The primary school teacher who was caught on film kicking and biting a horse in a hunt, has been fired.

Sarah Moulds was arrested by the RSPCA last month for animal cruelty. She was fired from her position at Somerby School.

Following a six week investigation by education officials, disgraced rider and mother of two from Somerby (near Melton Mowbray), Leicestershire was made to understand her fate.

Paul Maddox, Chief Operating Officer of Mowbray Education Trust stated in a statement that Sarah Moulds has left the Trust.

“As Trusts, we commit to providing the best education possible for all our young people. We look forward in continuing this effort through the academic year 2021/22 and beyond.”

Sarah served as a leader and teacher in the class 3 team at her Somerby School. She was also director of Knossington and Somerby Pre-Schools before she was fired.

After a Cottesmore Hunt meeting in the county, the 37-year old was seen slashing at his horse.

Sarah Moulds, a foxhunter who was filmed appearing to punch and kick a horse, has lost her job as a primary school teacher after an investigation by the school in relation to the viral video

Sarah Moulds is a Foxhunter, who was recorded appearing to kick and punch horses. After an investigation by her school, she lost her position as primary school teacher.

Sarah was a senior leader and class three team teacher at her local Somerby School (pictured) and was also a director of the Knossington and Somerby Pre-School before her termination

Sarah was a Senior Leader and Class Three Teacher at the Somerby School. She was also Director of the Knossington and Somerby Pre-Schools.

An anti-hunt activist’s video went viral and triggered outrage both nationally and internationally.

Pony Club claims she was the largest equestrian youth organization in the world with over 30,000 members. They also fired her from her role as team manager and condemned her for her actions as unacceptable. 

In the aftermath of the video going viral, Sarah received abuse and death threats and moved to a secret location away from her semi-detached £350,000 property for several days.

A neighbor previously said that she fled her home because she “feared for her own life.” She added: “She has had to leave after being threatened with death and subjected to vile abuse. It is horrible and out of control. She worries about her own life.

“I’m not sure what happened or in what context, but Sarah is suffering terrible things now,” said the neighbor. In case of a target on her family, she is afraid to be in her home. 

A local rider stated that she had young children and was concerned about their welfare.

This is the shocking moment Sarah Moulds appears to kick and repeatedly slap a horse after a hunting event organised by Cottesmore Hunt, a group based in Rutland, East Midlands

After a Cottesmore Hunt hunting event, Sarah Moulds, who is from Rutland in East Midlands, appears to kick and repeatedly hit a horse.

“She is well-respected and highly respected within equestrian circles, and after her viral video was posted she received a flood of angry comments on her social media. She’s had to shut it down.”

David Kirkham (Bonsall, Derbyshire) was her uncle.

“I saw the video. But we aren’t sure what it did or if it was out-of-control. We know the horse ran onto the roadway and that she reported it to her.

“She was disciplining the horse. It was not intended to be malice. She is highly respected and thought of.

This footage features a white horse that trots along the trailer of a horse carriage before being stopped and collected by a young horseman.

After grabbing the handle of the animal, a woman wearing navy pants and cream trousers grabs it and kicks it around.

The woman appears to repeatedly slap the horse in the video

The woman appears to repeatedly slap the horse in the video

RSPCA described the event as “upsetting” and asked for witnesses.

According to the Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs who claim they take ‘nonviolent direct action’ to protect wildlife, the video was shared on their Twitter page by the RSPCA.   

According to the group, the incident occurred on the 6th of November after the Cottesmore Hunt. This is one of Britain’s oldest hunting events. 

Cottesmore Hunt stated that it didn’t condone any of the acts shown in the video “under any circumstance”.

According to the group, it would remind all its supporters that such behavior will not be tolerated.

Chris Packham, a countryside activist, called upon the RSPCA “to urgently investigate and prosecute this appalling cruelty – so upholding our standards for animal welfare protection.”

RSPCA confirms it has seen footage it describes as “upsetting” and says an investigation has been opened. A business card was seen at Mrs Moulds’s house days following the incident. 

Pictured: An RSPCA card with a note was pinned to the front door of Mrs Moulds's house

Pictured: A RSPCA Card with a Note was stuck to Mrs Moulds’ front door

Megan McCubbin, a BBC Springwatch host and Zoologist said that the footage displayed ‘disgusting behavior’. “Yet another ugly face of activist people call sport.” 

Also criticizing the video was the Hunting Office, which stated that the victim does not belong in any way to their hunting organizations and added that it expects animal welfare at its highest levels. 

Anne Brummer was the CEO of Save Me Trust animal welfare organization. Nobody around her appears socked. What is the problem with these people?

After the outcry over the online video, the RSPCA said that the footage was “really disturbing”.

Sarah declined any comment.