was an historic day for the WA Police Force. It will be a memorable day for many officers’ careers.

“My heart is bursting with pride ever since I got a call from Col Blanch (Deputy Commissioner) advising that Cleo was in danger. It happened just before 1am.

“Today, that pride should fill the hearts and minds of all employees at this amazing agency.”

Cleo, her grandmother Ellie Smith, Jake Gliddon, and her stepfather Ellie Smith met the commissioner at their family home shortly after Cleo had been rescued.

His memory recalls that Cleo, her mom and Ellie were kissing and hugging each other and she then fell asleep in Ellie’s arms.

“None of us will ever forget that day. This is why we are members of the police force.

“From the bottom my heart, which is filled with pride, I want to thank everyone… This is a moment of history that you should enjoy and allow to carry forward the work of serving our community. 

Cleo also smiled and waved in the hospital, which he sent to WA Premier Mark McGowan. He described Cleo as sweet, well-adjusted, and charming during Thursday’s visit to his family home.

The heartbreaking moment that he heard the sound of the girl being saved and her first words to him, which he called ‘My name’, was also remembered by Commissioner Dawson.

He stated that ‘Police officers often witness the worst aspects of society. The circumstances surrounding Cleo’s kidnapping certainly fits this bill.

“But occasionally…we also have a great privilege to be a front row spectator of the very best humanity. The rescue of Cleo was one of those occasions.

“It should always be treasured.”   

Kelly is unknown to his family, but he lives only minutes from the crime scene. 

A beaming Cleo is seen from her hospital bed after she was rescued by police on Wednesday

After being rescued Wednesday by the police, Cleo beams from her hospital bed.

On Thursday, he appeared at Carnarvon Magistrate’s Court. He was denied bail.

Cleo’s parents were warned by police not to speak with Cleo until child abuse specialists interview her. 

Cleo’s heartwarming story of being found by detectives alone in a bedroom playing with toys, was recorded for the first times on Thursday. 

Sergeant Blaine could be heard asking her “what’s your name?” three times before she finally falteringly replied: ‘M-my name is Cleo.’

He stated that police had tried to provide as much information as they could to the parents, but investigators are still putting together all the pieces. 

Terry Kelly, 36, was taken away from Carnarvon police station, in Western Australia, after sustaining head injuries

Terry Kelly (36), was taken from Carnarvon, Western Australia police station after suffering head injuries.


 By Olivia Day for Daily Mail Australia

Friday, 15 October

Cleo, along with Ellie Smith and Jake Gliddon, arrive at Blowholes campsite about 6:30pm.

They arrived in the evening to a quiet night.

Saturday, October 16

Cleo, four years old, asks her mother for water.

6.23 am: Ellie dials 000 to report her oldest daughter missing while she searches the camp grounds.

6.30am: Carnarvon Police Station dispatches the first two officers. As a matter-of-priority, they travel to Blowholes with lights and sirens.

6.41AM: Blowholes receives a second police vehicle with additional two officers.

7.10am: First police car arrives. Only minutes later, the second arrives.

7.26am: On the spot, police establish a protected forensic zone which is taped to the public around the family tent that Cleo was last seen.

7.33 AM: Drone operator called to look from the sky.

7.44 AM: Blowholes are receiving a third car from the police department.

8am: Cleo’s family and friends begin arriving to assist with ground searches.

Cleo is also being searched briefly by another group of investigators to confirm her absence.

The group then heads to Blowholes, where they stop cars entering and leaving the region.

8.09am: Police requested that an SES Team attend Blowholes’ search. A helicopter belonging to a local business arrived on the scene.

8.24am: Volunteer marine and police searchers called in to help with the search.

8.34 a.m.: Blowholes’ entrance is blocked off so that detectives can collect the addresses, names and registration details of all those who are coming and going. Search cars by police.

9.25am: 9 SES persons arrive at Blowholes to help with the search.

Investigators, bounty hunters and officers from the Australian Federal Police have spent two-and-a-half weeks searching for missing four-year-old Cleo (pictured)

Cleo is missing from her home in Australia. This was Cleo’s search by bounty hunters, investigators and police officers (pictured).

9.30am: Ellie is distressed and detectives are there to help her.

11:15am: Major Crime Division Homicide Detectives are summoned and travel from Perth to aid in the search.

1.30pm: Additional homicide detectives are flying in from Perth.

3pm: Carnarvon police officers and search professionals arrive to share their knowledge.

Sunday, 17 October

Ms Smith uses social media to appeal for the help of her daughter.

A Sunday Facebook post that stated: “It’s been more than 24 hours since the sparkle in my girl’s eyes last time I saw it.”

Please help me to find her

“If you see or hear anything, please contact the police!”

According to police, Cleo could have been kidnapped.

Monday, October 18, 2008

Police released an image showing the missing red and gray sleeping bag from Cleo’s tent.

Cleo’s biological dad is interviewed in Mandurah by police and asked for a statement. He does.

The WA Police, assisted by SES, volunteers, and aircraft, continue to hunt Cleo. They are searching for Cleo in nearby vehicles and shacks.

Tuesday, October 19, 2009

Cleo’s mother Ellie Smith was joined by Jake Gliddon, her partner. They describe how they felt when Cleo went missing.

Ms Smith said that her four year old would have never left the tent all by herself.

To assist the investigation, police release more images of Cleo as well as the pink-and-blue one piece she was wearing on the night she disappeared.

Investigators are asking anyone present at the camp site or nearby on October 15th to call police. 

Wednesday, October 20

Cleo could not reach the zipper of the family tent because it was too high, as police revealed.

According to officers, they have not ruled out reports that campers heard screeching tires in the early hours Saturday morning.

Daryl Gaunt, Deputy Commissioner of Police confirms that officers are looking into the disappearance of twenty registered Carnarvon sex offenders.

Thursday, October 21,

Cleo is being sought by the WA Government for any information leading to her location, as announced by WA Premier Mark McGowan.

McGowan expressed his sympathy for Cleo and her family, saying that “all Western Australians’ thoughts and prayers are with them during an unbeimaginable time.”

“We are all praying for positive outcomes.”

Unprecedented was the speed at which she received her reward – just days after her disappearance.

Pictured: Police are seen examining rubbish left near the Blowholes campsite in remote WA

Pictured: A group of police examines rubbish near Blowholes Campground in remote WA 

Monday, 25th October

WA Police confirm that Cleo was at the camp site. The footage is from CCTV camera on the beach shack, which is only 20m from where she vanished from. 

Tuesday, 26th October

Detectives and forensic officers spent Tuesday at Carnarvon on Tuesday. On Tuesday they left with two cases.

While investigators have been in the home previously, they were unable to conduct a thorough search inside without a forensics team.

Col Blanch, Acting WA Police Commissioner said that the search of their family home was “standard practice” and didn’t indicate they were suspects with Cleo’s disappearance.

Wednesday, October 27

WA Police forensics officers are back at Blowholes campsite and can be seen taking soil samples from several campfires close to shacks.

Federal Government announces that Australian Federal Police Officers have been recruited to assist with intelligence and forensic investigations.

Friday 29th October

Blowholes Camp is being reopened by police to conduct aerial surveys of the surrounding area.

As the search nears the two week mark, Detective Superintendent Rod Wilde is back at the Blowholes campsite and joins the hunt for Cleo.

He said that Cleo is being sought by both international and national agencies.

Sunday, 31 Oct

Cleo lives 5 km from Cleo’s home on Sunday when detectives went door-to-door.

Monday, November 1.

The roadside rubbish bins are hundreds of kilometres from where the victim vanished. Detectives search through them for clues.

Material was taken to Perth by forensic officers, who searched through the bags for any items that could have been used in Cleo’s disappearance.

Police ask for footage of CCTV or dash cam footage in the 1000km area around where the 4-year-old vanished.

Police appeal to more Carnarvon businesses to take footage of an area in the industrial outskirts.

Her elated mother, Ellie, (pictured, with Cleo, her partner and younger daughter) broke her silence the morning Cleo was found, sharing a series of love heart emojis on Instagram

Ellie, Ellie’s mother (pictured here with Cleo and her daughter younger) broke her silence when Cleo was discovered. She shared several love heart emojis via Instagram 

Wednesday, November 3

Cleo Smith, after more than two-and-a half weeks spent searching for her body, was finally found in the early hours November 3.

Col Blanch (WA Police) confirmed shortly before 7am AEST, that Cleo had been reunited and is well.

“One of the officers took her into his arms, and asked her her name. He replied. He said,

Ellie Smith wrote to social media, “Our family is complete again”.

Detectives are currently questioning a Carnarvon male in custody.

On October 19, Ellie Smith (pictured) and her partner Jake Gliddon fronted the media for the first time and begged the public to report any information 'big or small'

Ellie Smith and Jake Gliddon, her partner in the venture, fronted media on October 19th and asked the public for any information they could provide.

We share what information we have with them. They are able to access the information they require, said Senior Sergeant Blaine.

“Obviously we still need to find all facts. Information is still coming from many different sources. Some information in this article is incorrect.

“So, while we are careful with the information that we give people, we want them to be 100 percent sure.”