Little Cleo Smith has been seen back in the arms of her mother Ellie at last as new audio is released of the emotional moment detectives rescued  the toddler from 18 days of hell.

After the toddler was taken from her tent at 75km away by her family, police broke down the front door of a Carnarvon home to free her.

After a massive manhunt, she was finally tracked down to a house located just 3km from her family’s house. On Wednesday morning at 12.46 AM, police broke into the locked house.

They found the 4-year-old in a bedroom playing with toys and asked her name three times before she finally answered: ‘M,my name is Cleo.

Western Australia Police released audio on Thursday to show the incredible moment detectives realized they had finally found her safe. 

Cleo Smith's mother Ellie was seen with her daughter for the first time since her dramatic rescue on Thursday afternoon - as new audio was released of the emotional moment the little girl was found at a home

Cleo Smith’s mother Ellie was reunited with her daughter for first time since her dramatic rescue on Thursday afternoon. New audio was released from the moment the little girl was found at home. 

Little Cleo is seen getting into the car with her mother Ellie on Thursday afternoon, one day after she was rescued

Little Cleo and Ellie are seen getting into their car on Thursday afternoon, just one day after she was rescued.

Police speak as they gather extensive amounts of evidence after a 36-year-old man was arrested at the home in Carnavon where Cleo was found

Police are gathered a lot of evidence as they speak after a 36 year-old man was taken into custody at the Carnavon home where Cleo was discovered.

The audio begins with the sound of police smashing through the doors as metal hits the ground. Cleo is then seen by officers who say: ‘We got her. 

“Hey Bubby” was one of the responses. Another said hello to the toddler, before Detective Sergeant Cameron Blaine asked her name three more times.  

Officers can be heard asking for a camera to enter the crime scene. However, only audio was released Thursday to prevent prejudice in a future trial.

The little girl is now home with her mother Ellie Smith, her stepdad Jake Gliddon, and baby sister Isla. She is said to have been happy and playing when she returned. 

The sound clip was recorded as Cleo and her families met with Western Australia Premier Mark McGowan.

Jake, Cleo’s stepfather, greeted the premier in freshly-painted white nail varnish. This polish was believed to have been used by the toddler to honor the special visit. 

Cleo's stepfather Jake Gliddon (pictured left) greeted Premier Mark McGowan (centre) wearing freshly-painted white nail polish, believed to have been applied by the toddler in honour of the special visit

Cleo’s stepfather Jake Gliddon (pictured right) welcomed Premier Mark McGowan. He wore freshly-painted white nail varnish, which was believed to have been applied by the toddler as a tribute to the special visit. 

Premier Mark McGowan (centre) described Cleo as a delightful little girl who spoke to him about her school and her dog

Premier Mark McGowan (centre), described Cleo, a charming little girl, as he spoke to her about her school and her dog.

Mr McGowan brought along two teddies for little Cleo as he visited the four-year-old at her home

Cleo was four years old when McGowan visited her home with two teddies.

Cleo is carried inside by her mother Ellie holding a pink balloon after Carnavon decorated the town in support of the little girl

Cleo is carried in by Ellie, her mother, holding a pink balloon that Carnavon had decorated to support the little girl. 

Cleo was described as a charming little girl by Mr McGowan who spoke to him about her school dog. 

He gave her two police bears, which he named Cameron and Rod after the detectives that led the hunt. 

He also accidentally stepped on one of her Barbie dolls’ shoes and broke it. He joked that he owed her a new pair. 

He said, “It was a wonderful experience to meet her… she was very bright, upbeat and sweet,” “They’re decent, fundamentally sincere people.

Police have confirmed that the accused man is not related to Cleo and is not on any Carnarvon list of known sex offenders.

He is alleged that he acted alone.

Cleo is said be in good spirits with her family, despite the ordeal.  

Cleo holds her back covered in cartoon princesses as mother Ellie and stepfather Jake walk to the car on Thursday morning

Cleo is wearing cartoon princesses on her back as mother Ellie, Jake and their stepfather walk to the car.

Police have already confirmed the accused man has no connection to Cleo (pictured) or her family and was not on a list of known sex offenders in Carnarvon

Police have already confirmed that the accused man was not connected to Cleo (pictured) nor her family. Also, he is not on any Carnarvon sex offenders’ list.

The Carnarvon community banded together to welcome Cleo home after being missing for 18 days

After Cleo had been missing for 18 Days, the Carnarvon community rallied to welcome her home.

Cleo Smith’s kidnapper suspect is being threatened with spearing 

 A man wrongly identified as the alleged kidnapper of four-year-old Cleo Smith was threatened with being speared and killed and sought protection from the police, sources close to the investigation told Daily Mail Australia. 

Terry Kelly is Terrance Flowers’ name on social media. It is the same name as Cleo’s suspected abductor. 

After Wednesday’s rescue of the girl, however, the wrong man was widely photographed and shamed on social networks. 

According to police sources, Mr Flowers was misidentified. He was then threatened with death, including the possibility of being speared in traditional Aboriginal punishment. 

Daily Mail Australia understands that Mr Flowers sought shelter from officers in Karatha, after he was attacked on social media. 

A 36-year old Carnarvon man has been questioned about the abduction. He is expected in court on Thursday.

Police confirm that the man was taken twice to hospital for self-harm while in custody.

Since then, he has returned to the local police station. He is expected to face a magistrate Carnarvon once the charges have been laid.

Superintendent Rod Wilde said to reporters in Carnarvon that while it might be later today, there’s still some work and interviews being conducted.

“I imagine that these interviews will conclude today, perhaps this afternoon.” 

Around the same moment, the accused was taken into custody in a nearby neighborhood.

According to Supt Wilde, police are still trying to determine if Cleo was at the property for the entire time she was away from her family.

Detective Blaine met with the family Thursday to say that the little girl was doing well.

‘I only see her from the outside. He said that he could only see her from the outside. However, he was amazed at how happy and well-adjusted she seemed to be.

“It was so heartwarming to see her still being bubbly and laughing.

“She is falling asleep in her mother’s arms. She once asked Ellie if she could lie next to her mum so she could look at her as she fell asleep.

Detective Cameron Blaine spent time with the family on Thursday and said the little girl appeared to be holding up well. (Pictured, a sign in Carnarvon celebrating Cleo's safe return'

On Thursday, Detective Cameron Blaine visited the family and stated that the little girl seemed to be doing well. (Pictured, a sign in Carnarvon celebrating Cleo’s safe return’

Police had been seeking the driver of a car that was seen leaving the Blowholes campsite around the time Cleo was allegedly taken from the tent where she was asleep alongside parents Ellie and Jake and baby sister Isla (pictured)

Police were searching for the driver of a car seen leaving Blowholes campsite just as Cleo was allegedly taken from her tent, where she was lying asleep with her parents Ellie & Jake and baby sister Isla.

Cleo will be spoken to by specialist child interviewers when the time is right, police say

Police say that Cleo would be spoken to by specialist child interviewers once the time is right.

Police continue to carry out forensic work at the house where detectives found Cleo locked inside on Wednesday morning

Cleo was found locked in her house by detectives on Wednesday morning. Police continue to investigate the scene

‘It’s really nice to see that she has adjusted, she gets some sleep, and she plays in the backyard exactly like you would expect. 

The exact intelligence that led to Cleo’s discovery has been kept secret by authorities. They were looking for the driver of the car that was seen leaving Blowholes campsite at the time Cleo was allegedly being taken.

When asked if the driver of the car was the accused, Supt Wilde replied “That hasn’t been confirmed yet.”

“But, we would certainly say that that vehicle was significant and that it was in the right period of time.”

He said that specialist child interviewers had been flown from Carnarvon to meet with Cleo at the right time.

He said, “We’ll meet with the family and figure out the best time.”

Cleo smiled and waved at a hospital bed shortly after she had reunited with her mother, stepdad.

Her rescue was welcomed all over Australia, and WA Police were praised for their “old-fashioned police work” in tracking her down. 

A beaming Cleo is seen from her hospital bed after she was rescued by police on Wednesday

After being rescued Wednesday by police, Cleo beams as she lies on her hospital bed.