Many of us forget how to dress after 18+ months working remotely and not having much to do with the social life.

You’ve made sweatpants, top knots and pajamas your style signature. Now you want to be noticed.  

Here, four Glamhive stylists: Amira Oud, Nadine Naue, Kasia Michaels, and Sarah Grace Hefner share their top tips for looking (and feeling!) your best post pandemic.

Glamhive stylists: Amira Oud (far left), Nadine Naue (left), Kasia Michaels (right) and Sarah Grace Hefner (far right), share their top tips for looking your best post pandemic

Amira Oud, Nadine Naue and Kasia Michaels are the Glamhive styling experts. They share their best tips to look your best in post-pandemic.

After 18+ months of working from home and having very little on the social calendar, many of us have forgotten how to get dressed

Many people have lost their sense of style after working at home for 18+months and not much on the social calendar.


Kasia Michaels helps clients improve their images by saying, “With the pandemic taking a backseat slowly, people want to celebrate.”

She added, “Nevertheless, we’re not eager to slip into tight mini-dresses just yet.” Blame the extra love that many of you have developed over the last 18 months.

“To feel both comfortable and sexy, choose a subtle detail over a complete ensemble.

Kasia recommends straight-leg, high-waisted leather pants and a lace-style (lingerie) camisole. 

She suggested, “You can wear an oversized blazer with either ankle boots or high-heel strappy sandals to match your personal style.”

Nadine Naue also loves luxurious lingerie sets. 

The New Jersey/New York-based stylist whose styling approach centers around developing curated capsule collections said, ‘A silk pajama set with an oversized blazer and killer heels or boots are the answer.’

Amira Oud, celebrity stylist and image architect, said, “As we gradually transition to a more regular lifestyle, many people want to dress up, but still feel the need for comfort.”

Sarah Grace Hefner suggests mixing formal and casual items to achieve this look.

Amira recommends that you either wear a off-the-shoulder sweater dress with heels or a warm fabric bodysuit with a skirt and booties. 

Sarah — who focuses on elevating her clients’ personal brand with style coaching — recommends pairing your favorite glamorous item with a comfortable one. 

I love a fun blouse in satin, paired with some jeans and some boots that are crinkled.

Sarah stated that she is seeing brighter colors in winter. This means you could pull out spring and summer clothes for an added touch.

Dresses can also be very comfortable. For a more formal look, you can pair a dress with fun boots. To make it complete, add a trench coat and/or blazer.

Kasia Michaels enhances her clients' image

Amira Oud is an Image Architect

 They say image is everything and both Kasia Michaels Amira Oud are Image Architects

Sarah Grace Hefner focuses on elevating her clients' personal brand with style coaching

Nadine Naue's styling approach centers around developing curated capsule collections

Sarah Grace Hefner focuses on elevating her clients’ personal brand with style coaching, while Nadine Naue’s styling approach centers around developing curated capsule collections

Shop it: Long Sleeve Crew Thong Bodysuit by Good American, $105; Celestial Ridge Pave Star Dome Ring by Missoma, $127; Patio Skirt by Wilfred, $98; So Kate Booty 85 leopard-print calf hair ankle boots by Christian Louboutin, $1,295;

Shop it: Long Sleeve Crew Thong Bodysuit by Good American, $105; Celestial Ridge Pave-Star Dome Ring from Missoma, $127. Wilfred Patio Skirt, $98; Christian Louboutin’s So Kate Booty 85 leopard print calf hair ankle boot boots, with a leopard print by Christian Louboutin. $1,295 at


‘Leopard everything,’ said Amira, whose clients include Nicole Scherzinger and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. 

For a casual look try pairing a leopard shirt with medium wash jeans and black pumps. In cooler climates, you can add a leather jacket. 

‘For a classic look, try a leopard silk shirt bodysuit with a fabulous pair of flared black trousers, a leopard coat can be the whole look for a night on the town.

Nadine favors sequin.

It’s flattering for every woman, and there’s so many options available right now from pants to dresses or button downs inspired by menswear,’ she stated.

At the moment, the model-turned personal stylist’s favorite glam detail are statement earrings.  

They are versatile and can work with any outfit.

Post pandemic, luxe details are trending.  Nadine favors sequin. 'It's so flattering on every woman and there are so many good options out there right now, from trousers to dresses or menswear-inspired button downs,' she said

After the pandemic, luxury details were in fashion.  Nadine favors sequin. Nadine loves sequin.

Shop it: Rhiannon Earrings by Elizabeth Cole, $140; Snowdrift Sweater by American Eagle, $49.95; Semsem feather-embellished mini skirt. Melody heel by Flor de Maria, $295; Supreme Haircalf Fold Over Clutch by Clare V., $275;

Shop it: Rhiannon Earrings by Elizabeth Cole, $140; American Eagle’s Snowdrift Sweater is $49.95 at Mini skirt with semsem feather embellishment. Melody heel by Flor de Maria, $295; Supreme Haircalffold Over Clutch By Clare V., 295;

It’s essential to wear casual separates when wearing sequins and feathers. 

Kasia shared the following advice: “It’s easy to make your look too extravagant if you don’t properly balance your outfit,” Kasia is an image consultant. 

“By pairing glamour with something more basic, like a plain t-shirt and cashmere sweater, you can offset all the flash and glam and still make your look effortlessly effortless.

To give your outfit an additional edge, you can combine a feather skirt with either a blazer (or a leather jacket) to make it more sophisticated.

Sarah suggests that you wear a sequin shirt under your more traditional holiday suit. She helps clients to identify the style and clothes they prefer.

'Leopard everything,' said Amira, whose clients include Nicole Scherzinger and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Amira said, “Leopard Everything,” and that her clients included Nicole Scherzinger, Rosie Huntington Whiteley, and Rosie Huntington Whiteley.

When wearing feathers or sequins it's important to ground the look with casuals separates

Wearing feathers and sequins is important. You should balance the look by wearing casual, separates.


Research has shown that colors can alter moods.  

Sarah stated that “this trend of bright colours in winter is a whole vibe Post pandemic.” “I believe it’s our way to express the joy of community again.  

You can use color to improve your natural beauty.

Nadine said, “Pay attention to the place you want your eye to be.” A flattering eye-color can brighten your mood if you are feeling tired or dull.

Amira advises that you choose shades that complement your skin’s natural color.   

Kasia stated that “Color is a powerful communication device and can influence how people respond to you.”

Black is a great choice if you’re looking to be mysterious, but also approachable. If you want to be flirty, playful and mysterious, however you can opt for black shades.  

Shoes set the tone of your personal style according to Kasia Michaels

According to Kasia Michaels, shoes set the tone for your style.


Kasia believes that shoes can set the tone for your style.

Amira suggests that when selecting the right pair of shoes for you, it is important to consider your lifestyle.

‘Make inventory of how you spend your time and if “the shoe” fits in there.’  

Although everyone is different, Nadine believes that every woman can wear an ankle boot. “There are many options available right now, from ankle boots that fit snugly around your ankle to western-style boot styles with pointed toe boxes and sock boots to Western style.

You can also wear a sneaker for daily activities. 

Sarah stated, “I am a sneaker gal all the way.” My go-to is a classic, chic sneaker. My favorite pair of sneakers is the one I wear with everything: jeans, dresses, suits and so on.

“If you are looking for something other than sneakers, a combat boot would be the next option. They are both stylish and comfortable, making them a great choice for casual wear. 

Kasia is in agreement that combat shows should be the hero of this moment.  

'I am obsessed with hats,' said Sarah. 'There are so many different styles out there to fit your niche - they can take your outfit from business to fun'

Sarah stated that hats are her obsession. There is a wide range of styles that can fit any niche, and they can make your outfit look professional or fun.


It may be necessary to upgrade your wardrobe after one year of wearing sweatpants and Zoom-friendly blouses.

Amira shared that a strong selection of tights was a must-have for many of her clients. 

It allows you rotate summer skirts/dresses by using new sweaters or tops for fall.

Nadine prefers tall boots made of leather.She said that you can dress them up with stylish tailored pants, a fitted blazer, or with chic jeans and a cool pair of jeans. 

Sarah is all about layers. Sarah emphasizes layers. “A good trench coat, blazer or jacket with a bold pop of color, or fun prints like leopard, can transform an entire look.”

Kasia stated, “It’s anything knitwear to me.” You can wear a top, cardigan or dress with any quality. You can give your top a polished or edgy look with the right accessories. 

Take it from DAY to NIGHT

It’s the perfect time for holiday shopping: from desk to table. 

The power of accessories can transform any look, according to all four stylists.

Sarah stated that hats are her obsession. There are many styles to suit your needs, and they can transform your look from professional to casual.

Kasia and Amira love statement pieces, such as bold earrings or rings. 

Amira said, “With fall upon us,” that a light jacket over the shoulders could be just what you need to finish a night-look.  

Nadine explained that the best way to make a difference between night and day is by wearing shoes.