Two sisters who had piled on the weight look completely different after losing more than 12 stone in a year. 

Amanda and Clare O’Neill, both from London, lost the mammoth amount in just nine months – dropping from 14st 6lbs to 9st 5lbs and 17st 7lbs to 10st 11lbs, respectively.

Amanda, 33 years old, was scared to death when an abnormal cell detection test on her smears led to a routine hysterectomy.

The thought of recovering from a major operation while being overweight terrified the mother-of-one, who was also overweight, turned to sister Clare, 26, a 26-year-old who had also gained weight after a battle with postnatal Depression.

Clare, 26, a mum-of-two, had already lost a stone thanks to The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan, while the duo have since gone on to shed over 12st between them.

Amanda, 33, and Clare O’Neill, 26, both from London, lost a combined 12 stone in just nine months. Amanda, left, dropped from 14st 6lbs to 9st 5lbs and Claire, right, went from 17st 7lbs to 10st 11lbs. Pictured together, following their weight loss

Amanda, 33, and Clare O’Neill, 26, both from London, lost a combined 12 stone in just nine months. Amanda, left, dropped from 14st6lbs to 9st5lbs, while Claire went from 17st7lbs to 10st11lbs. After their weight loss, they are pictured together.

A health scare in early 2021 scared Amanda, pictured, into action

Mother-of-two Clare piled on the pounds due to post-partum depression

Pictured: Amanda (pictured, left prior) was scared by a health crisis in early 2021, while Clare (right before) had gained weight from post-partum depression.

Amanda, who was a 16-inch dress size, is now a 10-10 size.

“When I heard about the possibility of a Hysterectomy, it was like an epiphany for me.

‘I wasn’t in good shape and I panicked at the thought of how long it might take me to recover.

“Having my sister beside me on this journey has been a tremendous support and encouragement.

Amanda’s diet before 

After school, grab a full fry-up and a can Coke at the cafe.

Lunch: Tesco meal deal – usually the triple all-day breakfast sandwich, with crisps and a large bottle of Red Bull

Dinner: A take-out meal such as a kebab or Indian, a Chinese, or pizza with a bottle Coke.

 Drinks: Coke and Redbull


Amanda’s diet now 

Breakfast: 1:2 golden syrup porridge and herbal breakfast

Lunch: Salad, water and 12 coconut water flavouring.

Dinner: Grilled meats or fish with vegetables, small portions of potatoes or rice, and a large glass water.

Snacks – 1:1 chocolate peanut bars

Drinks: 2 to 3 litres of water per day  

Amanda, right, used to be a size 16, while Clare, left, was a size 22 before they decided to embark on their weight loss journey together. Pictured, before

Clare was a size 22 when Amanda was 16 and Amanda was a size 16. Before they embarked on their weight loss journey together, Clare was a size 22. Pictured before

Amanda, pictured now, said losing the weight has made an 'incredible' difference in her life

Clare, pictured now, said it also impacted her positively

Amanda, left, stated that losing weight has made an “incredible” difference in her daily life. Clare, now right, said that losing weight has made a positive impact on her life. 

“It has made a huge difference in my life. Since losing the weight I have been back for another smear to find out the abnormalities have improved, and I’ve been discharged from the hospital.

“I have also reduced by half my medication for Myasthenia gravis.

“I feel stronger and have more energy. I didn’t realize how much weight was physically draining me. I would avoid taking pictures and hide behind people, or wear baggy clothes.

“I can now have my picture taken without having to hate the way I look.” 

Clare’s diet before 

Breakfast: Either no breakfast or a café fry up or a bacon sandwich with a cup of tea or a Coke.

Lunch: Chocolate croissants.

Dinner: A take-out meal such as a kebab or a dinner of burgers and chips.

Snacks – Crisps and a whole chocolate bar.

Drinks: 2 Liters fizzy drinks

Clare’s diet after

Breakfast: A bowl with cereal and a cup or coffee.

Lunch: Chicken salad

Dinner: Chicken breasts or plant-based sausages served with sweet potato and vegetables

 Drinks: 2-3 litres of water                            


The duo said they would turn to comfort foods and takeaways prior to their weight loss journey (pictured, before). They now follow a healthier diet

The pair stated that they would return to comfort foods and takeaways to lose weight (pictured, before). They now eat a healthier diet 

Amanda used to hate having her photo taken but now feels more confident than ever, pictured

Clare, pictured now, admitted she found herself in a vicious circle of eating and dieting before dropping the pounds for good

Amanda, pictured here, left, used hate to have her photo taken, but now feels more confident. Clare, pictured here, right, admits that she got stuck in a vicious circle, eating and dieting before finally losing weight.

Clare (left) and Amanda (right), pictured after their weight loss, said they have now got a new lease of life after shedding the pounds

Clare (left) & Amanda (right), after losing weight, were pictured.

Myasthenia gravis, a rare condition that causes muscle weakness over time.

Myasthenia gravis affects the muscles that control the eyes and eyelids, facial expressions, chewing, swallowing and speaking, but can affect other parts of the body. 

The condition can affect anyone at any age. 

Common symptoms can include: droopy eyelids, double vision, difficulty making facial expressions, problems chewing and difficulty swallowing, slurred speech, weak arms, legs or neck, shortness of breath and occasionally serious breathing difficulties

The long-term condition can go through phases of improvement or worsening. 

There are many options for treatment, including surgery or avoiding triggers. 

Source: NHS 

Clare, who was once a size 22 in her dress, is now a size 6-8 in her dress.

“I suffered with post-natal Depression after the birth my eldest son and just piled on the weight.

“I was trapped in a vicious cycle of dieting and eating. I would try something for a few days, then give up.

“I now feel up and go, wanting to go to the park with my children and see my friends.

‘I even went on a fair ride with my kids recently, that’s something I would have been too embarrassed to do previously in case I couldn’t fit in.

“My partner and I have had the best few months of our relationship, because I feel confident, sexy and proud.

“I no longer cry in changing room. I don’t nag my partner anymore with long conversations about how I will lose fat. 

“Everything is so much more positive.” Because I feel as good and positive as I do, I see everything in a completely new light. 

Clare used to drink two litres of fizzy beverages per day. Now she drinks two litres of water each day. 

She said that take-outs and fizzy drinks are now a treat, rather than a daily occurrence. 


Amanda, pictured now, left, said she felt she has more energy and feels stronger, while Clare, right, said she can finally go on rides with her children and play with them like she'd always wanted to

Amanda, pictured left, stated that she feels more energetic and stronger. Clare, right, claimed she can finally ride with her children and play like she’d always hoped to. 

Amanda, now, right, said the abnormalities in the smear test which launched her weight loss have improved. Clare, now, left, said she no longer cries in changing rooms

Amanda, now right, stated that the abnormalities in her smear test that launched her weight loss have diminished. Clare, left, says she no longer cry in changing rooms 

The two sisters look unrecognisable after their transformation, pictured. Clare, pictured now, right, said she saw life in a much more positive light since dropping the pounds

After their transformation, the two sisters are now unrecognizable. Clare, pictured right now, stated that she sees life in a more positive light after losing weight