Sir David Amess, who was attacked during a constituency operation at a church 12 day ago, died from multiple stab wounds in the chest. An inquest was heard today.

Sir David, 69 years old, was stabbed to his death at Belfairs Methodist Church of Leigh-on-Sea (Essex) on October 15, during a constituency operation. 

The father of five was declared dead on arrival at the scene at 1.10pm. A preliminary postmortem report indicated that multiple stab wounds were the cause of his death.

Today’s inquest lasted less than five minute and revealed that Sir David died from multiple stab wounds to his chest. The number of wounds was not disclosed.

Paul Donaghy, a coroner’s officer, said that Sir David was stabbed during a meeting with one person on October 15. His death was declared at 1.13pm.

The Chelmsford Inquest was suspended in the midst of criminal proceedings. It will be reviewed April 27.

Sir David’s terrorist murder is being charged against a 25-year-old man.

Ali Harbi Ali was present before the Old Bailey on Friday. He was not asked for pleas to the murder and preparing acts terrorism charges between September 2018 and May 2019 but he did appear. He will be tried in March 2019.

A coroner into the death of the Conservative MP from Southend West is scheduled to be opened today at County Hall, Chelmsford. 

Court artist sketch by Elizabeth Cook of Ali Harbi Ali appearing at the Old Bailey in London by video-link from HMP Belmarsh

Court artist sketch by Elizabeth Cook of Ali Harbi Ali appearing at the Old Bailey in London by video-link from HMP Belmarsh

Left to right: Katie, wife Julia, Flo, Sir David Amess, Sarah and Alex at Flo's wedding in August

Left to right: Katie and Julia, Sir David Amess and Sarah at Flo’s August wedding

An Anglo-Iranian community member leaves flowers at a memorial and wall of condolence for MP David Amess

Anglo-Iranian community member flowers at a wall of condolence and memorial for MP David Amess

MPs have been informed that the funeral of Sir David will take place at Westminster Cathedral next month.

Cardinal Vincent Nichols, leader of Roman Catholics England and Wales, will preside at the service at 10.30am Tuesday, November 23. These details were earlier today confirmed to MPs, peers, and staff who attend Catholic services at Parliament.

Sir David, a father of five aged 69, was attacked at his Friday meeting and stabbed 17 times during a frenetic attack. Ali was charged with murder after a week-long investigation by Scotland Yard, including searches of his home as well as electronic devices. 

Ben Wallace, Defence Secretary, suggested that new regulations be made to make social media platforms less attractive to radicalized people.

On Tuesday, Mr Wallace spoke to the Commons Defence Committee that the internet is ‘dangerous’ if it’s in the wrong hands.

The comments were made by Ellwood, the chairman of the committee. Ellwood had brought up the stabbing incident of Sir David. Ellwood said that the suspect, who he claimed could have been self-indoctrinated through what he had seen on the internet, made them.

The Defence Secretary responded: “We are all grappling with in our parliaments around world about how regulate, how deal with this and it’s not easy. But I have always pushed to increase regulation on that because it is frightening to see how it gets into young adults or any aged people.

“It is powerful and dangerous if it is used in the wrong hands.

“I’ve always been interested in the business models of these internet businesses. I believe I have stated publicly that I want to discuss the YouTube internet model. The longer you’re on it the more you get hooked and the more advertising they sell.

“If we are going to tackle it, then we must go to the heart of their business model. We must make it less attractive.

“But the fear is that it isn’t traceable, in a certain sense: you sit in bed and you radicalize yourself. You aren’t going to Afghanistan to get orders. You aren’t buying weapons online because you are taking a knife or something.

Nick Price, Head of the CPS Special Crime and Counter Terrorism Division, said: ‘The CPS has authorised charges against Ali Harbi Ali for the murder of MP Sir David Amess. We will argue to the court that this crime had a terrorist link, namely that it had both ideologic and religious motivations. He was also charged with the preparation terrorist acts. This follows a review by the Metropolitan Police of the evidence it gathered during its investigation’.    

Boris Johnson speaking in the chamber of the House of Commons as MPs gather to pay tribute to Sir David

Boris Johnson speaks in the House of Commons, as MPs gather to pay homage to Sir David

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Labour Party leader Keir Starmer and SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford attend a service to honour Sir David at the Church of St Margaret, in the grounds of Westminster Abbey, October 18, 2021

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Keir Starmer, Labour Party leader, and Ian Blackford, SNP Westminster leader, attend a service to honor Sir David at the Church of St Margaret on the grounds of Westminster Abbey, Oct 18, 2021

Candles are lit next to a portrait of David Amess during a vigil for him at St Michaels Church, in Leigh-on-Sea

Candles are lit near a portrait by David Amess, during a vigil at St Michaels Church in Leigh-on-Sea.

People look at flowers left by the police cordon nearby the Belfairs Methodist Church

People admire the flowers left behind by the police at the Belfairs Methodist Church

Matt Jukes (Assistant Commissioner for Specialist Operations) said: “I want to offer my deepest condolences and sympathies to the family, friends, colleagues, and loved ones of Sir David Amess who tragically died last Friday.” Sir David’s commitment to his family, constituents, and community, as well as his positive impact in the lives of so many, has shone through. 

Outside New Scotland Yard Mr Jukes stated that a large number of detectives worked around the clock to discover as much information as possible about what had happened and why.

“That work included searches at many London addresses. Our advanced forensics group analysed digital devices and reviewed CCTV footage.

‘If any members of the general public have any additional information that might aid the investigation, I urge them to do so. You will not waste your time by providing us with irrelevant information.

Sir David’s sudden death during weekly constituency surgery shocked Britain and will likely change the way MPs meet voters and are protected forever.

His family made a heartbreaking statement asking people to “set aside hatred” and adding that “Nobody should die like that.” Nobody. No matter what race, political belief, or religion, be open-minded and understanding. We are broken but we will survive for the sake of a wonderful, inspiring man. 

Ali is the son a former Sudanese diplomat, who was born in Britain and brought up in Croydon. After falling out with his parents he decided to move in with an aunt and her sons in a council house in the upmarket North London enclave of Kentish Town, in a street of £2million three-storey townhouses. 

Police officers erect a tent outside a house in north London, thought to be in relation to the death of Sir David

Police officers set up a tent in front of a house in north London in response to the death Sir David

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer join Home Secretary Priti Patel and the Speaker of the House of Commons Sir Lindsay Hoyle as they pay their respects to Sir David on October 16, 2021

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer join Home Secretary Priti Patel and the Speaker of the House of Commons Sir Lindsay Hoyle as they pay their respects to Sir David on October 16, 2021

His move to London was believed to have coincided in a decline of his relationship with Somali-born parents. Ali’s parents divorced as a child and his father returned home to Somalia. 

One neighbor who has known Ali’s family for twenty-years said Ali spoke about his hopes of becoming an NHS doctor. He said: ‘He told us he’d been doing examinations and he seemed Westernized. 

Initial investigations by police and intelligence officials revealed that the 69 year-old Tory politician was targeted for attack. 

Initial reports suggested that Sir David, a prominent Brexiteer and Roman Catholic devout, was selected for his political views or religion.

Investigators believe that there was no motive for the alleged targeting Sir David. According to a government insider, ‘He was unlucky. He wasn’t targeted because of his political affiliation. David Amess wasn’t specifically targeted. 

Police are also investigating alleged ties between Sir David, Qatar, and other suspects. The Tory MP was chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on the Gulf state and returned from his latest visit there the Wednesday before his death. 

Sir David’s family stated that their hearts were’shattered by his ‘cruel, violent death’ at a constituency hospital in Essex. They couldn’t comprehend why a knifeman, whom he had never met, targeted a ‘patriot and man of peace’.