Linda Gray, Dallas’s icon has been seen out running errands close to her Valencia home in California. saw the actress, 81 years old Wednesday shopping at Costco. She bought a blanket and fruit.  

In black sweatpants, a sweatshirt in tan and casual clothing, she was seen pulling a cart and then loading items into her car. Then she went on with her business, grabbing mail from a post office box. 

In California, where she runs a ranch, the actress is kept low-profile. Wednesday’s photo was her first public appearance in over three years. spotted Dallas icon Linda Gray, 81, running errands near her home in Valencia, California caught Linda Gray, an 81-year-old Dallas icon running errands close to her Valencia home, California.

During her outing Linda went on an hour-long trip to Costco, where she stocked up on fruit and also purchased a fluffy blanket

Linda took an hour long trip to Costco during her outing, buying fruit as well as a fluffy blanket.

She kept it casual in black sweatpants, a tan sweatshirt and sneakers with her hair tied up

She kept it casual in black sweatpants, a tan sweatshirt and sneakers with her hair tied up

With her long hair combed, she wore black sweatpants and a tan sweatshirt with sneakers.

The actress keeps a low profile these days in California where she owns a ranch. Wednesday's outing was the first time she's been photographed in public in three years

California ranch owner, actress Jennifer Lawrence keeps her profile low these days. Wednesday’s photo was her first public appearance in 3 years. 

The veteran actress was seen pushing a cart, then loading the items into her car

She was seen loading up the cart with items and pushing it along by the veteran actress

This veteran actress, former model, and director is well-known for portraying Sue Ellen Ewing on The Classic TV Series. She plays the wife of Larry Hagman, J.R., a long-suffering character. 

Linda was the actress from 1978 to 1991. She then appeared in several successful films and returned to her part in some Dallas reunions.

A talented theatre actress as well, she was the star of Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate 2001.   

Sylvester Stallone worked also with the brunette beauty on Oscar, 1991. Also on Models Inc, 1994-1995.

In 1996 and 1998, she returned to Dallas for spinoffs. She also appeared on the reboot between 2012 and 2014.  

The veteran actress, director and former model is popular for her portrayal of Sue Ellen Ewing, aka the long-suffering wife of Larry Hagman's screen persona J.R. on the classic TV series

A veteran actress, director, and ex-model, Sue Ellen Ewing is a popular portrayal of Larry Hagman’s long-suffering spouse, J.R., on classic TV series.

Linda played the part from 1978 until 1991, then went on to appear in a string of successful movies and reprise her role in a couple of Dallas reunions

Linda was the actress from 1978 to 1991. She then appeared in several successful films and was back in Dallas for a few reunions.

Linda posted the heartbreaking news last year on Instagram. Jeff Thrasher, Jeff’s 56-year old son, has passed away.

A celebration of Jeff’s life. He was the most kind, funny, and sweetest person …… Everyone loved him! She said.”May his adventure be one of magic.” ❤️Thank you.

As her friends expressed their shock at the sad news, they said that they were sorry and didn’t know what else to do. Scotland, sending you my love and a huge hug.

Linda, we are so sorry. Jordana Brewster, her Dallas star, wrote that she was sending all of her love and strength. 

Linda shared an image showing Jeff on his bike, riding it along a road filled with fall leaves. Another was of Jeff’s name in the sand and a heart surrounding it.  

Jeff was battling leukemia. 

Jeff’s father was Ed Thrasher to whom Linda was a wife from 1962-1983.

Gray, husband Ed Thrasher, son Jeff Thrasher and daughter Kehly in 1982

Gray and Ed Thrasher were married in 1982. Jeff Thrasher was their son, while Kehly was their daughter.

The 81-year-old star revealed on Instagram last year that her 56-year-old son Jeff Thrasher has passed away

On Instagram, the star of 81 years old revealed that Jeff Thrasher (56-years-old) has died.

The star shared an image of the back of Jeff riding his bicycle on a street filled with autumn leaves. The next photo was of his name drawn in the sand with a heart around it as the waves crashed in the background

Star shared this image showing Jeff on his back riding his bike along a road filled with fall leaves. As the waves crashed behind him, the next picture was his name written in the sand and a heart.

Linda also has 55-year-old daughter Kehly Sloane, an actress who is married to Lance Sloane; together they have two children.

Jeff worked as a TV director and producer and his most recent project was Junior Chef Showdown.

Junior Chef Showdown features a competition where the best young chefs compete in cooking challenges. Only one chef of the pint size will win the title of the best in their field.

The Amazing Race Canada, Canada’s Smartest Person and Canada’s Amazing Race Canada were also made by his efforts.

He directed Furze World Wonders in 2017 and Jeff was a producer on Vegas Rat Rods in 2015.