The blogging industry is still very young. The truth is that most people do not really understand what bloggers do and why they are important for so many industries around the world. It is very common to see that a person says he/she is a blogger and the other party reacts in a negative way. 

In reality, blogging is much more complex than what many believe, with numerous daily tasks and a lot of work being put into the creation of content that people will appreciate. With this in mind, here are the most common misconceptions about bloggers that you should not believe, according to specialists from BloggingTub

Bloggers Are Narcissists

Way too many think that bloggers are just into themselves and that they do all that is possible to stand out while thinking only about themselves. In reality, the real goal of the majority of bloggers is to write blog posts that offer information. Also, it is very common to see bloggers sharing tips and advice on social media websites like Facebook or Instagram and on their blogs. 

Keep in mind that many bloggers do not care about making money with their sites. They just want to help others. 

Bloggers Get Everything For Free

It is completely true that bloggers get some things for free from time to time. This can include many different things, from clothes to free hotel stays, based on the main topic the blogger covers. However, this does not mean that they get everything without having to pay for it. They are just like all others as they have budgets, incomes, and expenses. 

Bloggers Do Not Make A Living Off Their Blogs

If you just read a few articles written about this, you can quickly realize the fact that you can actually make a living through blogging. It is even possible to quit the full time position so that you can blog for a living. Really big bloggers actually make a lot of money with their assets. 

Blogging Is Very Easy

In reality, blogging takes a lot more time than the misconception and a lot of knowledge is needed to create quality blogs that attract visitors. The blogger has to learn a lot about marketing and SEO. Then, there is a necessity to be very good at research and to double check every single sentence adds for accuracy. It is even incredibly important to network and attend industry events. Basically, everything the blogger does is complicated and should not be dismissed. 

Blogging Is Everything

Blog owners do not just blog. Sometimes, they have another full time job or they run another business at the same time. The truth is that the real dream is to quit the job and blog on a full time basis. However, this does take years to happen. 

On the whole, blogging is much more complex than what many believe and it is really important for anyone interested in this lifestyle to know the truth about what will happen and what is just a set of misconceptions.