A fitness coach in Australia has shared the best ways to exercise safely and prevent injury based on your mood.  

Sam Merza, national manager of Genesis Health + Fitness told Daily Mail Australia there is a ‘workout for every mood’, and the key is listening to your body to know what will make you feel good.   

“Exercise has incredible benefits for our mental and physical health – we all know this – so it is important to pay attention to your feelings and learn from them. He explained that not every day is sunny and rainbows, and that’s okay.   

“If you feel grumpy, if your anger at the world is getting out of control, or if you are feeling down, there are exercises that can help you channel that energy. 

Australian fitness coach Sam Merza said there is a 'workout for every mood' and the key is listening to your body to know what will make you feel good (stock image)

Sam Merza, an Australian fitness coach, said that there is a workout for every mood. The key to finding the right one is listening to your body (stock image).


After a long day at the office, it’s possible to feel tired or drowsy. Running or intense exercise can add stress to the body. 

Sam recommends instead pilates and yoga, breathing exercises or meditation, and going for a brisk, brisk, walk.

He said that strenuous exercise can cause the body to go into flight mode, mimicking symptoms of panic (shortness of breath) and triggering anxious thoughts or racing thoughts. 

This could also put the body at risk of injury.  

A slow, steady workout is a good option if you feel tired. Sam suggested that you find something that allows your body to relax and recover. 


Sam stated that when we feel angry, our bodies produce more adrenalin, which makes us more alert. 

He said the ‘best medicine’ is to exercise in a way that ‘doesn’t require too much attention to form’, such as shadow boxing, running or sets of burpees, jumping jacks or push ups.

Boxing is a great form of aerobic exercise to get your heart rate up and burn calories. 

He said that anger can make us less focused and clear-thinking, which increases the risk of injury from these types of exercises. 

Boxing is a form of aerobic exercise to get your heart rate up and is a great way to exercise when feeling angry (stock image)

Boxing is an aerobic form of exercise that can increase your heart rate. It is also a great way for anger management (stock photo)


Sam suggested that you can exercise whenever you feel happy and joyful.   

“If you feel good before you go to the gym, do something that you love and enjoy it!” He said. 

“Learning new dance moves with a friend, walking in your favourite parks, or trying something different might be the way forward!” 


Exercise is a great tool for those days when you feel low and can’t get out of bed. 

‘If you’re feeling upset, aerobic and cardio exercises have been shown to be most effective – and while you might not initially feel like it, getting some social interaction into the mix can be a great pick-me-up,’ Sam said. 

He said that it was important to keep the goal’small and manageable’. Examples include running with a friend, going to the gym, or even dancing. 

He said, “Introducing your favorite music is a great way to put a smile on your face and give you some energy,”  

When you're feeling frustrated you may not want to exercise, but Sam suggested using this as motivation to get your body moving. He recommends hitting the gym floor with weight training, focusing on your movements and muscles (stock image)

Sam suggested that you use your frustrations to motivate you to exercise. Sam suggests hitting the gym with weight training, focusing only on your movements and muscles (stock photo).


Sam suggested that you use frustration to motivate yourself to exercise when you feel frustrated. 

He recommends that you work out on the gym with weight training, focusing your attention on your movements and muscles. 

He advised, “Take time to do something that really forces you to focus on yourself, your muscles groups, and your form.”  

“This can be a great way for you to reset your body and exercise. Nothing can relieve frustration like being the best version you can be. 

After the workout, take a moment while the endorphins are coursing through your body to reflect on what was making you frustrated. 

It will be easier to overcome obstacles if you have a clear head and a healthy body.

You can also do reformer pilates or swim when you feel frustrated. 


HAPPY – Anything you love!

UPSET – Walk or run with a friend, gym class, bootcamp, dancing

ANGRY – Shadow boxing, running, sets of burpees/jumping jacks/push ups

FRUSTRATED – Weightlifting, reformer pilates, swimming

FATIGUED – Pilates, yoga, breathing exercises, meditation, walking

RELAXED –  Pilates, stretch, aerobics