Claudia Williams, 42, was arrested Monday by Florida law enforcement

Claudia Williams (42), was taken into custody Monday by Florida police

After being suspected of running for three months, a woman walked up and shot a mother in her head.

Florida police in Jacksonville arrested Claudia Williams, 42. She was being sought in connection to the murder of Delia Johnson (also 42) in Crown Heights Brooklyn. The crime took place 1,012 miles from her home.

Johnson chatted with her friends while on camera, and the footage shows them sitting on a sidewalk step. 

Johnson’s mother Delia Berry stated that she knew Johnson as an assassin because she was a friend of her family. The 42-yearold mother of a 17 year old girl was lured by a call and lured to her own death.

According to the New York Post, Berry stated that she knew Berry when she first saw the photo.

“Oh my God! Oh my God!” She used to be with us.

“She slept in my room, ate my meals.”

Berry stated that Berry was a mother to one of his babies.

Johnson was speaking to people in Crown Heights on August 4, at 9.40 PM. A blonde woman in black approached Johnson from the behind, and she shot her in her back.

NYPD  issued this image of the female shooter, describing her as 'a dark-skinned adult female, approximately in her mid 20's, heavy build, long blond hair and was last seen wearing black long sleeve shirt, black tights, silver belt around her waist, black and white sneakers, white purse'

Delia Johnson, 42, was a single mother killed in Brooklyn when she was allegedly shot in the back of the head by a person her mother claimed was a family friend

Delia Johnson (42), was a mother of one who was shot in Brooklyn’s back by an individual her mother claims was a friend. The New York Police Department released a photo of the woman who shot Delia Johnson (left).

Shocking video shows the female assassin raising a gun to a woman on a Brooklyn sidewalk and shooting her dead. The victim, named by police as Delia Johnson, 42, was speaking to a group on a stoop in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, when she was shot in the head

The shocking video captures the assassin bringing a weapon to a victim on a Brooklyn sidewalk, and then shooting her. Delia Johnson (42) was an innocent victim who was speaking with a group of people in Crown Heights when she was gunned down in the head.

It was alleged the killer and Johnson (pictured) had been at a funeral together on the same day she was shot

Johnson and the murderer (pictured above) were allegedly at the funeral on the day Johnson was killed. 

Delia Berry says she's 'very angry' but 'doesn't hate' the woman who fatally shot her daughter - Delia Johnson - in an execution-style shooting and will 'continue to pray' for her and her family

Delia Berry says she’s ‘very angry’ but ‘doesn’t hate’ the woman who fatally shot her daughter – Delia Johnson – in an execution-style shooting and will ‘continue to pray’ for her and her family

Johnson can be seen collapsing on video in front of shocked onlookers. Her killer then calmly moves toward a white car and gets into the driver’s chair.

Hadjah Pendley was one of Johnson’s youngest sisters. She called the suspect “a family friend who came at our family celebrations and holidays, whatever you wish to call them, she came.”

Berry reportedly told PIX11 that Johnson and Berry had a tumultuous friendship over the past few weeks, in which they’d ‘argue all about everything’

The suspect has yet to be identified. She claims she now wants to understand why her daughter was murdered.

She asked, “Why would you kill her this way?” She asked. She replied, “I only want to know.”

“What would she do to me if you didn’t knock at my door? You would all have settled it for yourselves.

Berry said to the Post, “You’re hurting families.” Berry said, “I am in such pain that I do not know what to do.”

Berry stated that ‘She’s my baby’ and added: “This person who shot my daughter, God bless you all, for we curse ourselves when we do these things.”

Delia Johnson, 42, was shot and killed on a Brooklyn street after attending a funeral for a friend

She was raising a 17-year-old daughter as a single mom (not pictured)

Delia Johnson, 42, was gunned down on Brooklyn streets. She had been attending the funeral of a close friend. As a single mother, she was caring for her 17-year old daughter.

Footage shows the assassin, her purse slung over her shoulder, turn and casually walk to an SUV as her victim lays dead on the sidewalk

Film footage shows her assassin with her purse over her shoulder and turning to walk casually towards an SUV while her victim lies on the sidewalk.

Delia Johnson lays dead on the sidewalk after onlookers scattered for shelter when the shots were fired.  Her assassin is shown getting into a getaway car

After the shots had been fired, Delia Johnson was left lying on the street.  The assassin of Delia Johnson is seen getting into a getaway vehicle. 

After shooting Johnson multiple times, the blonde suspect calmly returned to a parked car

Johnson was shot multiple times. The blonde suspect returned calmly to his parked car.

She was last seen getting into the driver's seat and speeding away from the scene

The last time she was seen, she was in the driver’s chair and driving away.

Mathis Johnson was Delia’s older brother and told The New York Daily News his sister had been to a funeral of an old friend that day.

Mathis claimed that the murderer was one of hundreds who attended this service.

Mathis stated that he witnessed the long-haired, black-clad lady at Sealy Culyer Funeral Home about four blocks from his home.

Johnson was talking with friends when Johnson received the call.

According to Shawn Johnson, a 43-year-old friend and longtime acquaintance, the New York Post, ‘She stated ‘I will be right back’. “Twenty minutes later someone called me to inform me that she had been shot. He said he was lying to me. She was right there with me. 

Delia Berry, Johnson's mother, said she now wants to know why the suspect killed her daughter

Johnson’s mom, Delia Berry said that Johnson now wants to find out why her daughter was killed.

Berry, left, said Johnson, right, her first-born child, helped take care of her after she underwent surgery and would bring her food

Berry (left) said Johnson (right), her first child and helped care for her after her surgery. She would also bring her food.

Khadyah Berry (28) told the Post that Johnson’s sister was driving to find a spot for parking when she saw an ambulance pass her.

Khadyah said, “I tried to run down the street in order to reach her, but by then, they had taken her.” Khadyah claimed that she knew inside her heart that someone called Khadyah and was able to identify the identity and free my sister. I can’t believe anyone would say otherwise.

She said, “My sister wasn’t worthy of that.”

Delia’s relatives said that she was an entrepreneur and was currently raising her 17 year-old daughter. 

Her mother described her also as her firstborn, and said that she excelled in tap dancing and piano. She later cared for her after her illness.

Berry said that she won’t forget her pain when she was suffering and Johnson’s help was invaluable.

She said that she was going to miss her providing food for me when I wasn’t feeling well. And, she added, “When a child is able to wash their mother and do laundry, that’s true love.”

“She would say, “You know what you get.” [on]My nerves can sometimes Mommy, but I know you love me, Berry said to the Post. “I would tell Berry, “You get on mine nerves too, but you love me too.”