It’s okay! Mac, a Cocker spaniel Mac, covers his owner’s mouth whenever he sneezes.

  • Martin Penny, 40, of Milton Keynes, has a Covid conscious Cocker spaniel
  • The pandemic puppy, 11 months old, covers his owner’s mouth when it sneezes
  • The video has received over 500,000 views online. Many people praise Mac the puppy.

Mac, a cocker spaniel named Mac, insists on covering his owner’s nose and mouth when he sneezes.

Martin Penny is always accompanied by his 11-month-old pandemic puppy Mac when he has the sniffles.

The adorable footage shows the dog walker, 40 years old, sitting on his sofa in Milton Keynes and suddenly letting out a huge’sneeze’ right next to his dog.

Mac jumps to his dad’s face at the sound and covers his nose, mouth, and nose with his frontpaws.

Martin says he has always had Cocker spaniels ever since he was a child and they’re 'just fantastic.'

Martin says he has always had Cocker spaniels ever since he was a child and they’re ‘just fantastic.’

Martin Penny (pictured), 40, of Milton Keynes, has a Covid conscious Cocker spaniel (right)

Martin Penny (pictured), 40 years old, is a Covid conscious Cocker spaniel. (right)

Adorable footage shows the 40-year-old dog walker sitting on his sofa at home in Milton Keynes when he suddenly lets out a big 'sneeze' next to his pooch

This adorable footage shows a 40-year-old dog walker sitting in his Milton Keynes home on his sofa when he suddenly lets loose a big sneeze next to his pooch.

Martin’s video has been viewed over 500,000 times on Facebook, with many suggesting that Mac possesses better manners than most people.

Martin commented on Martin’s polished pooch by saying, “Mac does that every time I sneeze close to him.” It’s almost as if he doesn’t want snot to be sprayed on his face.

“He certainly has better manners than other humans, especially when it is about other people sneezing.” He does not cover his nose when he is having a sneezing fit.

The owner said that the puppy was a pandemic dog, so he might be more aware of his sneezing.

Commenters were full of praise for Mac, the Covid compliant dog, and how he's 'handled the pandemic better than 90% of adults'

Mac, the Covid compliant Covid dog, was praised for his ability to handle the pandemic better then 90% of adults.

He is a very good paw-handler, and has been since childhood. He is a very affectionate dog. He loves cuddles and is very in tune with us. 

Mac, the Covid-compliant dog, was praised by many commenters for his ability to ‘handle the pandemic better that 90% of adults’.

One commenter said that dogs have better manners than most people.

Another wrote, “This dog handles the pandemic better that 90% of adults.”

One person laughed: “Jeez dad, haven’t you learned anything about covid?” Sneeze into your elbow man.’

A fourth statement was added: “These pandemic dog breeds are different.”