According to eco-campaigners, there are more Cop26 climate conference delegates with connections to fossil fuel industries than any other country.

World leaders have gathered in Glasgow to set out the action they are taking and commit to end funding for fossil fuels abroad, cut methane emissions, curb  deforestation, and phase out coal.

However, more than 500 people with oil and gas interests are accredited for the summit, according to analysis of the UN’s provisional list of named attendees by Global Witness and other groups.

Cop26 attracts around 4000 people. The data shows Brazil having the most negotiators with 479 delegate. The UK has 230 registered delegates in attendance.

The campaigners found out that over 100 fossil fuel companies were represented at the conference. This included the International Emissions Trading Association with 103 delegate. These groups claim that the IETA is supported and funded by oil firms who support offsetting and carbon trading in order to maintain their fossil fuel extraction.

These delegates have been expelled by environmentalists. Murray Worthy, Gas Campaign Leader at Global Witness, said: ‘The case for meaningful global action must not be diverted by a festival of polluters and their mouthpieces, who have no interest in seeing the changes we need to protect people and the planet.’ 

A factory chimney smokes at the Usiminas steel industrial complex, located at the city of Ipatinga, Minas Gerais state, Brazil, on November 6, 2021

On November 6, 2021, a factory chimney smells in the Usiminas Steel Industrial Complex, which is located in Ipatinga (Minas Gerais, Brazil).

Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaks at the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties)

Members of Extinction Rebellion gather in George Square in Glasgow on November 7, 2021

Extinction Rebellion members assemble in George Square in Glasgow on November 7, 2020 

Saudi Arabia was accused of trying to undermine efforts to reduce global warming below 1.5C 

Saudi Arabia was charged yesterday with trying to subvert efforts to fight climate change at Glasgow’s Cop26 summit.

One of the largest oil-producing countries in the world, the desert kingdom wants to delete a statement from the summit’s last outcome document that stated the goal of the meeting was to limit global warming below 1.5C.

All summit decisions require a consensus. According to the UK Government, “keeping 1.5 alive” is an important Cop26 goal.

Greenpeace said the ‘cover decision’ is the ‘top line message’ of the summit – and said its absence would cripple efforts to stick to the 1.5C goal.

According to the pressure group, Saudi Arabia was also blocking climate funding to countries in need.

Jennifer Morgan (international executive director) said that Saudi Arabia was at the chessboard manipulating pieces to prevent an outcome keeping 1.5C within reach.

Saudi negotiators can undermine talks as all decisions must be unanimous across the 196 participating countries – which means that no one nation is allowed to veto progress.

“The fact that hundreds of people are being paid to promote the toxic interests polluting fossil fuel corporations will only increase climate activists’ suspicions. They see these talks more as evidence of the delay and dithering of world leaders. 

“We cannot allow greenwashing, meaningless promises made by corporations that are not met by their delivery to distract from the enormity of our task ahead. 

“It is time that politicians show seriousness about ending big polluters’ influence over political decision making and vow to create a future in which expert and activist voices take centre stage.”

Rachel Rose Jackson from Corporate Accountability is the director for climate policy and research. She added that the architects of the crisis in climate cannot create a sustainable and just future after having already destroyed the house. 

Pascoe Sbido is a researcher for Corporate Europe Observatory and he said that while Cop26 has been promoted as a place to increase ambition, it is actually crawling with fossil-fuel lobbyists who only want to keep their businesses thriving. 

BP and other companies are involved in the talks despite their open admissions to increasing fossil gas production. 

“If we are serious about increasing ambition, fossil fuel lobbyists must be excluded from the discussions and our national capitals.

“Instead it is the governments and communities most affected by climate changes that find themselves excluded, despite claims from the UK of an inclusive, in-person climate summit. 

“Clearly, this ambition extends only as far as fossil fuel industries. Fossil-free politics is what we need. 

It comes as Environment Secretary revealed that the UK could hike taxes on imports from countries that fail to tackle climate change.

Whitehall officials are currently looking into the possibility of a “carbon border tax”, according to the Cabinet minister. It could impose costs on goods from countries that are not complying with their obligations to act.

However, Mr Eustice insists that the government will not introduce an arbitrarily imposed’meattax’ in order to raise food prices to account for environmental impact. 

A border tax on imports will take many years to implement and, according to Mr Eustice, it should be done on an international level. The Treasury and Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy have been looking into models for how a carbon-based border tax could work.

He stated that ‘In an ideal universe, it would be done multilaterally with the entire world coming together to agreement this’, he said on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show in Glasgow.

“But it will be essential. A carbon border tax is the only way to make sense of carbon taxes and emission trading if you are going to implement them in the near future. 

Boris Johnson urged negotiators in Glasgow to 'drive for the line' to get deals on tackling climate change

Boris Johnson exhorted negotiators at Glasgow to “drive for the line” to secure climate-change deals

George Eustice revealed the prospect of a 'carbon border tax' is being examined by officials in Whitehall

George Eustice stated that officials at Whitehall are looking into the possibility of a “carbon border tax”.

The world is literally on fire!Thunberg denounces Cop26 leaders in blaming ‘destruction for the future’

Greta Thunberg slammed Cop26 as 'shameful' and added: 'The world is literally burning'

Greta Thunberg described Cop26 as “shameful” and said that the world was literally burning. 

Greta Thunberg called Cop26’shameful,’ adding: “The world literally is burning.”

Boris Johnson, Joe Biden, and other leaders were accused of contributing to the global ecological crisis.

The Cop26 failure was something she told the assembled crowd. You should know that the same techniques that led us to this crisis cannot be used in solving it.

“And this is something that more and more people are beginning to realize. People are asking themselves how they can wake up the leaders.

“But, let’s not forget that they’re already awake. They understand exactly what they are doing. They are aware of the priceless value they have to sacrifice in order for business to continue as normal.

“The leaders don’t do nothing. To benefit themselves, they are creating loopholes and forming frameworks. To continue to profit from this destructive system.

“This is an active decision by the leaders to allow the exploitation and destruction of human and natural resources and of future living conditions to continue.”

It would serve to reduce pollution by prohibiting the import of goods from foreign countries.

We would say, as countries that we have taken the necessary actions to meet this challenge. However, we will not allow these producers to lose out to those doing more than their fair share and also we will not export pollution.

“If you don’t want pollution to be exported, you might need to think about a carbon border tax.”

But, Mr Eustice made it clear that there is no’meat tax. 

He said, “We are not going to have an arbitrarily imposed meat tax or meat levie.” He said, “That’s not on the cards.” I have never supported it. 

PM spoke out after the Glasgow summit passed the halfway point.

Johnson stated that nations have brought “ambition and actions to limit rising temperatures”, hailing the signing of agreements regarding deforestation, methane emissions and other issues.

“But, we cannot underestimate our task to preserve 1.5C,” he continued. “Countries need to return to the table next week, ready to accept bold compromises as well as make ambitious promises. 

This comes after thousands took to the streets in Europe and the UK on Saturday to demand urgent action against the climate crisis.

Thousands of people including students and Left-wing activists marched through Glasgow and carried red flags and banners reading ‘Capitalism is killing the planet’ amid a significant police presence.

In Scotland’s second city, demonstrators brought the centre to a standstill by chaining themselves to the King George V Bridge, blocking pedestrians and cars as they sang ‘power to the people’ and unfurled a banner which read: ‘Climate revolution… or we will lose everything’. Police Scotland officers arrested the protesters in images taken at the scene. 

At the Bank of England, hundreds of London demonstrators assembled for a march of 2 miles to Trafalgar Square. The protestors banged steel drums, shouted “one solution” and waved banners from Extinction Rebellion that read “tell the truth”. 

Speaking on stage at Trafalgar Square, former Green Party leader Sian Berry said climate change protesters represent ‘the majority’. The huge crowd cheered her on, adding: “We’re here in our thousands and in our millions. We are the majority of people now. 

Across the Irish Sea, activists congregated in Belfast ahead of a noisy and colourful march through the city centre before a planned rally at City Hall – while in the Republic of Ireland, hundreds of demonstrators gathered at the Garden of Remembrance in Dublin. 

Mena and women waving red flags were guarded by police officers in Glasgow during the demonstrations in the city

During the protests in Glasgow, police officers guarded mena and women with red flags.

Thousands of protesters are gathering around the world ahead of mass demonstrations about climate change. Pictured: Protesters in the city of London

Protesters gather in large numbers around the globe ahead of massive demonstrations against climate change. Photo: London protestors

A demonstrator is detained during a protest on the King George V Bridge in Glasgow

Un protestor was detained at the King George V Bridge in Glasgow

Climate activists attend a protest organised by the Cop26 Coalition in Glasgow on November 6, 2021

Cop26 Coalition, Glasgow organizes climate protests on November 6, 2021

Thunberg joined Emma Watson in discrediting Cop26 as a “greenwashing campaign for politicians, CEOs”

Greta Thunberg called Cop26 a “greenwashing campaign” for politicians, as Emma Watson joined her on a panel discussing climate change.

Miss Thunberg, who also this week denounced Government figures who gathered in the Scottish city for ‘whatever the f*** they are doing in there’, attended the New York Times’ ‘Climate Hub’ – a forum for discussing ‘actionable climate strategies’, also based in Glasgow.

Greta Thunberg dismissed Cop26 as a 'greenwashing campaign' for politicians as she joined Emma Watson on a climate discussion panel

Greta Thunberg described Cop26 as “greenwashing” and joined Emma Watson to discuss climate change. 

Swedish activist for the environment made fun of UN Cop26 and called it a “greenwash campaign”, which is a PR campaign to get politicians and businesses to act like they are actually taking steps, but then not following through.

Miss Thunberg, in an surprise session’ curated Emma Watson said that ‘Since it is so far from the actual needs, I believe what would make this a success would have people realizing what a failure COP really is.

According to the New York Times, she and Vanessa Nakate (young female activist), also talked about the importance of women in organizing protests and demanding that world leaders take action.

According to The Cop26 Coalition, there were around 200 events in the UK, as well as other countries, including France and Australia. After Greta Thunberg led children and parents through Glasgow, protesting against fossil fuels investment and the ‘failure to address climate change’. 

The Cop26 conference was called by Miss Thunberg (age 18), where countries meet to boost ambition on cutting their greenhouse gas emissions.

Midway through the summit’s second day, the latest protests were announced. This has been a time when world leaders met to discuss the actions they plan. 

However, there are still significant gaps between what the countries have agreed to and the actions required to stop more than 1.5C global warming. Above that level, climate change’s worst flooding, storms, and rising seas will become evident.

There is pressure on nations to come to an agreement about how to improve ambition over the next decade as well as provide financing for countries in need to manage the crisis.

Cop26 continues negotiations as protests continue. On Saturday, the conference will be focusing on nature and land use in the fight against climate change.

Jason Cook, 54 from Wootton Bassett stated that he marched with two friends through Glasgow to get rid of the constant blahing from politicians on climate change. 

Three men arrived at the march in helmets and were adorned with signs that said “blah”, echoing Ms Thunberg’s description of Cop26 summit.

Dave Knight (51), a Wiltshire resident, stated that the only way to stop the worst impacts of climate change was to eliminate the extraction and use of fossil fuels. Also, he said that renewables require a lot more investment. 

Organisers said that demonstrators will be present on central London’s streets as well as at 200 other events around the UK.

Ms Blake (33) from Kentish Town (north London) stated that she was joining the protest because the Government would “make the right decision for our children” at the Glasgow summit.

Valkan Aran (48), a Stoke Newington parent carried Aylin, his 4-year-old girl, on his shoulders. He told local media that he wanted her to learn how to make a difference for the future.

Katie Harrington joined the marching crowds that marched through Dublin to the Government Buildings.

The Dublin woman stated, “It’s very important for me that we use and voice our opinions.”

“I am not here to serve myself; I’m here to help future generations.” It is essential that our government takes action against climate change and other climate crises. We cannot just continue to talk, but also not only make plans.

“It is really important that we use our voices to march on the streets in order for others to hear us.”