A cocaine-fuelled husband who stabbed his wife to death after searching gay porn on his computer has been sentenced to a minimum of 22 years in jail.

Anil Gill (47) stabbed Ranjit 18 more times in the living area of their Milton Keynes residence before covering her corpse in a duvet, and hiding it inside their garage until January 31, 2012.

He began cleaning up the crime scene with bleach, before calling 911 hours later.

The jury at Luton Crown Court convicted Gill of murdering Ranjit, 43 years old.

Judge Mark Bishop, who sentenced him, said that he had committed a criminal act and inflicted eighteen injuries, many of which were severe. She was also stabbed in the throat. This was an amoral, cold-blooded attack. 

Anil Gill (pictured), 47, stabbed his wife Ranjit 18 times at their property in Milton Keynes on January 31. He was found guilty of the murder by a jury at Luton Crown Court

Anil Gill (pictured), 47 stabbed Ranjit 18 more times at their Milton Keynes home on January 31, 2013. The jury of Luton Crown Court found Gill guilty.

Ranjit's family described her as 'ray of light that will never be extinguished' during the trial

Ranjit’s relatives described Ranjit as a ‘ray of sunshine that will never go out’ during the trial

Then he said, “It took place with a knife that I had taken from my kitchen.” The attack was prolonged and vicious. It left four people dead, some with serious injuries.

You killed her because you were high on cocaine. Her home was where she ought to have felt secure.

Ranjit’s relatives voted “Yes” when Ranjit was sentenced by the judge to serve a minimal term. 

He had a history of shouting at his wife and hitting or slapping her. One occasion he even struck her in the head.

He had once kicked her ankle, and he also hit her with a plank.

He threatened her with the knife and had forced her down the staircase.

On another occasion, he threatened Ranjit using a Japanese sword. He also held a knife at Ranjit’s neck. 

Luton Crown Court heard from Ranjit that her sister had advised her to divorce her husband. She also told her sibling she was afraid that her brother would hunt her down, kill her, and that she might be killed if Ranjit did.

The couple arrived at their home in the early morning of 31 January after a long night of cocaine- and alcohol consumption.

Just before the murder, the husband searched the Internet for gay porn sites.

A neighbour was about to go to sleep when she heard a woman screaming and then a “thumping” or “pounding sound.”

Charles Ward-Jackson, the prosecutor said that Ranjit was likely to have heard her being stabbed.

Gill murdered his wife. After cleaning up, Gill wrapped his body in black bin liners and a duvet for the next several hours.

The bleach was used to clean the living area’s carpet. After the cleaning, the knives were placed in a bag. He finally dialed the police at 10:10 am.

After Gill’s claims that he lost control of himself and had acted out in an ‘impulsive’ manner after being taunted by his wife about an affair he was having, Gill was found guilty. 

Gill killed his wife at their property in Milton Keynes (pictured) before calling the police

Gill murdered his wife on their Milton Keynes property (pictured), before calling the police

He confessed earlier to the manslaughter of his wife. 

The court was told that the couple had a happy marriage at the beginning, but their relationship began to change after they moved from Bedford, Massachusetts, where he lost his job, and when she developed health issues, they settled down.

In 2018, the police had attended the couple’s home following an incident between them, but when she refused to tell officers what had happened, no action was taken.

According to the jury, Ranjit began to drink heavily in order to handle the abuse. She also had an affair with a man, who she would then supply with drugs.

Ranjit called a hotline for domestic violence victims and his husband looked into possible divorcing proceedings.

Ward-Jackson claimed that both of them had taken excessive amounts and cocaine in the weeks preceding the murder.

According to the court, Gill had been taken into custody after being arrested. A psychiatric nurse saw Gill and informed him that he doesn’t drink or use drugs.

He said he was a co-conspirator of cocaine and alcohol the night before and that the mixture had made him ‘a murderer’.

The prosecution claimed that the sample taken from the husband’s hair for analysis revealed cocaine traces, indicating that the defendant had been using the drug continuously between December 2020 and January 2021.

Ranjit’s brother Raj Sagoo stated that Ranjit was the subject of family conversation and suddenly Ranjit comes up. The horrors of the incident come back to haunt us all.

It is a void that can never be healed. This is what you should imagine, for anyone who reads it. If a loved one was murdered in such an unforgiving manner, think about how you would put that into words. 

“It is hard to express how much I’m feeling. It’s impossible for me to explain how it feels, sitting through the trial and listening to all of the horrors.

“I will keep Ranjit close to my heart, and I wish her peace.

Ranjit’s sister Tejinder McCann said: ‘My baby sister was taken away from me by a man who was supposed to have cared and loved her in sickness and health. 

A cordon around the couple's home in Milton Keynes after the murder in January this year

After the January murder, a cordon was formed around Milton Keynes’ home of the couple.

I will never ever be able again to hold her hand, hug her, or dance with her. For me, Christmas and birthdays will be different for my family.

Ranjit, we loved you so very much and you were truly an Angel. Your rays of light will never fade, may your love shine upon us. Ranjit, we love you always and forever. 

Kamel Aujla (sister of Ranjit) said that she was Ranjit’s sister and affectionately called her Nita. The evidence presented in court has left me feeling sickened, hurt, and disillusioned.

“Even though now he may not accept all that he has done. I can see and hear no regret. He places all the blame upon Nita and attempts to minimize what he has done by asserting loss of control. 

“I won’t forget the pain, it hurts everyday, I miss my sister every day. He will get his life back, but I will not.

“If you’re in an abusive relationship please leave. Please seek help. Do not become like my sister. She was unique, special and valuable. She was sufficient, but more than enough. 

Senior investigation officer Detective Inspector Nicola Douglas from Thames Valley Police’s Major Crime Unit stated that the only sentencing for murder was life imprisonment. 

HHJ Bishop described the murder as ruthless, cold-blooded and with a large number of aggravating circumstances. The minimum sentence of 22 years is appropriate considering the gravity of the crime.

“I want to pay tribute again and express my gratitude for Ranjit’s family, who showed such dignity even in terrible circumstances.

Domestic violence and abuse are unacceptable and should not be tolerated.

I would urge anyone experiencing abuse from a family member or partner to immediately report it.