Clive Owen, the Yorkshire Farm star, whose wife Amanda is a ‘Yorkshire Shepherdess,’ reminisced about when he brought Violet, his 11-year-old daughter, home from hospital in last night’s episode of their Channel 5 show 

Clive, 67 years old, is more familiar with spending time on the farm than with the younger children. But last night, the show shined a spotlight upon his more sensitive side. 

Clive reminisced sweetly about Violet, now 11 years old, at the hospital when Violet was born.

The episode was filmed in the summer amid continuing rumours about the state of his marriage to Amanda. Neighbors told MailOnline that they had been ‘living apart’ for months.  

Clive Owen, 67, pictured left, took centre stage in last night's episode of Our Yorkshire Farm. This comes at a times were rumours of a potential split has been plaguing the couple

Clive Owen (67), was the star of last night’s episode on Our Yorkshire Farm. This episode of Our Yorkshire Farm comes at a time when rumours of a split are rife. 

Violet, pictured with her mother, had her 11th birthday in last night's episode, and received lots of gifts - and homemade cakes - from her family

Violet, pictured together with her mother on last night’s episode. She celebrated her 11th Birthday and received lots of gifts (and homemade cakes) from her family. 

Violet was surprised to be invited to Ravenseat Farm’s last night’s party by her family. 

Amanda baked two cakes together with her youngest, Nancy, who is four years old, and Clemmie, who is five years old, and Annas, seven-years-old. Owen took Violet on a trip into town for Violet’s big event. 

As the family sat-down to watch his daughter blow her candles, he reminisced:  ‘Violet was born in hospital, I can always remember going there to take her home, and they wouldn’t let me take her home because she hadn’t had her ears checked.

“And I always said there was no need because you could clearly see she was absolutely flawless, and Violet was also perfect, and we returned home.

One of Violet's favourite afterschool activities is to look after her pet cow, pictured. In last night's show, Violet turned tenn

Violet loves to take care of her cow, which is one of her favorite afterschool activities. Violet became a tennant last night.

Clive spent more time with his younger children in last night's epidde, including Annas, seven, left, Violet, Clemmie, six, second right and Nancy, four, right

Clive spent more quality time with his younger kids last night’s epidde. This included Annas, seven-year-old, Violet, Clemmie (sixth right), and Nancy, four.

Violet laughed and said, “And she’s listened ever since,” he laughed. Violet joked that she couldn’t hear what he was saying. 

Edith, two years older than Violet and well on her journey to becoming a teenager, also shared a very special moment with Owen. 

The father of nine gathered his six youngest kids, aged 4-12 years old, and told them to close the eyes before stepping into their barn. He was holding a Border Collie puppy.    

Edith, 12, was also gifted a new puppy, whom she named Sally, by her father in the sweet episode, pictured

Edith (12) was also given a puppy by her father, who she named Sally. 

Edith was then able to take the puppy into her arms, as Edith would be taking care of the puppy.  

Edith, encouraged by her siblings, decided to call the puppy Sally – which can also be abbreviated to ‘Sal.   

Viewers loved to see Clive’s paternal side alongside the children, according to viewers. 

‘It’s been a great episode Clive & his family instead of Amanda Amanda Amanda,’ one said. 

‘I’ve enjoyed this episode – it’s been nice to see Clive with the kids more,’ another said. 

Neighbours have claimed Amanda and Clive, pictured, have been living in separate homes for months

Clive and Amanda, pictured here, were living in separate homes for several months when their neighbors discovered them. 

This episode comes as marital woes have been plaguing this couple since it surfaced that they had been living apart for months. 

MailOnline was informed last week by the couple’s neighbors that they had been living apart for months since she ‘got caught in the spotlight’ on her Channel 5 program. 

Amanda moved into their rental house down the street from Ravenseat Farm in Swaledale where Clive was staying, the villager said.

The couple, also known as the “Kardashians in the Countryside”, are believed to be ‘fighting for their marriage’ after more 21 years.

Clive, who was 13 years married to another woman, is said to be ‘desperate to repair their relationship’ and ‘fears their marriage will end with divorce’.

Although it was believed they had just split up, their neighbors claim that they knew about it months ago. Despite the Yorkshire Shepherdess’s continued promotion of her new book on family life on TV, this is not surprising.

The couple live on Ravenseat Farm with their nine children. Pictued from left to right: Annas, seven, Violet, ten, Editth, 12, Raven, 20, Amanda with Nancy, four, Clive with Clemmie, six, Reuven, 17, Miles, 15 and Sidney, nine

The couple lives at Ravenseat Farm with their nine kids. Pictued from left: Annas, seven; Violet, ten; Editth, 12, Raven 20; Amanda with Nancy, four; Clive with Clemmie six. Reuven 17, Miles 15, and Sidney nine. 

Clive Owen and Amanda gave a joint statement to MailOnline.

“We’re a normal couple, and we’ve never said that our marriage was perfect.

They shared that they were going through a “rocky patch” in their marriage.

Amanda is believed to have moved into their holiday home The Firs at the top of Upper Swaledale in a valley, surrounded by five acres meadows and pasture.

The cottage, which has six bedrooms, is accessible via a private road behind three gated entrances. It dates back at least to the seventeenth century.

It boasts a variety of original features including stone flagged floors and beamed ceilings.

The couple rent Ravenseat Farm and its land from billionaire Robert Miller, who is the co-founder of DFS (Duty Free Shops) and is the father of Crown Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece, Princess Alexandra von Fürstenberg, and Pia Getty – the ‘it’ girls of the 1990s.

Amanda met her husband when he was already separated with two children. After she arrived on his farm as a 21 year-old trainee shepherdess, Amanda met him in 1996.

Amanda grew up in a traditional three bed house with her parents and one sibling in Huddersfield, a large market town.

At 6ft 2in, the blonde was encouraged by her mother to follow the same career path, but she hated the clothes she had to wear and the make-up.

She left her life in comfort to work on farms all over the country. However, it was when Ravenseat Farm opened its doors that she discovered her calling.

Many of her children help on the farm when she is not at school.

“All family members must follow the same rules in order to make a big family successful,” Amanda said. Amanda stated that it’s not about child labour, but about pulling together in an article for the Daily Mail in 2018.

With the nearest shop so far away – and the risk during winter that they could be snowed in for weeks – the TV star buys food in bulk, and manages to feed her large family for just £130 a week.

Their water is provided by the stream that flows from the moor. They heat their house and water with a roaring fireplace, which burns regardless of the weather.

Our Yorkshire Farm airs every Tuesday at 9pm on Channel 5.