This Morning got very spooky when a demonologist claimed that she was able to cast out demons because of her past lives.

Kelly Angel, originally from Essex, quit her job as a Greggs employee to become a full-time Demonologist. This is a profession that helps people rid their homes of dark energies and demons. 

The 51-year-old who charges her clients £50 for readings but clears houses for free, said she has learned the skill from her past lives as a satanist and demon worshipper. 

She casually stated that she opens hell’s gates ‘five to six times per day’ as part her job. She also added that she can physically see some demons she fights. 

Viewers were not impressed with the segment, especially poking fun at Kelly’s claim  of he regular encounters with hell.  

Kelly Angel, 51, pictured, from Essex, quit her job at her local Greggs to work as a full time demonologist, helping people to get rid of dark energies and demons from their home

Kelly Angel, 51-year-old Kelly Angel from Essex, has quit her job at Greggs and now works as a full-time Demonologist helping people eliminate dark energies and demons in their homes.

People were not convinced by Kelly's story, especially her claim she opens the Gates of Hell 'five to six times a day'

Kelly’s story was not convincing, especially when she claimed that she opens the Gates of Hell “five to six times per day”.

Kelly shared her story with Phillip Schofield, Holly Willoughby, and said she was a result of a friend’s help. 

She had been giving readings for clients at the time, and she met a man who came to see her with marks on both his neck. 

“I thought, “God this man really requires help” and ended up in his home. Then I went and did it. She said, “I realized that I was capable of it.” 

“I think it has more to with past life training. I have past lives in which I have done this work.

Kelly told Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby she believes in guardian angels and that she can see demons

Kelly shared with Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby her belief in guardian angels. Kelly also stated that she can see demons. 

Holly and Phil heard her reveal that she had been a demon worshipper in past lives. 

She claimed that she was a Satanist in four of her previous lives. 

“I worshipped demons in my past lives, but now clearly my job is to fight against the dark side.” She added that her job was to open hell’s gates and bring them down. 

She stated that demons are more common than people realize, and that many people come across ‘dark energie on a daily basis. 

She stated that there are certain signs that someone is being followed by demons. These include being snappy and depressed, as well as being unlucky. 

Phil and Holly, pictured, asked Kelly whether she could see demons in the This Morning studio - she said no

Holly and Phil, pictured, asked Kelly if she could see demons at This Morning. She said no 

“All this goes on until the darkest side.

She also said that flying insects in your home could indicate that it is haunted or cursed by demons.

She stated that it was more severe than being in a bad mood, or having nightmares. 

“I work with children with night terrors. It is amazing that they can stop it because they are being attacked in the dream stage by dark energy. 

Kelly explained that she believes guardian angels exist and that demons exist alongside them. 

Phil noted that it was “Like a Dan Brown novel,” referring to Angels and Demons, which were published in 2000 by the Da Vinci Code author.   

Kelly went into detail explaining the process.  

“My job is not to go in. What we do is collect it. It all goes back to me, the demons, elements, or whatever is in the home. 

“My guys collect it and bring it back to me, and when I get home, I open the gates and take the dark energy over,” she explained. 

Kelly was interrupted by Phil, who was fascinated to find out if Kelly has neighbors and if they would mind her opening the Gates of Hell. 

She stated that she opens them between five and six times per day, and that it is a fairly normal thing for her.

She explained that there were many Gates of Hell around her house. 

“I open the gates and take them down.”

People were not impressed with Kelly's claims. Some joked she could clear their workplace of the demons that were there

Kelly’s claims were not received well by the public. Some joked that Kelly could rid their workplace of all the demons. 

Professional demonologist stated that demons always rise from hell regardless of whether people use ouija board. 

Holly asked Kelly about her feelings of fear and she referred to an interview in which the demonoligist had revealed that she was possessed by a demon.    

“It’s really serious stuff to get attachments, because the goal of a demon’s objective is take you out, as soon you take your own life, they can drag down your soul, so that’s their objective,” she stated. 

She said she uses several strategies to keep away from demons, including crystals in pockets, a pendulum, rosary beads and a pendulum, as well as protective necklaces around her neck. 

She claimed she can see demons but assured Holly and Phil that she couldn’t because she had ‘cleared’ the building earlier.   

She claimed that she is contacted daily by people from all walks and even celebrities. 

Phil asked her if it was dangerous for people with mental health problems to call her instead a physician.

He said that if someone has mental health issues and is really struggling, they should seek professional help. 

Kelly said she has worked with people who have been working with psychologists or therapists, and that she is more efficient. 

She stated that people cannot get rid of demons themselves, but she added that angels and focusing on your light side could help you. 

She claimed that people are more likely than others to conjure bad spirits around Halloween. She pleaded with people to not use Ouija boards, as they are dangerous. 

Kelly’s story was not convincing, especially when she claimed that she opens the Gates of Hell multiple times per day.  

“Can this woman please cleanse mine work place?” One said, “So many demons there.” 

“How do they get the demons to her home once they’ve collected them?” By car? Uber,’ one inquired. 

One joked that he opened the gates of hell every time his relatives came over.