Furious anti-masker kicks off over restaurant ‘discrimination’ after waitress tells him ‘it’s a mandate’ before he’s knocked to the floor with a single punch in angry confrontation over masks

  • The bespectacled, bald man lashed out at restaurant staff for refusing to allow him in 
  • He yelled that he was being discriminated against because he did not wear a mask
  • He became aggressive and shoved an old customer several times.
  • One restaurant patron jumped into action and delivered a devastating punch
  • The man flew over the restaurant before making his way, sheepishly, out

This is when an aggressive customer who was denied entry to a restaurant due to not wearing a mask is shoved by another diner. 

The video went viral on social networks and shows a bespectacled, bald man railing against a shocked waiter who was denied entry because he refused to wear a mask.

The man can be heard yelling at the staff member, accusing her of ‘discriminating’ against him for enforcing the restaurant’s mask policy, before declaring ‘you’re going to f*ck your restaurant up!’

The staff member replied, “It’s a mandate!” She was exasperated as she faced the man’s tirade.  

As he turned to leave the restaurant, an elderly customer could be heard saying, “Just leave, sir.” This rekindled the man’s anger.

The man stormed into the restaurant shouting, “You want to do something?”The man demanded that the customer do something, and the customer refused.

The straw that broke my camel’s back was clearly watching the elderly customer being picked on.

A group of restaurant-goers jumped up to defend the elderly man and formed a barrier that separated them.

One man in a blue sweater ran forward to deliver a left-hook to the anti-masker’s jaw. This sent him flying backwards towards his door and seemed to knock out his tooth. 

The anti-masker sat down and complained about the ‘assault!’Before he ran out of the restaurant, the anti-masker railed, “That’s assault!” 

A horde of other restaurant goers leapt up to the elderly man's defence and formed a barrier between him and his aggressor, before a customer wearing a blue sweater sprang forward with a brutal left hook

A large number of restaurant-goers rushed to the aid of the elderly man, and created a barrier between him & his aggressor. Before a customer wearing a dark blue sweater charged forward with a brutal left hook

In recent weeks, the topic of mask-wearing has been one of America’s most controversial issues.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that everyone vaccinated wear a face mask in areas with a’substantial, or high transmission risk.’ However, it is up to the state and local governments to decide what mask policy should be.

These policies are very different across the country. Texas is one example of a state that has declared that local governments cannot impose a mandate on citizens. 

California and New York on the other hand have extremely strict mandates. They require mask wearing in many public places, and require citizens to show proof of vaccination before they can enter public venues such as bars and restaurants.

As he turned to make his way out of the restaurant, an elderly customer is heard saying 'just leave, sir', which reignited the man's anger. He stormed back into the restaurant and violently shoved the elderly customer backwards

He turned to leave the restaurant and was interrupted by an elderly customer who screamed “just leave, sir” as he walked away. This rekindled the man’s anger. He stormed back into his restaurant and shoved the elderly customer in the backwards.

The punch from the customer in the blue sweater sent the man careering backwards across the restaurant floor and appeared to knock out his tooth

The punch from the blue sweater customer sent the man scurrying backwards across restaurant floors, appearing to knock out his tooth.


The man complained he was assaulted before sheepishly scurrying out of the restaurant without his glasses

The man complained that he had been assaulted and fled the restaurant with his glasses.

Shocking moment: Asda security Guard KNOCKS OUT Young Man with Right Hook as he walks into the store. Then, he drags him outside with his HOODIE 

The shocking video of the moment a man is knocked unconscious in Asda’s store by a security officer has been released.

Footage shows a grey-colored man in a hooded suit approaching the guard at the entrance of an Asda store, Essex.

The man in grey comes closer and the black-skinned man unleashes a right-handed jab to catch him in the face.

Instantly stunned, he falls on the ground as his knees buckle beneath him. The man is then dragged along by the hoodie, and thrown out of the shop.

A second reel of CCTV footage captures the shop’s outside view as the man is being dragged away.