Tim Watson-Munro, a criminal psychologist, has spent the past 40 years studying the minds and actions of some of the most dangerous criminals in our time. These people are easy to blend in, according to Watson-Munro.

He said, “The problem with someone like this is that it could be anyone,”

“It’s someone who can fit into a suburban lifestyle. He could be a father or be involved in community or sports clubs.

“If you have ever met the offender, he might appear very normal.

“This is the danger with these people – their ordinariness. They are easy to blend in and they are generally well presented.

Dr Watson-Munro indicated that the kidnapper most likely is a calculated man and a classic psychopath driven by a sickening need for power and control.

Criminal psychologist Tim Watson-Munro (pictured) has spent the past four decades analysing the minds of some of the worst criminals of our times: terrorists, mass murderers, sex offenders and torturers of children

Tim Watson-Munro is a criminal psychologist who has spent the past forty years analysing the minds and actions of some the worst criminals in our time, including terrorists, mass murderers as well as sex offenders.

He stated, “We are not talking about someone who is mad but is bad.”

“To do such a thing without anxiety implies they are psychopathic because psychopaths have a high threshold for anxiety.

“Things that would make the blood of a normal person turn cold doesn’t bother”

Someone who could smuggle into a tent and kidnap a child in her sleeping bag while her parents were next to her is not prone to nervousness.

Police believe that an abduction occurred because the zipper of Cleo’s tent was removed in the morning.

Sometimes child predators and sex offenders are mentally ill, have a poor education, or are affected by drugs and alcohol. However, Dr Watson-Munro states that it is very unlikely.

“In order to plan a crime such as this, you must have at least average intelligence to get away.” He said that we are not looking for a bumbling imbecile.

“They can plan ahead both for abducting the child as well as for allowing themselves plenty to escape.