‘I was delivering packages…making ends meet!’ Amazon Delivery Driver Fired after a scantily-clad woman was caught getting out his van and revealed that it was actually his partner.

  • Tywan George, an ex-Amazon delivery driver, said that he did “what any man in America would do” in his circumstances. 
  • He spoke after he was fired for  hosting his ‘partner’ inside the company’s work vehicle while dropping off packages in Florida 
  • Video shot June, and posted recently to TikTok. The blue vested male held the door open for the woman dressed in a skimpy dark dress. 
  • Amazon confirmed George is no longer employed by the company. They do not permit unauthorized passengers into delivery vehicles.  

An Amazon driver fired over a video showing a scantly-dressed woman sneaking out of his work van says he was ‘delivering packages’ and ‘making ends meet’ in an innuendo-laden interview suggesting they had indeed been having sex. 

Tywan George said he did ‘what any other man in America would do in his situation,’ which included spending time with ‘his partner’ in the back of the company vehicle.

When asked to elaborate about his behind-closed-doors activities, a smiling George replied: ‘my job,’ and added his duties included delivering packages.

‘That’s exactly what I was doing.’

The Tampa, Florida, man was fired last month after being caught on camera letting a woman in a short black dress out of the back of his work van.

Tywan George, the Amazon driver who lost his job after a video of a woman slipping out the backdoor of his delivery truck went viral last month

Tywan George was the Amazon driver who lost the job last month after the viral video showing a woman getting out of the backdoor of the truck he drove for, went viral.

The video, shot in June and posted to TikTok in October, shows an unidentified woman with her phone tucked into the neckline jumping out the back of the van as a delivery man dressed in his blue vest holds the door open for her.

This woman seems to be completely naked.

A company representative stated to TMZ, that driver actions did not “reflect our high standards for Delivery Service Partners’ and their drivers.”

An Amazon delivery driver (pictured wearing a blue vest) can be seen holding the backdoor open for a woman as she exits the back of the van. Amazon has said the man no longer works for the company

A blue vest-clad Amazon delivery driver is seen leaving the back door open to a woman, as the latter exits her van. Amazon claims that the man has been fired. 

In a newly posted video, an unidentified woman was seen leaving the back of an Amazon delivery driver's van in Tampa, Florida, in June

A newly uploaded video shows an unidentified female leaving an Amazon delivery van in Tampa in June.

According to the company, ‘Allowing unauthorized passengers to enter delivery cars is a violation Amazon policy. The driver cannot deliver packages to Amazon customers.

George claimed in a TMZ Video posted Sunday that people had a wrong impression of the scene – and that he was certain that he knew from the TikTok video’s popularity that his time with online retailer Amazon was done. 

‘Everybody misconstrued the video,’ he told TMZ. ‘Rent is high in town for everything. It’s just hot. It was making ends meet, basically, if you get what I’m saying.’ 

After the viral video, he said that he was expecting to lose his job because of Amazon’s strict behavior policies. He called it a “one-off” incident.

Social media users have enjoyed this video immensely, making fun of Amazon’s Prime service as well as slow shipping times, especially with the holiday season approaching.  

He was only giving her prime delivery. One user said it.

Another joked about the slow delivery of packages lately and wrote: “So this is how my packages always end-up being late.”  

Some even laughed at Amazon’s monopolization of many industries. Prime Video and Amazon Fresh are just two examples. 

Social media users had a hay day joking about his 'prime delivery' and that her package was actually 'estimated to be delivered by 8-9 months'

On social media, users joked about the ‘prime delivery.’ Her package was actually supposed to arrive within 8-9 months. 

Amazon said they do not allow 'unauthorized passengers to enter delivery vehicles'

Amazon claimed that it does not permit unauthorized passengers into delivery vehicles. 

The user stated that Amazon is taking control of every industry. 

Many people on Twitter took the opportunity to tell her that she wouldn’t receive her “real package” for up to eight or nine months. 

Twitter user: “Her package will be delivered within 8-9 Months,” wrote one. 

Dylan Hook shot the TikTok video and his brother Patrick posted it. It has been viewed more than 11,000,000 times.