Scotland Yard launches manhunt for jewel thief ‘Lupin’ after raids worth £26m on London homes belonging to Tamara Ecclestone and Frank Lampard

  • Alfredo Lindley (44) has been accused in a string of 2019 burglaries 
  • Scotland Yard is now on the hunt for the jewel-thief throughout Europe
  • It is thought to be the highest value burglary in English criminal history at £26m
  • Frank Lampard and Tamara Ecclestone were the rich targets.

Alfredo Lindley, 40, is thought to use  19 aliases and currently be located in Belgrade, Serbia

Alfredo Lindley, 40, is thought to use  19 aliases and currently be located in Belgrade, Serbia

Scotland Yard launched an international manhunt to find a jewel-thief. He is believed to be responsible for the largest theft in English criminal history. 

Alfredo Lindley, 40, has been accused of leading a series of burglaries in 2019 in which he got away with £26 million in jewellery, watches and cash.

The alleged high-flying criminal aimed at Tamara Ecclestone (former Formula 1 Heiress), Frank Lampard, an ex-Chelsea footballer and England footballer and the former owner of Leicester City Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha.

According to Italian authorities, Lindley may also have robbed Crystal Palace manager Patrick Vieira in 2009, the Evening Standard reported.

The jewel thief is thought to use 19 aliases, including Daniel Vukovic, Ljubomir Radosavljevic and Ljubomir Romanov, and it is thought he may now be in Belgrade, Serbia.

Over 13 days in December 2019, he was thought to be responsible for a series of high-profile burglaries, which included Mr. Lampard’s £12-million property, late-billionaire Mr Srivaddhanaprabha’s home and Ms Ecclestone’s £70-million, 55-room mansion near Kensington Palace where they got £25 million of the total £26-million pot.

Tamara Ecclestone, pictured, was on holiday with her husband and daughter while a gang used screwdrivers and evaded security guards to get access into her home

Tamara Ecclestone was on vacation with her husband and her daughter. A gang used screws and dodged security guards so they could get into Tamara’s home.

Frank Lampard

Patrick Vieira

Frank Lampard was an ex-footballer for England and Chelsea. His home was taken in December 2019. Italian officials believe Linley may have targeted Crystal Palace manager Patrick Vieira’s house in 2009.

The heist spoils included £50,000 Patek Philippe cufflinks and a Cartier watch from Mr Lampard’s home, £1 million and Patek Philippe watches from Mr Srivaddhanaprabha and cash and jewellery from Ms Ecclestone.

Ms Ecclestone went on holiday with her husband. Her daughter was also there. A gang used screwdrivers, bypassing security guards, to gain access to her house.

However, police have yet to find the items that were stolen from abroad.

Omar Sy as Lupin in the hit Netflix show of the same name. Lindley has been nicknamed Arsene Lupin by Italian police

Omar Sy plays Lupin in Netflix’s hit series of the same name. Italian police have given Lindley the nickname Arsene Lupin

Lindley, who is from Peru and was raised in eastern Europe, has been convicted of frauds in Italy at least nine different times since 26 years ago.

Italian police have given him the nickname Arsene Lupin, in honor of the Netflix crime movie. 

Jugoslav Jovanovic, 24, Alessandro Maltese, 45, and Alessandro Donati, 44, all believed to be his accomplices earlier this year admitted conspiracy to burgle the properties at Isleworth Crown Court.

The heist spoils included £1 million and Patek Philippe watches from Vichai Srivaddhanaprabh

The heist spoils included £1 million and Patek Philippe watches from Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, pictured, the late former owner of Leicester City

Jovanovic pleaded guilty to conspiracy to launder money in an eleventh-hour plea last week, just before his trial was scheduled to begin.

Judge Martin Edmunds, C.P., anticipates that Jovanovic and Maltese will be sentenced on 15 November. However, this date is only provisional and can change. 

According to The Sun, the Met Police has confirmed that Lindley was wanted for questioning in respect of a series of high-value burglaries committed in December 2019 in Kensington and Chelsea’.