The council is outraged by residents “Ludicrous” plans are being made to trim down four apple tree because fruit falling to the ground can be a ‘tripping Hazard’.

These large trees, which have been residing in Westwood in Wiltshire’s heart for more than 30 years, are still being used to produce jam and cider.

However, only four of the five trees are being cut after falling fruit was found to be a danger to health and safety.

Nearly 200 people have signed a petition opposing the council's decision.  David McQueen (pictured), 56, launched it in November

A petition against the decision of the council has been signed by nearly 200 people.  David McQueen (pictured), 56 launched the petition in November

These trees are located along a footpath. The local parish council apparently stated that they might be dangerous if people stumble across the fruit. 

Nearly 200 people have signed the petition in opposition to the plans. The organizers claim that trees will be chopped because they pose a danger to the safety of the pedestrians.

David McQueen (56), a villager, launched the petition back in November. He condemned plans to remove four mature apples trees, calling it eco vandalism. 

Residents are outraged at a council's 'ludicrous' plans to chop down four apple trees because the fruit which falls to the ground is a 'tripping hazard'

Residents are furious at the council’s plans to cut down four apple trees. This is because fruit falling to the ground can be a dangerous ‘tripping hazard. 

McQueen stated that they are wonderful trees. So far, more than 150 people have signed my petition for their protection. This is incredible considering how small the village is.

This is your last chance at saving these trees which serve as a natural resource for residents and children of the village and provide habitat for wildlife.

They would consider it eco vandalism to cut them down. The Westwood Parish Council wants to remove four Westwood Park apple trees.

A sign on a branch saying 'save me'

Another trinket on the tree with the words 'birds eat my apples' on it

There are ornaments to be found on the trees. They have been sitting in Westwood in Wiltshire’s heart for more 30 years. The apples can also be used by the locals to make jam or cider.

These are close to the swings. One is quite large. However, all of them are mature and each year produce an apple crop.

“Some of the apples can be eaten, while others are made into jam or cider by local residents. All are food sources for birds and insects.

“The trees are important in combating climate change. Chopping down them means that less carbon dioxide is absorbed and habitat for wildlife is destroyed. This reduces the enjoyment of children and adults to just four stumps.

“The council claims that the trees were’self-sown’, and should therefore be removed.

“They claim that apples cause tripping hazards, but it seems like a huge overreaction to cut down trees with healthy fruit because there are too many apples.

McQueen said that it wasn’t clear if McQueen had received a complaint from someone who had fallen on an apple.

The trees line a footpath and the local parish council has apparently said people might stumble on the fruit - making them dangerous

These trees are located along a footpath. The local parish council apparently stated that they might be tempted by people who stumble across the fruit.

Diana Lindsey made a comment about the petition. She said that the Parish Council planted the trees over thirty years ago to allow Westwood citizens to collect the fruits and the wildlife to reap the benefits.

“It’s absurd to cut them down with the ridiculous excuse that somebody might trip on fallen apples.

People can see the places they want to go and leave the trees to preserve the environment.

Polly wrote another petition: “In an age where there is a need for more trees to reduce emissions and plant them, it seems absurd that we would cut down trees that do no harm.”  

Janine Sparks stated, “Please don’t chop down these trees!” Instead, put up a sign warning everyone to be careful!!

“We need more trees and not less. An apple tree can provide food for humans and animals. 

“My little boy likes to pick apples out of this tree when we go to the park,” Emma Wilkinson also contributed.

The apples which fall from the trees have been deemed a risk by the council, who are planning to cut them down

Council considers the apples that fall from trees to be a threat and plans to reduce them.

Roger Coleman, Westwood Parish Council clerk, stated that they had a lengthy discussion at the December 6 meeting and decided to invite Nick Cranston of Acer Tree Surgeons to act ‘in respect of’ a Scots Pine near the play area. 

McQueen said that he does not understand why councils cut the trees.

He explained that after speaking with two parish council members extensively over a half hour I didn’t get a clear explanation for why they had decided to take down the apple trees.

The only explanation they could give was an overhanging branch from one tree’s bush that was dropping apples onto their path.

The council also stated that the trees had been planted by themselves, but in reality this was incorrect.

“Having heard the many arguments made by community members for keeping the trees alive – to protect biodiversity, support local cider brewers and our climate crisis – the council decided that they would destroy the trees.

“I think we have a chance to save these lovely trees but it is only due all of the negative publicity.”