Commonly, women will communicate with the ex-wife of their husbands with child gloves.

It’s refreshing to see that not all ex-husbands have such difficult relationships with their spouses. Miranda Kerr, a model who is married to actor Orlando Bloom has spoken glowingly about the fiancee of her ex, Katy Perry. She said that they celebrate every important milestone together. She said, “I love her.” Flynn’s father is the only one I truly love.

Is there anyone who found friendship among this minefield of people? SAMANTHA BRICK spoke to four sets of women — and the men they have in common — who claim to be the best of friends . . .


Miranda Price (42), a karate instructor, executive assistant and greenkeeper, has a relationship to Paul Giles (42). They are both from Tring in Hertfordshire. Miranda says:

Paul and I first met each other on an app dating in January 2017. This was right before lockdown. Paul spoke openly about his past relationship with Lisa, his ex-wife. To me, it was clear that their relationship was not fraught with animosity.

We had an introduction in March. In September Lisa visited Paul and the kids’ house, where she met Paul for the first-time. The afternoon was filled with laughter and fun as we played hide-and seek in our one-bedroom home.

Paul and Lisa needed to be able to explore their co-parenting plans. My relationship has developed naturally with Lisa.

Paul and me have supported each other in every way we could over the past 2 years. We will do this again. Her mother is a solo mom who runs her business in the midst of a pandemic. Supporting one another is important for women.

Lisa is very fun to have around and I am so happy we are friends.

Paul’s 40-year-old ex-wife Lisa Giles is a coach in mindset. Her son, age eight, lives in Hertfordshire with her daughter, age five. Lisa says:

Paul's ex-wife Lisa Giles (left) pictured with his new girlfriend Miranda Price (right)

Paul’s exwife Lisa Giles (left), pictured with Miranda Price (right).

Paul and I parted ways after twelve years. Miranda started seeing him three months later. While it was surprising that he moved on so fast, I researched how to make blended families work.

Miranda and I first met on video with Paul before the kids knew. Knowing that the children would notice my positive attitude and be more happy if I am joyful, I felt confident.

Paul and she will take me along on their dog walks. It’s an exciting friendship that is still young, but we complement each other well.

Miranda is strong and can be trusted to take part in the life of her partner. But I see that she’s a better match than Paul.

Our friendship is so strong that we have decided to start a joint venture. It’s all down to the shared values we have and our mutual commitment. It’s been a great experience.

PAUL SAYS, “I’m happy Miranda and Lisa get along.” That makes everything easier. I was not surprised that they would become close friends because of their shared love for each other. It’s something my friends see as a positive thing and a wonderful example for the children.

Pictured: Paul and Lisa when they were married

Pictured are Lisa and Paul when they got married 

Luckily, it wasn’t easy at first. But she saw me through the labor 

Rebecca Smith is 42 years old and a quality consultant. She married Darren Smith, 47. He works as a transportation manager. Their children Darcy (11), Max (99) and Oscar (33) live with them in Pulloxhill. Darren is the father of Sammy (17), a child he had with Maria in his first marriage. Rebecca says:

I was nervous to meet Maria when Darren and me met in November 2007. Although it was difficult at the beginning, I didn’t get on well with my ex partners. If you’re decent and want to make things work in a difficult situation, it is possible.

Maria is a significant part of my family and welcomed into my home. I did not want to have a relationship that was just about dropping off the kids at the door. From the beginning, she was a friend.

Maria moved to Devon seven-years ago. Since then, we have worked tirelessly to keep our friendship alive. Darcy’s birthday was recently organized by Maria. We had gone on holiday near Maria’s new home and the children — my three, Maria’s two and the one we share — loved spending time together.

Pictured (L-R): Darren's new wife Rebecca, Darren and his ex-wife Maria

Pictured from left to right: Darren’s ex-wife Maria and Rebecca his wife. 

Friends often find it surprising that we can do this. We are a very proud couple.

Maria Bailey (45), Darren’s ex, is a grief expert and the director of Cope Academy. Her children include Sammy (age 17), George (7 years), and Holly (5, with Luke). The couple lives in Paignton (Devon). Maria said:

Darren and me split in amicable divorce in February 2007. In February 2007, Darren and I split amicably. He knew her from a mutual friend. We had been to social events together. I liked her.

When they moved in together, I asked her if she would like to meet me for a cup of coffee. Although I had emotionally moved on, it was still nerve-wracking. It was vital that Sammy and I worked together. We were all getting along brilliantly by the end.

Becky and me grew closer and I’m glad that Darren and Darren still get along. Becky and Darcy were in labor when I was there to rub her back. Today, her children call me Aunty Mo.

DARREN SAIDS: My life is very fortunate. That makes my day easier. Our children have been able socialise and it has made our lives easier. It was amazing to see how much they did.


Rianna Boyle is a 28-year-old security worker and Jamie is 32. With their three children, they live in Basildon (Essex). Rianna says:

Jamie and myself met in August 2017 and Jennifer came along five months later. Together they have a son and she felt it important that I get to know her.

Jamie puts off making arrangements, while Jennifer is organized, just like I am. Sometimes, I had to step in to help. It was clear that we liked each other. Jennifer loves to watch our kids. We are proud to declare that we have no hatred. Our conversations are daily. Jennifer came even to our wedding (right).

It is strange to some friends, and Jamie’s mother initially thought it was unusual. However, I’m happy that we did it correctly.

Pictured L-R: Rianna Boyle, Jamie's wife and his ex-wife Jennifer Baker

Pictured: L-R Rianna Boyle and Jamie Baker’s ex-wife Jennifer Baker

Jamie’s exwife Jennifer Baker (33) is a photographer. She lives with Duane, 38, who works as an account manager. Their son Jacob (seven) and Lucas (nine months) live together. The couple lives in Southend, Essex. Jennifer says:

Jamie and I were together eight years. We had been married for two years before we separated in 2017. Jamie met Rianna five months later. She was a great friend.

Rianna was a huge support during a recent health crisis. She helped me to recover emotionally. She is that kind of person.

It was a dream of mine to have this amazing friendship with Rianna after my breakup with Jamie.

JAMIE SAYS : It is a joy that they are getting on. This makes life so easy. Rianna is a blessing. Things between Jen and me are much better.

Pictured: Jamie and Rianna on their wedding day

Photo: Rianna and Jamie on their wedding day


Jackie Judd (49), is a student midday supervisor at a school. Richard Judd, 58 was a former facility manager. Their son, Paul Judd, is 23 years old. Richard, 58, has a daughter Laura, 31. This was Richard’s first marriage to Su. They now live in Rugby, Warwickshire. Jackie says:

Richard and I began seeing each other two years after he divorced. Su made it her mission to get acquainted with me. She was open about the fact she saw Richard and that Laura was being seen by Su. She was firm in her determination and she was a true friend.

Through family gatherings, we were able to get through those first hard years. It was clear that there was no need to discuss issues in secret.

We have had our moments of falling out, sometimes for silly reasons. Su’s little girl Shannon was christened when I revealed that I was expecting my son Paul. Su believed it was the wrong time. It was wrong of me to do that, and I soon admitted it.

She’s a wonderful person. Together, we have learned to trust each other and go on vacation together with Richard.

Pictured L-R: Jackie Judd, Richard's wife and Su Heighton, his ex-wife

Pictured from left to right: Jackie Judd (Richard’s wife) and Su Heighton (his ex-wife). 

Su Heighton (54), Richard’s ex-wife, is a former supermarket manager. She has 2 children: Laura, 31 and Shannon, 24. She also resides in Rugby. Su says

When Richard started seeing Jackie, I was a bit put out — she was half my size for starters and younger than me.

Jackie asked Richard to marry him and I was shocked when she chose me as her maid-of-honor. The hen party was organized by me, and I helped Jackie choose her wedding gown.

In January of this year, I was diagnosed with Covid. Jackie was ready to bring me home, three weeks after I had been in hospital. She is my best friend. She’s my best friend. We’re inseparable.

RICHARD SAYS. I was briefly married with Su. I’m proud to say that we’re still friends. Jackie is the true love of my existence. They have forged a lasting friendship that will last a lifetime.