Ruff landing: A dog leaps out of its ute onto a busy street at a heart-stopping speed. But the tough little woofer manages to keep it in check.

  • One dog can be seen flying off a vehicle on busy roads in Queensland.
  • It was caught on dashcam video at the Cairns roundabout
  • The staffy appears unaffected by the impact and you can see it wagging its tail.

One lucky dog has survived nine years after being run over by a truck on the busy road.

This footage shows the dog flying in a white double cab to a Far North Queensland roundabout, before summersaulting through the bitumen.

However, the staffy manages to ignore the force and is soon seen flailing its tail.

Renee Oliver from Cairns was watching the unfolding incident as she waited for traffic to merge.

She got out of her car, and ran to rescue the dog.

As cars drive by, her dashcam captured the moment when she charged towards the animal.

Ms Oliver placed the dog, stunned by her actions in her car. She eventually met up with the owners further down the road.

“Lucky enough, someone had told him (the driver), that the dog was missing. I replied, “Mate, I have your dog!” 7News was told by Ms Oliver.

“It was probably shock for him, but he did not realize the dog was out of his car.

Pictured: A dog with nine lives has made a lucky escape after being hurled from a ute on a busy stretch of road

Pictured: This lucky dog who has lived nine lives, was thrown from a truck on busy roads.

Pictured: The pooch is captured on dashcam footage flying out of a white dual cab at a roundabout in Far North Queensland before summersaulting across the bitumen

Pictured: A dashcam video captures the dog flying in a dual cab white at a Far North Queensland roundabout, before summersaulting through the bitumen.

Pictured: But the staffy shrugs off the heavy impact and is seen wagging its tail just seconds later

Pictured: The staffy is seen waving its tail just seconds after the impact.

RSPCA claims that the video shows how important it is to protect your pet when driving.

Statisticians estimate that approximately 5,000 dogs fall or jump from cars each year, causing injuries or death.

A pet harness is recommended by the animal welfare organization for motorists when transporting animals.

Queensland law does not require that animals be restrained while they drive.